6 Amazing WordPress Revenue Share Plugins

WordPress revenue share plugins

WordPress websites have always provided a lot of benefits to blog admins. These range from fully customizable themes to jaw-dropping plugins that perform a wide variety of functions.

While most plugins are designed to facilitate a website owner’s job, many of the following are primarily built with contributors and staff members in mind.

Today we will cover a helpful variety of WordPress revenue share plugins specifically designed to compensate writers with a portion of your website’s overall advertising revenue.

Benefits for Contributors:

First and foremost, these plugins allow guest bloggers and regular writers to earn a portion of a website’s revenue, primarily set by the administrator. Sharing can range from a 50/50 author-admin ratio all the way to 100% revenue for the author.

Additionally, revenue-share plugins means that contributors can benefit from much more than just a backlink. Sure, a link pointing back to the writer’s own website is always a great gesture, but at the end of the day we all have a financial interest in mind.

Moreover, these types of plugins can potentially open the door to unlimited or otherwise passive income, even long after the article is published. Instead of enjoying a one-time payment from the website admin, contributors can make on-going passive revenue if their article proves popular.

Benefits for Website Owners:

Okay. we lied about such plugins being primarily built for contributors earlier in this article.

Having a revenue-share plugin provides admins with various benefits as well, primarily an incentive for guest bloggers to contribute to your website. Again, the ability to offer more than just a backlink is a bonus that should put a smile on everyone’s face – both the admin and contributors alike.

Moreover, these plugins allow WordPress admins to pay contributors in a way that does not directly impact their financial budget. This is an excellent option for those looking for great blog content but are currently in a tight financial position.

Lastly, you can take advantage of such plugins to develop a professional, full-fledged content mill, with the ability to promote your website as a “Get Paid to Write” source.

That being said, the following are divided into two types of revenue-share models.

Pay-Per-View Plugins

Post Pay Counter:

post pay counter plugin

Post Pay Counter is one of the most powerful revenue-share plugins currently available for the WordPress platform. It allows you to pay contributors in many different ways, thanks to the plugin’s advanced customization options.

Main Features:

  • Pay contributors per published post, per word count, per individual visits, per article image and/or per comments received.
  • Change pay rate after reaching a particular word count.
  • All settings are stored within your website; no third-party support needed.
  • Customize settings to a particular user, providing unique benefits individually.
  • Options and settings can be made public or remain private. This is achieved with permission-based settings that hide article stats and other core details.
  • It works with custom post types, enabling you to pay only for certain content on your website.
  • Post Pay Counter also has a Pro version, allowing for PayPal integration, Google Analytics, marking posts as “Paid”, storing payment history and more.

Post Profit Stats:

post profit stats

Post Profit Stats keeps track of each article’s total views and then multiplies it by a set amount specified by the admin.

For example, if you wish to grant $2 per one thousand views, you would enter .002 as a monetary amount (.002×1,000 views = $2). Post Profit Stats is available in three different versions.


  • It keeps track of up to 10 authors.
  • Enables you to set a globally desired amount to pay all authors.
  • Counts views from either logged-in or logged-out visitors.
  • All data is directly stored within your website’s database.


  • It keeps track of unlimited authors.
  • Specify different monetary amounts for each author.
  • It is brandable to suit your website’s name.
  • The Enterprise version of the plugin stores data in a separate database to improve your website’s overall speed.

In our professional opinion, the Pro version is clearly the winner in this case, as it doesn’t restrict the amount of authors on your site, and you can set up varying degrees of compensation. For example, you can pay top contributors more than someone who is just starting out until he publishes a certain number of articles.

Author Page Views:

author page views

Author Page Views is a more condensed version among these pay-per-view WordPress plugins.

Main Features:

  • Useful if you only manage a handful of authors.
  • Set compensation for each author individually, as opposed to a global amount.
  • Authors can see their current articles’ stats.


If we had to make a personal recommendation, the crown would undoubtedly go to Post Pay Counter, as it merely provides a more robust way of compensating your contributors.

Pay-Per-Click Plugins

WordPress Ad Sharing by WPMU Dev:

WordPress ad sharing plugin

Ad Sharing by WPMU is a premium WordPress revenue share plugin that allows both you and contributors to paste any ad code into two different fields. This means that it is not limited only to AdSense or Chitika as it also enables everyone to implement custom banners and other codes from various platforms.

Ad Sharing works by loading advertisements over page loads. If the settings are set at 50% revenue share, for example, it would load your advertisement followed by your contributor’s the next time that an article page is refreshed.

You may set advertisements to appear before and/or after each article, as of this writing. Ad Sharing currently sells for $19, which provides one month of support and updates.

AdSense Revenue Share:

Adsense revenue share plugin

Adsense Revenue Share is a relatively new plugin that brings simple, yet intuitive options to the table. Its revenue share scheme is also based on percentages. Each ad is placed before and/or after the article, as is the case with the aforementioned Ad Sharing plugin.

As it stands, this plugin only displays banner-shaped ads as they are often more suitable to be shown before and after articles.

Author Advertising Plugin:

author advertising plugin

Author Advertising Plugin is a free revenue-share plugin and is also a valuable competitor of others, as it contains many vital functions and is not limited to advertising platforms like AdSense. Much like WPMUDev’s Ad Sharing plugin, you can insert any type of advertisement or banner to display within an article.

Main Features:

  • Set a detailed percentage of author/contributor advertising ratio.
  • You can enable the plugin to an individual user level.
  • You may choose to randomize contributors’ ads on the homepage.
  • You can add custom fields in the event that more details are needed from contributors.
  • Set the position of advertisements.


In our opinion, Author Advertising Plugin takes the cake here. This one provides more useful features such as compensating only individual user levels and showing their ads on the homepage. Imagine the different schemes you can implement with just a little bit of creativity!

Pro Tips:

Having these WordPress revenue share plugins is only half the battle. Here are some creative and helpful things you can implement to help reach your end-goal successfully.

1. Beware Plugin Development Status:

Inspect each plugin’s current development status to get an idea about its long-term functionality. If one of these has not been maintained in many years and its author has ignored user reviews, you may wish to use an alternative one instead.

2. Provide 100% Revenue Share to Authors:

Some of these plugins, particularly the pay-per-click ones, do not have the option to give 100% revenue to contributors. While giving away all the revenue may sound unusual, you may occasionally wish to do this during special occasions and promotions to help bring more authors onboard.

In such case, simply remove your ad code and only leave theirs, thus effectively providing a full-fledged, 100% revenue sharing system.

3. Handle Payments More Efficiently:

Depending on the plugin of choice, some do not support PayPal integration so you can pay contributors directly from your WordPress dashboard. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you implement a custom-field-type plugin to gather users’ payment processor.

Some popular plugins include Extra Fields as well as Types. Simply create a field that asks for users’ PayPal address, for example, and implement it into their Profile page. Even though you’ll still need to log in manually to your default payment processor, at least you will have your contributors’ details handy at all times.

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4. Amazing Way to Get Traffic Overnight:

So, what’s the point of having a revenue-share website if it’s practically deserted? You will need reliable writers to consistently create and publish articles in exchange for the significant compensation benefits that you offer.

Thankfully, there are places specifically tailored to bring a massive amount of writers and editors to your website virtually overnight.

Promote your website, along with all of its features, on places like the ProBlogger.net job board, BloggingPro.com and the WriterTown.com board. Expect to receive plenty of replies from eager writers within a few short hours.

Additionally, many of these writers tend to spread the word quickly and inform other like-minded individuals about your website’s features.

Lastly, post your website on popular classifieds such as Craigslist.org and Backpage.com, which have distinct sections for writing opportunities.


There you have it, a list of the best revenue-share WordPress plugins to help you increase your existing site’s popularity or to create a brand new, paid-to-write content mill. Try each of these individually and see which one best fits your needs, as well as your writers’ interests.

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