Top 10 Crowdfunding Websites For Your Next Dream Project

Do you know what the most priceless thing in the universe is? Well, if you have guessed some materialistic stuff, you are absolutely wrong! On contrary to many of your expectations, the most priceless thing in this universe is AN IDEA! We are not talking about those random ideas, but about INNOVATIVE ideas that are powerful enough to change that old concept of living and hence our world.

Top 10 Crowdfunding Websites For Your Next Dream Project

Suppose you have an awesome idea in your mind – say, to design a whole new wearable gadget to control your home appliances, but lack financial capabilities to start that project in its actual potential. No, you cannot walk here and there to borrow money from others to start that project, or at least it is not that practical! Probably, the most useful method you can choose is Crowdfunding. We do hope that you know about Crowdfunding.

In this article, we will tell you about top Crowdfunding websites, using which you can fuel your dream project. If you have an attractive idea with you, you will be able to gain satisfactory funding from these websites, and we have several successful examples to show.

1. Kickstarter

This list will never be complete without including, which has already helped a lot of entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to reality! If you have a trending idea that is worth realizing with you, regardless its category, you can approach Kickstarter. It has some features such as setting rewards for backers, and an extremely huge audience to help you raise funds for project. If you have reached the pledged amount, means your project is successful, they’ll charge 5% fee.

2. Indiegogo

If you had been listening to Ubuntu Edge, though it was not successful, you may have heard about Indiegogo. While the formerly mentioned Kickstarter wants you to be an US resident for funding projects, Indiegogo welcomes almost everyone, who has a powerful idea with him. Once successful, you can get your funding via PayPal. The website does charge a fee of 4%, which is very low when compared to your success.

3. Peerbackers

Peerbackers can be the best friend of the entrepreneur in you if he/she has an amazing project idea. In this time, this Crowdfunding platform has helped a lot of entrepreneurs, including some 13-year-old ones, to host their projects for funding and hence lead to success as the ‘idea-maker’. The website has combined with some student organizations to support student entrepreneurs as well.

4. Appbackr

In this era of mobile devices, the entrepreneur in you might be interested in contributing to Smartphone apps world. If your case is similar, you can depend upon Appbackr to support your Smartphone application idea. First, you have to post your idea about the app, wait for backers to fund, and you develop the application and it gets published in an app store. When you get money from app store, Appbackr will make you and backers rich.

5. PledgeMusic

Is there a music artist in you, who is not able to come out because of these financial issues? PledgeMusic knows that the journey of a music artist requires money, and the site will help you fund it. Though you have to pay a fee of 15%, PledgeMusic makes enough sense, especially while considering it through a perspective of a talented musician, who is looking forward to dominate world.

6. Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder is a bit different from aforementioned ones. Using this site, you can attract angel investors to your idea by selling debt, equity etc. You have to post about your idea, confront investors and get enough funding to start your vehicle!

7. Quirky

Quirky is also a bit different when compared to other methods of fundraising for your future project. In fact, the site works based on ‘community’ and ability of one invention to grab attention from others. First, you have to post about your idea, and Quirky will analyze whether it can bring you attention from community. If it is able to do so, Quirky is ready to partner with you and launch the product.

8. Crowdrise

Although there are two sections in Crowdrise – one for personal causes and another for charity –, Crowdrise is a nice place, where you can get enough financial fuel to kick-start your dream project. You can post about any of the dream projects, and you will be funded if that idea is worth realizing!

9. GoFundMe

As the name suggests, you can use GoFundMe for funding for yourself as well. Yes, you heard us right. Using this site, you can fund for your projects, causes and personal needs. If you can find donator to help you, you will be of course successful in this crowd sourcing Endeavour. However, GoFundMe charges a fee of 5% from the whole donation you grab by means of that site.

10. RocketHub

RocketHub is yet another popular choice when it comes to online crowd funding for your dream project. When we compare it with others, RocketHub has an extensive level of audience, which makes enough sense. It charges a fee of 4% to successful projects and 8% for incomplete ones.

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What do you think about these sites? Aren’t they powerful enough to fuel the project of entrepreneur in you? We’re waiting to know your opinion.

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