Top 6 Reasons To Use WordPress For Small Business Website

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably wondering if using WordPress for your small business website is a good idea or not. The short answer is that it is a very good idea.

WordPress for small business

Below is a list of some of the features and benefits of choosing WP as you content management system (CMS) for your website. By the time you get to the end of the article, you’re going to more clearly understand why so many people are going with WordPress. Here are top 6 reasons for you to try and Use WordPress.

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1. Free

This is probably the biggest reason to choose WordPress for your website – the cost. Nothing beats free. And while you may have to pay for premium themes or plugins, the basic software is free as well as many different plugins. Also, the finesse of the completed website that you get in the end cannot suggest the cost cutting you have gone for.

The idea is not to kill the market as such, but to standardize some patterns that can be made use of without paying hefty bills on customized websites when you don’t really need anything extravagant or completely different.

2. Easy to Install

WordPress is very easy to install. In fact, many web hosts have one-click options that will install WP without any hassles or headaches at all. You do not need free or paid server-side clients for managing the files of the website that you’re going to upload. The ease really wins loyalty of many first timers which.

Since the very first step of setting up a website can bamboozled a marketer, WordPress helps them jump in without the headache of a pro.

3. Easy to Customize

Even if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff, you’re not going to run into problems adding new functionality to your website as long as you have a basic understanding of how the Internet works and can read help guides to learn how to do it. Also even if you bought your theme from a service provider or a company, you don’t really need to rely only on them for any changes.

Since the basic platform is the same, the new person does not need to spend loads of time understanding each line of code.

4. Very Customizable

One of the other big reasons so many small businesses like WordPress is that it’s so customizable. With so many premium WordPress themes and free plugins available, you can truly make a WordPress website do what you want while looking how you want it to look.

As is, the world is flooded with freelancers specializing in WordPress customization, hence finding a help for the same is never going to be a problem.

5. Secure Code

Another good thing about using WordPress rather than some other CMS is that you can rest assured that the code is secure. And when problems do arise, the WordPress community leaps into action to make sure the latest version of the software is safe. This requires updating the software regularly, but that’s true of any CMS you use. In most cases the updates to your WordPress version would be notified by your hosting provider if you used their one click set up.


6. User Community

Last but certainly not least, the biggest reason that you should go with WordPress for your small business is its user community. There are literally thousands and thousands of passionate people who love the software and do everything they can to make it better and help people. Those are the perks of opting for an open source platform.

It’s the people who build it and it’s these creators that become the ones who maintain and grow it as well. There are innumerable websites and forums which help bringing these lovers together. Your queries and issues are going to find a solution in no time for the large population in perpetual love and admiration for WordPress.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the list of reasons to use WordPress for small business website, it’s easy to see why so many small businesses are using the software to make their lives easier. The other thing to note is that a lot of medium and large-sized businesses also use the software platform to run their websites. Things have taken a much nicer turn with the advent of WordPress as a platform.

Marketers don’t have to rely on companies for the little edits they want to do on a daily basis. The small business owners don’t need to spend a bomb on the maintenance of their websites too. It gives them a window to experiment with their digital campaigns. And it only gets better for them.

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This says a lot about the power and versatility of the code – which really is poetry when you dig deep and look at it. If you have any thoughts, opinions or questions about using WordPress before starting small business website, leave a comment and share with us the reasons you like or don’t like it.

2 thoughts on “Top 6 Reasons To Use WordPress For Small Business Website”

  1. Nice points about WordPress. The main reason I like WP a lot is that it is very customizable. You either get things done by coding things in the core files (if you know how to); or you have a plugin for just about anything!

    Plus, yes you have such a nice community where you can sort out many things.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Sara,
    Nice post, i agree wordpress is best, anyone with no coding skills can build a website easily. . . thanks for sharing!

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