Top 7 WordPress Bootstrap Theme Suggestions to Use

In this era of advanced graphic design technology, the success of your website depends largely on its visual aesthetic. There are always new design trends that bloggers and business owners must utilize to stay ahead of their competitors. Bootstrap, the popular CSS framework, has made it easy for web designers to create useful and appealing themes for WordPress sites of all kinds.

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Though the effectiveness of any particular theme depends largely on your website’s objective, many Bootstrap themes are objectively easier and more intuitive than others. These are our top seven WordPress Bootstrap theme suggestions.

Theme 1: Gillion

Gillion WordPress theme interface
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First off, Gillion is a theme that capitalizes on the photo-centric tendencies of the current day. The theme provides ample room for your website’s photos, but it also manages to create enough space for all your necessary text. Its photo boxes appear in columns and rows and make it easy for users to scroll through your most important products, pictures or articles.

The best part about Gillion is the deep Bootstrap customization options offered by the developers. The theme ships with enough demos, layouts, and sliders for the most common WordPress needs. Still, users who require more room for text may opt for a different theme. You can purchase a license for the Gillion theme for $29.

Theme 2: Loom

Loom WordPress Theme interface
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For those who prefer flat design websites, Loom is our WordPress Bootstrap theme suggestion. It features more of a hybrid flat design than some of its competitors, but this gives it room for both simplicity and aesthetic appeal. Users can implement banner photos while enjoying the simple icons and fonts common across flat design.

Loom impressively ships with over 500 icons, a host of banner font options and a number of sliders that are uncommon in flat themes. The theme’s only minor downfall is its price; it will cost you $59 to acquire your Loom license. If you’re looking for a full-featured flat theme, the price is worth it.

Theme 3: Dazzling

Dazzling WordPress theme interface
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Bloggers across the world have enjoyed the Dazzling theme for almost a decade. The theme is simple, effective and a certified classic in the WordPress community. It may not feature the visual requirements for e-commerce shops, photo portfolios or other highly-visual affairs, but it handles long-form text better than most other themes on the market.

Dazzling is an easy WordPress Bootstrap theme suggestion for those who want a theme that doesn’t get in the way. If your website is all about its written content, Dazzling will arm your readers with tools for searching through your post history. It also ships with a respectable range of customization options that are easy to learn. Most importantly, Dazzling is completely free. Few other themes provide so much value at no cost.

Theme 4: Arctic

Arctic WordPress theme interface
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Without question, Arctic is the best theme for creating a stunning visual portfolio. The theme features a massive space for a banner image with a semi-transparent navigation bar underneath. The banner image can be set to “slideshow” mode so you can display a series of your best work.

Arctic’s elegant fonts, color, and layout will serve as the perfect backdrop for artwork or photography. Behind the scenes, the theme offers a great level of customization and mobility for its most prominent features. Users are given directional control over the height and width of nearly every one of the theme’s assets. At $39, a license for Arctic is a safe bet for those in need of a stunning portfolio.

Theme 5: Roua

Roua WordPress theme interface
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Roua is our first WordPress Bootstrap theme suggestion for those in search of a minimal design. This is a hit-or-miss style, but the minimalist approach is perfect for businesses who want to cut the fat from the browsing experience. For example, service businesses can utilize the theme’s six primary image panels to display customer reviews or advertise services. Roua’s drop-down navigation bar also makes the theme more accessible than many of its minimal competitors.

The theme provides a staggering level of customization with “drag and drop” placement features. Few themes allow users to make structural edits in this capacity. Certain web endeavors, like an e-commerce store or an online forum, may require more functionality than is offered with Roua. But, for those who are seeking a malleable and minimalist theme, the $49 Roua license may be the answer.

Theme 6: Lambda

Lambda WordPress theme interface
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Lambda is the industry leader in e-commerce themes. With WooCommerce functionality the likes of which have never been offered before, Lambda is the safest bet for starting an online store. Its 65 demo sites can even serve as templates for building your site quickly.

More importantly, Lambda ships with Visual Composer, a user-friendly Bootstrap plugin. With Visual Composer, users with no coding experience can freely edit the appearance of their website’s pages. Users are given drag-and-drop control over every visible asset. Lambda is our WordPress Bootstrap theme suggestion for e-commerce stores, and you can purchase a license for $59.

Theme 7: StanleyWP

Stanley WP WordPress theme interface
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Our last WordPress Bootstrap theme suggestion is one of the platform’s most classic. StanleyWP has been around for almost five years, and it’s the perfect theme for the basic WordPress user; it has an appealing look, it features basic customization options, and it’s free. If nothing else, StanleyWP is a great starting point for those with uncertain futures in the online world.

Users may eventually look to upgrade from StanleyWP, but in the meantime, they will enjoy regular updates and the support of a dedicated team of developers. In fact, before you purchase another theme, it’s advisable to pick up your free StanleyWP license and experiment with the theme’s dashboard.

Bottom Line

These seven WordPress Bootstrap theme suggestions can help you start an online store, a popular blog, a beautiful portfolio or any other type of website. Each theme has strengths and weaknesses, but there’s only one way to learn which theme is the best for you: get online and start experimenting with demos and trials. Keep in mind that there are plenty of different choices: WordPress themes for photographers, for tech startups, for fashion blogs, etc. After you’ve found a theme, please remember to come back and share your experiences.

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