Some estimate that more than 2 million blog posts are published every day, and that number continues to grow. Blogs account for more than 25% of all web traffic, and many bloggers use their blog as their sole source of income. Facts like these may have you thinking that this is your year to start a blog.

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Two of the top blog platforms are Wix and WordPress. Each option has its own strengths and selling points. This post will compare the two so that you can make the best choice for your new blog.

Platform Size


Wix. Wix is no small player in the internet arena. Their website boasts that more than 115 million users are active on Wix. The vastness of their customer base tells you something about the quality of their product. Thousands sign up with Wix every day.


WordPress. WordPress is the blogging and internet powerhouse of today’s web. Their software is behind nearly 30% of all websites online, not just blogs. WordPress is a tried-and-true platform that is constantly improving.


wix dashboard

Wix. Wix uses an intuitive visual approach to creating web content. Most tasks are relatively easy to complete with the drag-and-drop features. If you have any computer experience, getting started with Wix will be easy.

Much of the popularity of Wix is tied to their effort to create an easy-to-use product. New posts can be created and formatted with just a few clicks of a mouse. Alterations to and customizations of posts are quick and easy with a very short learning curve.


WordPress. With their quick tutorial, you can write and publish your first post in a matter of minutes. The platform gives you the option of writing in Visual or Text mode. The Visual mode is the simplest form to use, but is limited in options. Simple changes like font color, adding bold and italics can be performed with the click of a button.

To have multiple fonts in a post, add web content, videos or advertising links, you will need to click over to the Text mode. Text mode will display the post in HTML. This can feel a bit challenging if you do not have HTML experience. Give yourself a little time, and with practice, you will find yourself equally at home in either mode.

Wix vs WordPress. Wix takes the lead for being more user-friendly for the initial setup of your blog. WordPress wins long-term with more flexibility and the ability to change code as needed.


wix themes

Wix. Wix offers templates with categories appropriate for over 70 industries. Once you start the editing process, templates cannot be changed. That means you will want to be sure of your choice before moving ahead. The template options offer many attractive displays for every type of blog. All the templates available are mobile-ready.

wordpress themes

WordPress. The number of themes available in WordPress feels almost infinite. There are hundreds of free themes and thousands of paid options. Themes can be previewed, making it easy for you to see how your site will look before publishing or purchasing the theme. Themes are easily changed with a few clicks of the mouse.

Since theme layouts may be very different, there is some work that will need to be done if you change themes. Some have sidebars while others don’t. Switching from one theme to another will mean you will have to edit a few theme options, and the same is true regarding theme colors, fonts and menu options. Not all themes are mobile friendly, which is an important factor when choosing the best theme for a blog.

Wix vs WordPress. Both sites have many beautiful design options that are easily customized. WordPress leads this category because it has considerably more options and can be altered after initial publication. WordPress can be easily changed to freshen and update the appearance of the blog.

Versatility And Features

wix features

Wix. The Wix platform is versatile for retail or blogging use. Websites can be personalized with the many extensions available. There are many add-ons, both free and paid options, for adding features like calendars, comments, chat rooms and more.

Wordpress features

WordPress. Originally developed as a blogging platform, WordPress is still developing their software with bloggers in mind. There are thousands of plugins available to accomplish just about anything that may be desired for your website. From SEO to ecommerce, there is an optional plugin available that can be installed and activated in just a few seconds.

Wix vs WordPress. Features and versatility are a bit of an apples and oranges comparison. The two platforms are very different in many key areas, making a clear comparison difficult. WordPress wins in this category because of the large number of themes and plugins available and the ease of adding or removing these options.

Initial Costs

wix plan

Wix. Wix can be started as a free site and will remain free until you decide to upgrade your site. Many of the site’s add-ons and extensions are not available as a free member, but there are more than enough options to get your blog up and going. Wix will be part of your URL while you are a free member.

Paid options range from $5-25/month. The Premium Plans offer increased bandwidth and storage options with each step up.

wordpress plan

WordPress. Free options are available through many providers to get you started. Starting a free blog will give you a chance to decide whether blogging or owning a website is right for you without making an investment. Your web address will have the provider’s name included in the URL while you are using the free option.

If you choose to pick your own domain name, you will have to pay hosting fees, which can range from $3-$15/month. Many of the advanced plugins and the premium themes will likewise have a cost involved.

Wix vs WordPress. Since both platforms can be accessed through a free option, neither company has an advantage in this area.

Advanced Options

wix advance option

Wix. Wix is not an open source product, and this prevents the ability to install features or themes from third parties. If the feature you are looking for is not available through Wix, you can’t add the option to your site. The offset comes from the ease of use of utilizing all the options available through Wix.

wordpress advance option

WordPress. As your blog grows and evolves over time, the options available with WordPress are extensive. To get the full benefit of everything that the product can offer, you will have to learn some skills in website building and design. Depending on the time you are willing to invest, you could build a custom theme or write code customized to your needs and desires.

Wix vs WordPress. WordPress is the leader for advanced options because their options are virtually limitless. Since WordPress is an open source product, many new plugins are added on a regular basis. If you can imagine something you want your website to accomplish, there is likely a plugin that will make it possible.

User Support

wix support

Wix. Wix provides a customer support team that is available 24/7. All your questions or issues can quickly be addressed through the support team.

wordpress support

WordPress. There is not a customer support option provided through WordPress, at least not as far as having someone to call directly. There are many fee-based support agencies that you can choose as an alternative. In addition, there is a large community of WordPress users who are active on forums and social media for any questions you have.

Wix vs WordPress. Wix wins the user support contest for direct access. WordPress users are not left in the dark, though, because of the many user groups and forums.

Wrap Up

wix logo

Wix. Wix has ease of use and simplicity on its side. Dedicated customer support available 24/7 is another big win for this platform. The tradeoff is fewer options and less flexibility. Wix may not be able to keep up as your blog changes.

wordpress logo

WordPress. While WordPress might have a little longer learning curve, it has the most versatility. The options and abilities available through WordPress are nearly endless.

Wix vs WordPress. There is a reason why WordPress has such a large web presence. The abundance of plugins and themes available coupled with a comprehensive interface creates the perfect environment for you to create just about any website. While Wix may be sufficient for simple sites, WordPress can grow and evolve with your blog.

The blog you start today may not be the blog you want tomorrow. Ask any blogger and she or he will tell you that blogging is an ever-changing endeavor. WordPress continues to add new themes, plugins and features to keep pace with internet advancements and changes. The ability to alter code means that new site functions can be added even if there isn’t a plugin for it. WordPress is the recommended choice.

Is this the year that you will start your blog? With WordPress in your corner, there is no reason you can’t start it today.

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