20 Best vCard WordPress Themes of 2015

A professional or business web presence bereft of electronic business card lacks something very vital. Of course, it seems sufficient but the electronic card can invest your portfolio with an aura of accomplishment that is very necessary in the present times. And, why should you ignore it when it is so easy to obtain. vCard WordPress themes are available in all shades and in return for a fair amount of investment; they can bring you all that you wish to achieve through your online portfolio or profile. These templates let you include any kind of information in your site that you want. It can be anything; an audio or video clip, a URL, etc.

These days, the competition has touched an all time high and to take away your pie, you cannot rely solely on social media platforms and job portals. A personal website is most potent and adds to the professional presence you own at the different platforms. Whether you are a freelancer or a small businessman, these vCard themes of WordPress will serve you right. Just examine the 20 best WordPress themes for vCard below and you will be convinced.

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vCard WordPress Themes


Moje bootstrap WordPress theme
Demo & Download

A minimalist style vCard theme, Moje defines your talents, skills and work with great vigor. It gives you enough room to add your personal style through the 6 preset color schemes and 400 icons (from Font Awesome). You can use it as a single page as well as multiple page portfolio sites. The choices and options will sweep you off your feet.

Premium Layers

Premium Layers vcard theme
Demo & Download

An online professional presence is a must these days and social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn are not enough. You have to have a portfolio site, and Premium Layers lets you build one without taking much time and money. You can bring charm to your site with the CSS3 effects, animation and 8 beautiful pre-made skins. You can also experiment with the typography through the Google web fonts and Font Awesome icons. There is also filter support that gives employers and clients relevant information. They can search and verify everything in no time.

Magic Book

MagicBook flip book template
Demo & Download

The 3D menu of MagicBook makes it distinct from others and weaves a very potent magic when paired with vCard. This simple and easily customizable theme can work as a resume, portfolio, corporate, restaurant and all kinds of sites where you need to showcase your work or services. You can use the Page Builder to create as many pages as you like. The advanced options are there to take care of your needs and alterations. Fully featured and flexible, MagicBook is one book you will hold dear to your heart.


ResumeX one page portfolio
Demo & Download

Keep it simple and straightforward. This is the mantra behind ResumeX, and this is why it comes with a single page layout where you can talk about yourself, your projects, skills and achievements. A suitable choice for creative professionals, it can also fit the requirements of small businesses and artists. The powerful admin panel gives you lot of creative freedom, and you can personalize the look and functionality in easy steps. ResumeX rolls the dice in your favor so that you enjoy a rocking ride.

New Retina

vCard WordPress theme
Demo & Download

Now you will not have to wait long in order to get your dream job or project. NEW vCard works like magic and comes with very powerful features. This single page portfolio template carries developer friendly code, retina display, contact form 7, unlimited colors and lots more. You can build your portfolio with great ease and once uploaded, there is no way it can escape the attention of clients and job providers. So, take it soon and get ready to change your fortune.


Promotion cv resume
Demo & Download

This vCard theme is class apart and gives you very specialized features. The unique toggle style resume page offers you unlimited space to write about your skills, achievements, work history, awards, etc. And if you think it is all about professional presentation, you are wrong. You can also show your intellectual side as it provides options to express your knowledge and wisdom. Flawless from tip to toe, this is one theme that just cannot be ignored.

Coffee Cream

Coffee Cream multipurpose WP theme
Demo & Download

This is a multipurpose theme aligned with vCard that can quickly create a compelling portfolio for you. You can choose from lots of styling elements such as fixed/scrollable main navigation, CSS toggles, dropdown, ten skins, 3 color schemes and much more. This premium template is also up-to-date about technology and follows the latest trends. Coffee & Cream sound very delicious and when you watch the demo, you are going to drool. It will surpass your expectations, and you can take the plunge into the competitive waters without any fear.


cvCard WP Responsive vCard WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

If simplicity is not your cup of tea and you want to add some animated charm then cvCard is your perfect match. It makes a beautiful impression with the sliding horizontal layout. The stylish icons, CSS3 effect, 30+ icon, 4 predefined layouts, and other aesthetical features give it very excellent display. The most intelligent aspect of the template is that it supports Google Analytics that will help you evaluate your performance. You can make necessary changes and improve your performance.


Confidence WordPress vCard theme
Demo & Download

A minimal and mature theme, Confidence vCard stands rock solid behind you all the time. Loaded with one-page design, it brings you only the necessary features, thereby, keeping things simple but effective. The coding is very clean and based on HTML5, CSS3 which can be easily tweaked to suit personal requirements. With it, you can build a very brilliant site that will instantly impress the employers and clients. They can navigate your portfolio quickly and also get in touch with the contact form 7.


Profiler vCard Resume WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

A LinkedIn profile and presence on job portals is not sufficient these days. You ought to possess an individual portfolio site, and that is so easy. Profiler is the right match for you packed with every requisite tool needed to nail the competition. You get responsive design, custom pages for awards, resume, about, gallery, etc. and can power yourself with incredible appeal and credibility. All those who search for you will see your best professional side and then there is hardly any reason to doubt you.


FlexyVcard Responsive vCard WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Creating a portfolio with sliding effect is so easy now as you can make use of FlexyVcard. This premium template is very colorful and comes with 10 colorful schemes. There is also full support for different media such as videos, images, YouTube, etc. In short, the template is a fabulous package, having everything to spread your story far and wide.


impressive Card
Demo & Download

A completely reliable theme, impressivCard WP covers your needs with incredible perfection. It is a gorgeous house of cool features offering you 3D layout, CSS animations, 70+ predefined skins and the list can go on. There is no area where it can be found lacking and you will also receive full support. The custom options panel lets you alter the template without any hassle. If you want to make a distinct impression at an affordable price, impressivCard WP is the way to go.


Zwin vcard theme WordPress
Demo & Download

Ready to serve you with 5 unique color skins namely yellow, red, green, blue and purple; Zwin will introduce you to the best of employers and clients. This vCard template is powered by sliding effect that adds to the aesthetic appeal in a jiffy. It is very content friendly and gives you all the options to display your stuff through images, videos, links, etc. You can also customize it from a simple control panel, without messing up with the code. Zwin is designed to win and hence, be sure the victory is yours.


3D Folded vCard
Demo & Download

A 3D folded vCard theme, BookCard has got many things to welcome you. It possesses 4 special pages, responsive design, cool CSS effects, cross-browser compatibility, SEO readiness, Google fonts and many more things. This premium template is alluring as well as efficient. Thus, your online resume will get both, looks as well as strength. Together, they are sure to mold things according to your choice and bring results that you have been waiting for so long.


Personage resume template
Demo & Download

No one likes a bland and lifeless presentation and hence, Personage comes in a sprightly avatar. This theme has configured the way out to weave charm with the attractive animated elements, photo slider, video player, etc. All the visitors who come to see your portfolio are sure to get impressed. It is all restricted to how soon you install Personage and start functioning. And with the demo content available, we are sure it will be a cakewalk. So, take the first step and get going.


Gridly Personal vCard
Demo & Download

Neat and precise, Gridly is a single page theme with tabbed navigation. It is ideal for portfolios, resumes and profiles with all the necessary attributes and the blog feature. You can tell your visitors and audience in detail about the work you have done. The social account links further strengthen your claims, and you can gain widespread exposure. Gridly is very smooth and places you on the path of success as soon as you install the template.


Bernate vcard WordPress themes
Demo & Download

Small businesses and inexperienced professionals have different needs from that of big companies and experts. Bernate has been designed for the former and creates the appropriate simple and credible portfolio site in very less time. Now you are ready to share information about you and your work without burning a hole in your pocket. This affordable template offers the best of features and ensures complete value for money. You will get lifetime support and free updates.


Resume WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Self-promotion is super simple if you decide to bring MyResume at the backend. With this premium template, you are free to have your say. You can create cool portfolio, add pages, build new tabs and call the shots at social media forums. Based on the secure and robust code, it is very conducive for designers as well. They can alter the DNA to give birth to their brainchild. Sounds incredible? It is 24 carats true. Take the demo and your doubts will melt away.


best vCard WordPress theme
Demo & Download

Whoever said that simplicity and power cannot co-exist, needs to check out Me. This vCard theme proves that the opposite is feasible and can lead to significant results. It is packed with 36 color schemes through which you can create diverse layouts. There is also the five minutes installation drive after which you will have a smooth run. You can utilize the numerous contemporary features for your benefits. Me is just marvelous!

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