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Beginners Guide For Creating a Simple WordPress Widget

Among the various features of WordPress, custom widget is one of the most common and powerful ones. By using the widgets correctly, you can make the sidebar much more useful for the users. A unique feature of the widgets is you can use them anywhere you like, be it header, footer, sidebar or in the […]

W3 Total Cache Settings – Configure & Optimize Your Website

What is “W3 Total Cache” W3 Total Cache is a speed optimization plugin which can improve your visitor’s experience by increasing the speed of your WordPress site. It is among the most famous and widely used cache plugins for WordPress sites. This post covers all aspects related to w3 total cache regarding the importance of […]

4 Common Errors While Deploying The WordPress at Host

There is no doubt that WordPress is a user-friendly content management system, which has the outstanding integrated environment. Hosting a WordPress (WP), demands lots of patience and skills, because a little mistake can jeopardize the data, money and time. As we know that there are two kinds of hosting one is dedicated, and another is […]

How To Install & Setup WP Super Cache Settings

What is WP Super Cache? WP super cache is one of the most downloaded and widely used cache plugin among the WordPress websites. At this time when I am writing this post, it has been downloaded 3,887,966 times. Such massive impressive figures are only possible if the product is really popular and worth trying or using. […]

How To Add Facebook Recommendation Bar To Your WordPress Blog

What is “Facebook Recommendations Bar”? The Facebook Recommendations bar is a new plugin developed by Facebook for the WordPress Bloggers. It retrieves some famous posts from the blog and displays it on either the bottom right or the bottom left of the screen with a thumbnail and a link. It is a great way to […]