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5 WordPress CRM Plugins For Your Business Website

Customer relationship management, widely referred to as a CRM, is a business strategy that allows organizations to build, organise, strengthen and maintain relationship with current and future customers. CRM systems are a great way to get a better understanding of the customer journey and their buying process. Predicting your consumers’ action and understanding their needs […]

5 Free Yet Best WordPress Site Search Plugins

The fact that WordPress as a content management system has been widely and successfully used by individuals and businesses all around the world, there is also another fact that WordPress’ default search isn’t that great and workable due to various reasons. A large part of this is probably due to its failure to rank the […]

Reviving Older Blog Post Was Never So Damn Easy!

Most of the WordPress site owners running big sites use either Hootsuite or BufferApp to post their new and old content to all social profiles. They do so only to ease out the posting process over social accounts. Even our team uses BufferApp to share links on all social profiles so that we don’t have to […]

6 Helpful Free WordPress Plugins for Productive Blogging

With thousands of topics covered daily by millions of bloggers, some casual and some full-time, there are some vast differences to consider when it comes to the content that we publish online. Still, though, no matter what type of blogger you are, there is certainly at least one feeling that you’re familiar with: that there […]

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Online Business

Getting a business website started is now easier than ever. Gone are those clunky site templates with frames and outdated navigation. Instead, you can create a sleek, professional-looking site in just minutes using the WordPress platform. There are thousands of templates available to make your site stand out, but how do you integrate business functionality […]

8 WordPress Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Site

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who left your site from after viewing just a single page. This user behavior not only decreases your page views but also forces Google to believe that your site is less engaging for the visitors. Ultimately drop in the search ranks and drop in the ad revenues. In the […] – Why You Should Start Using It Right Now

What is is a free WordPress plugin created to defend your web project, personal blog or forum against spam attacks. Owing to its specific anti-spam method you can use it both as a single solution on your site or in combination with other tools to raise the overall level of protection. eliminates […]