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16 Must Have WordPress Plugins For a Powerful Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS or content management system ever build. This free tool features a template system combined with a powerful plugin architecture. It’s an estimate that more than 11 million websites are currently running on this popular blogging system. As the structure of WordPress is constantly evolving; so are its […]

8 Effective WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Having a fast loading speed is incredibly important. For every extra millisecond spent loading, you will lose out on first-time visitors, returning visitors and potentially customers as well. There are many ways you can speed up your website, but one of the areas that usually has the most room for improvement, is the images on […]

6 Amazing WordPress Revenue Share Plugins

WordPress websites have always provided a lot of benefits to blog admins. These range from fully customizable themes to jaw-dropping plugins that perform a wide variety of functions. While most plugins are designed to facilitate a website owner’s job, many of the following are primarily built with contributors and staff members in mind. Today we […]

10 Free Social Sharing Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

Over the last couple of years, social media has become one of the main sources of traffic for many websites, so it is important to have all the right social media tools in place on your WordPress site. In this post, we will cover 10 of the best social media plugins for your WordPress blog. (In […]

13 Best WordPress SEO Plugins of 2015 Revealed

Imagine something that you want desperately and to a great extent. What would you feel after getting it? Over-whelmed? Top of the world? Speechless? Superb? Can’t describe in words, right? In fact, if there’s something that every blogger desperately wants; it’s – Traffic. Its like every blogger would wish for getting more traffic and visitors […]

13 Amazing WordPress Mobile Plugins to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

If you look at all the successful blogs and websites around the Internet, you will find that all of them have got a substantial and impressive mobile presence. They have got an entire mobile-centric theme for the mobile audience. With the coming of new technologies and more access to the internet, people are visiting different […]

The Encyclopedia of WordPress Plugins You Need in 2014

What makes WordPress different from others? There’s Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, and Tumblr and lot’s more, but why people are moving towards WordPress in masses than the rest? The main reason is that – WordPress is backed by numerous formidable and powerful plugins. Sure, blogging is all about sharing your knowledge about a certain topic, but […]