14 Premium WordPress Advertising Plugins For Ad Management

Why did you started blogging?

I bet more than 80% of you have said for making money. Directly or indirectly your motive, to start blogging, is because of money. With steady traffic and proper monetization method, you can earn a good amount of money.

To start off with, there’s tons of monetization methods, affiliate marketing, AD-Placement, text-based advertising, etc. But as a precaution, don’t put too many ads on your website/blog (especially if it’s irrelevant). It will eventually reduce the CPM and CTR rate.

Along with monetization method, it’s also important to track and manage it. So today, we came up with a list of some awesome and helpful ad-management and notification plugins. Monetizing is a vector activity and not a scalar activity; with proper direction you can achieve success in it.

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WordPress Advertising Plugins

Geo Ads Switcher

Geo Ad Switcher

Demo & Download

If you are running a blog with traffic all around the world, then this will surely help you a lot. The best part of the plugin (for which you should buy) is: it targets more than 200 countries! (But by default 10 countries are set such as U.S, U.K); and it will automatically filter affiliate, banner, text-based ads.

You can choose over 20 ad slots and comes with more than 15 dashing shortcodes.

Premium Prestitial Ads

Demo & Download

Going by the description, the developers claim that they are using a particular formula in the plugin used by the CPA advertisers to make vast amounts of money. You have a control over the ads, and you can set various ads for different pages. Like if the web page 1 having a particular advertisement of tablets and the web page 2 has specific advertisements for phones.

Envato Affiliate Cash for WordPress

Demo & Download

Just like the former plugin; if you have a blog with several links to the Envato marketplace, it will replace all the links with your affiliate links. The best part is it will convert the links in the comments part too!

WordPress Advert Flap Pro

Advert Flap

Demo & Download

Many a times, your ads (in the form of banners) gets unseen by the visitors, which directly translates to no money for you. This amazing plugin helps you to cast your ads in the form of an animation. It’s easy to use, and you can choose your style, preview it before publishing it live on your blog. Along with an advertisement, you can also use this plugin for broadcasting and significant message.


Ad Rotate plugin

Demo & Download

The outstanding feature of AdRotate is that you can schedule your ads. Moreover, you can schedule unlimited ads, there’s no end to it. Also, you get detailed results about each schedule in beautiful graphs. It’s bang for the buck!

60 Seconds Ad Manager

Demo & Download

The best part of this plugin is its simplicity. It’s one of the simplest WordPress plugin to use with some advanced features. As the title suggests, the plugin claims you can set up your ads under 60 seconds, which it does deliver!

WordPress Data Fetcher

Demo & Download

This plugin will be helpful for you if you promote products from the Envato Marketplaces. It fetches various items from the marketplace and displays it. It comes pre-built with 3 different display styles.


WP Adpunch plugin

Demo & Download

As a blogger, we all want our visitors to click the ads (that will help us make some money). It is more likely possible that your ads go unseen due to incorrect (and conventional) placement of ads. To make money, one needs innovation and new placement of ads, this is delivered by this plugin.

Banner Manager Pro

Banner Manager For WordPress

Demo & Download

As said before, non-conventional placement of ads will help you make a good amount of money. And, placing advertisements in the banner region will surely fetch you a good conversion rate (ending up with good amount of money). You can choose from several cool looking banners, and the best part is that it accepts most of the payment gateways.

WordPress Link Monetizer

WordPress Link Monetizer

Demo & Download

With this plugin, you can monetize almost every link on your blog. You can select which links to monetize and various other options. You can make money through links by using ad.fly or sending your visitors to advertising pages and websites.

Simple String

Simple Strings

Demo & Download

As the name suggests, it displays advertisements in the form of strings. Advertisers would then buy strings from you directly and start showcasing their ads. It accepts almost every major payment gateways, and it’s quite easy to use.

CTR Enhancer for WordPress

Demo & Download

This plugin has been tested with several top affiliate programs such as AdSense and has been one of the best plugins for increasing conversion rate. Its display page claims that with this plugin you can increase your conversions by 200%. It comes with various customizable options and is extremely easy to use.

KK Easy Ads

Demo & Download

If you want to earn money on auto-pilot mode, then this is the plugin you need. You don’t have to care about the advertisements; it will process everything by itself. It has got PayPal support; various revenue methods to name a few of its superb features.

Interstitial Ads for WordPress

Interstitial Ads for WordPress

Demo & Download

This amazing plugin converts your ads into interstitial ads. It’s user-friendly with lots of features to configure according to your needs. Along with ads, you can also broadcast any messages, video, etc.

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