9 Free & Premium WordPress Christmas Plugins

WordPress Christmas plugins

Christmas is almost knocking at the door. And we think you have already made your plans about how you will decorate your home this Christmas. That’s awesome, but what about your website? Aren’t you going to do something special for your website in this Christmas? Well, the least you can do is to greet your visitors with a Happy Christmas message. And if you want to do more, there is no shortage of options. You can display snowflakes, make Santa Claus appear on your sidebar, show a countdown timer till Christmas etc. And let’s not discuss the various types of ways you can do, because there are really unlimited ways of doing these!

Anyway, we believe our today’s post will make your job a lot easier. In today’s post, we have listed the nine best free WordPress plugins for decorating website for the Christmas. By using these WordPress Christmas plugins, you will be able to bring a Christmas mode to your website. So, let’s get started.

WordPress Christmas Plugins

1. Snow, Balloons and More

Snow, balloons and more is a popular plugin for greeting your visitors with different types of snowflakes or other relevant images. It is also possible to use your own images instead of the default ones. Once you install and activate the plugin, you will find a new sub-menu titled “Snow and more” in the “Settings” section of your website dashboard. In that page, you will be able to define how many snowflakes or other objects you want to use. Then, you can choose which snowflakes, snowdrops, balloons or leaves you want to use. Using the balloon mode will make objects float upwards.

There are some more settings in the “Pro settings” section. As the default settings make the snowflakes a bit fast, I think you should customize the overall speed, falling speed and wind strength according to your taste. It is possible to define the duration of the snow. And lastly, I think you should select “Yes” in the “Hide the ‘Powered by” message in the footer” option.

2. Christmas Countdown Widget

Christmas countdown widget

If you want to make Santa Claus tell your visitors how many days to go before Christmas, this Countdown widget is the plugin for you. This plugin will display Santa Claus to the visitors telling how many days till Christmas. On the Christmas day, Santa will greet your visitors with “Merry Christmas”. If you want, you can leave him on the sidebar throughout the year too.

As the countdown is displayed with a transparent background, it will work with any theme. After activating the plugin, go to Appearance -> Widgets. On that page, you will find a new widget titled “Santa’s Countdown”. Drag the widget to your desired location and that’s it. If you want to display the countdown timer on any post or page, you can do that by using the [countdown] shortcode.

3. WP Super Snow

WP Super Snow lets you prepare your website for the Christmas season by displaying snowflakes. First of all, install and activate the plugin. At this point, you will find a new menu titled “Super Snow” in your dashboard. Head over to that page. Now, the first thing you want to do is to select “Yes” in the “Enable / Disable” section. Then, click “Save All Changes”; reload your website and enjoy the shiny snowflakes.

The plugin provides you with some customization options too. Let’s get back to the plugin settings page. In the “Virtual Snow Blower” section, you can define the container for the snowflakes, add custom images for using as snowflakes, set the number of snowflakes, their size, duration etc. In the “Forecasting / Conditions” section, you can set various rules to display snowflakes in specific pages or on a specific time. If you want to uninstall it, choose “Yes, uninstall …” in “Deactivation Safeguard” before deactivating the plugin.

4. Holiday Message

Holiday Message is a wonderful plugin for displaying Christmas greetings to your visitors. Though the plugin has not been updated for more than 2 years, it still works like a charm with the latest version of WordPress. So, you can install and activate it without any problem. After activating the plugin, you will find a new sub-menu in the “Settings” section of your website dashboard.

Go to Settings -> Holiday Message. From that page, you can choose the image that will be displayed along with the message, add the message heading, then the actual message and guess what, you can enable a countdown timer too! Then, there are some options to choose the background color, text color, position and snowball effect. However, if you don’t want to show any extra graphics, go to the “Graphic Options” tab and check the corresponding box. The “Advanced” tab will let you disable the message, disable cookie to show the message every time the website loads, enable snowfall for the entire website etc.

5. Xmas Snow

Xmas Snow does one thing only, which is to add animated Christmas snow to your website. Using the plugin is very easy. You just have to install and activate it, and that’s it. You don’t need to define any settings or configure anything. Just activate the plugin and reload your website. Unlike some other plugins, the amount of snow is smaller and they don’t create any obstacle for your website content. However, the plugin will work best in websites that have a dark background. In light backgrounds, the snow is barely noticeable.

6. Tribulant Snow Storm

Tribulant Snow Storm

Here’s another plugin – Tribulant Snow Storm to display snowflakes on your website. After installing and activating the plugin, you will find a new sub-menu in the “Settings” section of your website dashboard. Go to Settings -> Snow Storm. On the resulting page, you will find various options for customizing the snow. First of all, Snow Color lets you specify the color of the snowflakes. The next few options will allow you to choose the total amount of snow, falling amount of snow and the speed.

By choosing “On” in “Mobile Support”, you can enable the snowflakes for the mobile website too. If “Follow Mouse Cursor” is enabled, the snowflakes will follow the cursor wherever it goes. And then, there are some additional options like sticking snow, enabling melting and twinkling effects.

7. Countdown Clock

Countdown Clock could be a very useful tool for displaying a countdown to Christmas. To show the clock, install and activate the plugin. Then, go to Appearance -> Widgets. On the widgets page, you will find a new widget titled “Countdown Clock”. Drag that widget to your desired location.

In the “Type of Event” option, select “Holiday (predefined events)” and then click “Save”. Then, in the “List of Events”, choose “Christmas” and then click “Save”. Now, define the event name and the event message on their respective fields. Different types of clocks including Compact, Horizontal, Fireworks, Vertical, Square etc. are available to choose from. Then, you can select the background as either confetti, stars, balloons, hearts, star trails or sun rays. The next few options will allow you to set the clock size, text color, background color, timezone etc.

8. Xmas Lights

Xmas Lights is another plugin by the developer of Xmas Snow. And like that plugin, this plugin also does only one thing. As the name suggests, this plugin will add Christmas lights on top of your website. There is no setting up involved with the plugin. You just install it, activate it and that’s it. After reloading your website you will find the blinking light on the upper side of the site. Unfortunately, there is no customization option for the lights. So, you have to be content with the default design.

9. Simply Snow

Simply Snow plugin

Here’s another of those no-nonsense, straightforward plugins for displaying snowflakes on your website. Simply Snow plugin only shows snowflakes, nothing else. And there are no options available to customize the look, size or color of the snow. And like most other simple plugins, the snowflakes are barely visible in light backgrounds. In order to make the most of this plugin, make sure that your website features a dark background. On the positive side, as the plugin is simple and lightweight, it won’t affect your website performance.

Premium Christmas Plugins

While all of the above are free plugins, there are some excellent premium plugins too. If you can stretch your budget a little, these premium solutions could provide you with some nice extra features.

For instance, Christmas Snow allows you to choose from 25 different type of snowflakes and lets you display colorful snow. There are four wind directions too – left to right, right to left, random and no wind.

Christmas Magic lets you spread the magic by using a custom background song or music. And the discussion won’t be complete without mentioning 5sec Snow, a very popular Christmas plugin. This intuitive solution comes with lots of different options and features to make your website fully loaded for the Christmas season.


Well, we think we have covered quite a few plugins for preparing your website for the Christmas season. Now it’s your turn to tell us how you want to decorate your website. Which plugin(s) are you planning to use? And do you think we have missed an obvious one here? If yes, please let us know. We will be glad to review it.

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