Weebly Review: Exploring This Easy to Use Site Builder

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Whether you are an independent professional or a small business owner, you need a professional website. An easy to use site builder comes in handy when you want to customize your website without necessarily hiring a designer or a professional developer. The app you choose depends on various factors such as your customer base, burden, and your business model. 

Weebly is a must-have app. It's easy to use and not complicated even to the beginners. It aims to provide users with up-to-date and advanced website tools. Ahead, we’ll take a deeper look into the app through our Weebly review.

What is Weebly?

Weebly is a widget-based website builder powering over 50 million websites around the globe. Weebly has become one of the most growing platforms. With its recent release of mobile website builder, it's now easy to interact and manage a website with Weebly mobile options.  

Even without having to come up with a line of coding Weebly builder makes it easier to launch and manage a decent standard site. To those with programming knowledge, they can use Weebly to edit website codes and come up with exceptional project design. 

How does Weebly work?

Weebly editor

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Weebly is a tool that eases the process of establishing either your professional or personal web presence. The browser-based software that drags and drop contents to edit your website. It contains many creative website templates customizable to meet your preferred aesthetic. 

Weebly begins with a theme. To start, select a theme, and then click "Start Editing." On the left sidebar, you can choose site elements such as product display, buttons, images, and text. On the right side, drag the item into place through the visual site representation. If you host your site on a free Weebly.com plan, Weebly ads will be displayed, and it comes with a subdomain. A paid plan comes with a complementary domain name, and it has no ads. Users on a free plan get 500MB of storage while those on a paid plan have unlimited storage and bandwidth. 

If you aspire to be an online store owner, know that eCommerce features usually increase with every upgrade plan. Once you get to a standard of displaying up to 10 products at a 3% transaction fee, you get to enjoy advanced inventory and shipping options, nil transaction costs as well as unlimited products with higher-tier packages.

Weebly Site Builder Features

Some of the great feature Weebly site builders have included;

  • Visual editor
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Yelp integration
  • PayPal integration
  • Click to call
  • Advanced Image editor
  • Parallax and reveal
  • Site search custom HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • eCommerce support
  • Blogging with comments
  • Free sub-domain
  • Website templates
  • Customizable contacts with a CAPTCHA 
  • Integrated with social media
  • Ads integration
  • Easy to use design tools
  • Optimized for Mobile devices
  • Premade themes

What makes Weebly Stand Out?


Image source: weebly.com

Every feature you could ever need to create a great website such as a built-in marketing tool to enable you to engage and email your clients are right there in the interface of the software. Besides, there are more than 200 applications to choose from covering a wide range of purposes such as social media integration, Chat features, accounting, etc.  

Here are some of the main features that make Weebly website to be the most preferred;


ECommerce tools are on the left side of the screen that makes it easier to add and configure products wherever you want. It suits the needs of nearly every business. Even when on a free plan, once you have a shopping cart, you can set up Weebly stores. However, the difference with the premium plan is that you get extra tools to reorganize your vending thus the ability to sell more. 

Email options

At this point, you could be asking yourself, does Weebly provide email option? Even though several website builders usually offer email services, Weebly doesn't have it in the plan. However, the good news is that they have collaborated with Google and you can link your email address to the domain name. Even though premium plans don't offer email subscriptions, you can create email addresses to work with the domain name. Email addresses that are Google-powered aren't free but are relatively reliable and affordable. 

Hosting Options

Unlike many other web builders that charges on web hosting, Weebly doesn't charge anything. In all plans, hosting is free, thus no worry on any additional cost. Nevertheless, if you wish to link your site with the domain name, you will have to add extra expenses.  

Customer Support

Every time you need help with your website, you can reach their friendly representative through chat, email or telephone. The chat option on the website builder bottom is a great option and the most preferred. You can also resolve any problem through perusing support forums and tutorials from the form on their site.  

Weebly Video Hosting

Weebly makes it easier to integrate videos and update them on your website when necessary. Using corresponding links, you can choose to either upload video from the computer or embed YouTube videos. After uploading them, you can modify video settings. The process converts video files automatically and formats them appropriately so they can be on your Weebly based website. Every uploaded file is stored securely free. 

SEO Tools

You can have a great website, but it may never help anyone if no one finds it. Weebly helps their platform users to be visible by offering them the tools and strategies they require to expand visibility. They provide lots of information on search engine optimization (SEO) through their many builders' articles. They give detailed advice on the practices you can use to boost your ranking in search engines.


  • Basic- Free
  • Starter-$8 per month
  • Pro-$12 per month
  • Business- $25 per month
  • How Weebly Compares With Other Site Builder

How Does Weebly compare with other Site Builder?

No Weebly review is complete without comparing it to other, similar platforms. Below is how Weebly compares to other site builders.


wix logo

Image source: wix.com

With great useful tools and hundreds of templates, Wix allows you to create a website and sell. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easier to create a professional website. 

Similar to Weebly, it has a free plan that allows users to create a website at no cost. However, it doesn't give a domain name. Wix doesn't allow you to connect your free site to the domain name. Due to that, you have to get a paid plan for them to allow you to customize the domain name. 

One of the notable differences with Weebly is that Wix has a detailed payment plan available every month. For example, for the first year, it's free to register a new name with the Wix website builder when you purchase a Combo plan or higher. You can also get a voucher you can use for only two months. However, in this plan, only a few extensions of the domain name are included such as .co.uk, org, net, or net. 

Finally, Wix tends to offer a more robust set of functionality and features while else Weebly is more user-friendly. Even though Wix is rich in features in the areas of mobile design, blogging and E-commerce, it doesn't offer "autocorrect" options the way Weebly does. If you have an online store, a sophisticated online business with a higher volume of transaction or a significant number of products, Wix will serve you better.


WordPress logo

Image source: wordpress.com

WordPress is a widely known website for building website. Similar to Weebly, it has both free plan WordPress.org and paid plan WordPress.com. It has powerful features, and it is easy to use. One benefit of WordPress is that it is an open source and free website builder. Meaning, you have full control of your website. Nevertheless, you will need to host your site and have a WordPress hosting account which is easier to acquire.

It has thousands of amazing themes you can integrate into your website designs. With incredible drag and drop page builders such as Divi and Beaver Builder, you can easily design a beautiful page layout. Another thing is that WordPress has gone through translation into different languages; thus, it can build multilingual websites. You also get access to over 50,000 free WordPress plugins. 

The downside of WordPress is that users need to be familiar with the system. Most users don't find it hard as it is a slight learning curve, although it's a bit hard to the beginners. Users will also need to create backups and keep up with plugin updates. With WordPress, web hosting and domain name cost $7.99 per month and $14.99/year.



Image source: shopify.com

Shopify has over a million active users and powers over a million users. It is for e-commerce websites and online stores. 

Unlike other web builders, Shopify allows you to sell through your Facebook page. It has a wide range of themes you can choose from both paid and free. More features include blogging functionality, PayPal integration, SEO functionality, ability to edit HTML and CSS stores. 

If you happen to switch to a different theme when using Shopify web builder, your contents won't reformat automatically. Additionally, you will need to create storefront between dashboard and editor which means you have to riffle between both.

Pro and Cons

Weebly improves its feature regularly which is rare with other web builders. Each year, they incorporate new features and continuously seek the client's opinion on where to improve on. They redesign their page to accommodate new designs and give room for more responsiveness and interactions. 

Unlike WordPress where you need to familiarize with the software since you the one in control, with Weebly, it's a fully hosted platform thus no need to manage or install any software. They manage it and take care of any other software running in the backend.

The software comes with built-in e-commerce support allowing you to build an online store that helps you sell right away.

All Weebly site comes with features for sliders; photo galleries contact forms etc. that allows users to add features easily without having to follow a complicated process. 

Finally, this website builder comes with Weebly Education project specifically for teachers enabling them to build educational website effortlessly. Even the most popular website builder lacks this impressive feature.  

Even though they improve constantly, they lack a significant number of features. Customers keep on complaining due to lack of some features mostly on the blog while it's hard to reach their support. 

Every purchase you make through the e-commerce store, you have to pay a 3% transaction fee. To avoid these additional charges you are required to upgrade to their business plan.

As a fully hosted platform, it lacks some advanced features, limiting you only to the features they offer while else another builder like Squarespace has multiple editable templates.  

Other features they lack are:

  • Special member pricing
  • Recurrent donations
  • Peer to peer fundraising 
  • Unlimited emails
  • A specialized newsletter or email templates


  • Easy, quick and user-friendly
  • Cost-effective for business and freelancers
  • Ho hosting fee
  • eCommerce options
  • Customizable predesigned themes
  • Drag and drop editor features that save time and energy
  • Basic SEO design tools
  • Simple process for publishing blogs
  • Adjusts to mobile devices automatically 
  • Free personalized URL


  • Lack of redo or undo edits option
  • 3% transaction charges on all sales
  • No website backup
  • The way blogs function is not impressive


Hopefully, our Weebly review was able to answer some of your burning questions about the app.

Weebly is the best functional and economical website designing tool you can choose. Even with the free version, you get to enjoy a bite-sized of the full package. 

It has easy to use interface and decent power. With its shining support and price point, you get the best offer if trying to save a few bucks. Nevertheless, you will have to sacrifice on design options though. Besides, you can manage everything on the desktop or on the go with applications that can work well on iOS and Android devices.

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