A review of Thrive Themes, explaining the benefits, performance, features, and affordability of this product. Learn how you can optimize your website with this competitively, high-quality WordPress theme.

Keeping up with technology to market your business takes continual effort. With so much information available on the internet, it’s crucial that you stay on top of the game for your website or blog to be seen through the crowds of sites oversaturating the web.

Teaming up with a proven content management system is a great way to drive traffic to your site and manage your content. WordPress is one of the leading CMS’, offering over 1,600 themes, including Thrive Themes, to help attract viewers. With so many choices, it isn’t difficult to come up with an eye-catching website that can convert visitors into clients, customers, or subscribers.about word press

About WordPress

WordPress was released in 2003 and has been flourishing ever since. Their success has been contributed to their ability to cater to the majority of internet-based businesses that want a great product for a great price. The age of information and computers has opened the doors to thousands of online self-employment opportunities, and e-commerce growth continues to expeditiously increase. With the internet becoming an expanding and highly prosperous avenue in marketing, even the top businesses in the world have found it necessary to take advantage.Through all of this, WordPress saw the need for a content management system and jumped on the chance to provide software to assist in the advancement of all online businesses.

WordPress created a system that can accommodate startup online businesses as well as already-established companies that are seeking to advertise through the web. The software was designed for the beginner as well as the expert so that everyone could utilize it. It is simple to use and has minimal setup. Loaded with features that help business owners promote their products, they are continually upgrading and improving their system as the market rapidly advances.

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Thrive Themes

With the thriving success of WordPress, it’s no wonder they have named their most propelling themes after this motto. Thrive Themes are conversion-focused website themes that were designed especially for readability, speed, and conversion. They are loaded with features that make it easier for companies to get online exposure and to prosper.

The internet allows more world-wide exposure than any other form of marketing, which also means more competition. WordPress understands this, which is why it developed Thrive Themes,so clients could improve their rank and increase their customer base even better than before. Thrive Themes are first-rate for several reasons.


Thrive Themes include specific font and color options that allow great readability. Elements comprising of click-to-call phone numbers and countdown timers help to turn visitors into conversions.


Since speed is a factor that affects website ranking, it is crucial to have good speed-optimized themes. Thrive Themes are built with automatic image compression and focused on features with lightweight code, making page speed faster.


With more clicks comes more sales, contacts, and subscriptions. Targeted focus areas help to single out the visitors that are relevant to your products. The built-in opt-in feature allows your mailing list to grow quickly and effectively.

User Friendly

Creating a site is simple to do. You can create pages in just a few minutes and be ready to run. Additionally, Thrive Theme members get access to video tutorials and training webinars. Of course, they also have a support staff on hand to answer any questions you may have as you build your website.


You can select from multiple header layouts, custom colors, and more than 600 fonts to give your website professional and inviting appeal.

Mobile Responsive

WordPress has designed Thrive Themes to adapt to any device and any screen size so that font sizes, icons, and column layouts exhibit beautifully. Even retina displays scale to the right size.

Updates and Improvements

Improvementsare continuous as WordPress discovers better ways and better products. And the best part is, they pass any savings and great deals on to their clients. Even after they first released their business, they developed new feature updates as early as six months following their opening date.theme options

Theme Options

Thrive Themes were built to help sell your business. Functionality and features increase email subscribers, sales, social shares, and traffic. Thrive’s unique and appealing designs are professional and engaging, helping to improve your statistics. The following are basic descriptions of Thrive Themes.


Modernly elegant, this theme focuses on affiliate marketing and product sales. It provides the tools to create an attractive blog with the ability to post images, videos, and audio content.


This theme is flexible with media-rich capabilities to post images, videos, and audios. Equipped with great marketing features to create an engaging blog, it can prove to be a profitable layout.


This design is visually gorgeous and competitively stylish. Its flexibility and conversion features are excellent for creating a marketing website. It has the tools you need to build an amazing multi-media blog.


If you are thinking about using your site to monetize with ads, this is the one that will increase your revenue. It is WordPress’ first magazine theme, especially designed for magazine-style sites. Its focus is on the leading business models:

  • User Engagement
  • Social Shares
  • Ad Revenue

Performag includes an infinite scrolling feature, ad targeting system, and ad management, all designed to keep readers engaged and active.


This theme is ideal for personal branding, blogging, and podcasting. It is also set up to accommodate multi-author blogs since it can put each post’s author front and center.


This theme is bold, featuring great colors, short code elements, striking page layouts, and excellent blog post design. It is loaded with marketing features that gives this design a powerful presence.


Minus is a beautiful theme with minimal aspects. Its design is filled with typography and white space, creating less distractions and more emphasis on your content. Its readability is excellent, and its simple design includes highly persuasive marketing features.


The full-width page sections of this theme are ideal for selling products online. Packed full of marketing features, it has the tools to create an engaging and productive site.


Quality and luxury describes this theme. With its sleek tones and bold typography, it displays your content beautifully. It includes opt-in forms, clear calls to action, and great landing pages in addition to other conversion-focused features.


This theme is a simple yet striking design that catches your eye without distracting visitors from your content. It is professional with a touch of elegance, consisting of specific features to help you create various types of pages, including landing pages, lead generation pages, and sales pages. It is especially ideal for creating blogs with the intention of emphasizing conversion.


Thrive memberships are affordable with the option to pay quarterly or save 24 percent by paying annually. The monthly premiums paid annually for individuals and entrepreneurs is $19. This includes all plugins and themes on 25 personal websites.

For agencies and web designers, the cost paid annually is $49 a month. This includes all of the plugins and themes for 50 personal or client websites.

WordPress is so confident that customers will be satisfied with their product that they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If there is any reason you aren’t happy with the membership, they will give you a full refund within 30 days after your first purchase. They also offer a support team to help you out and work through any issues.

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What Others Think

Bloggers and business owners enjoy creating professional looking sites with Thrive Themes. They appreciate the ability to customize the designs to their needs, easily and quickly. Users find it easy to create beautiful pages that produce great results.

Some clients tried to build their own websites and ended up becoming frustrated and discouraged. Once they utilized Thrive Themes, they learned that it doesn’t have to be difficult to create an attractive and productive site that actually gets the job done. They found it simple and it only took a few hours to completely set up their sites. A Thrive Theme landing page could be created and published in just a few minutes rather than hours or days.

Overall, business owners found Thrive Themes to be high quality, effective, affordable, beautiful, productive, and fast. Having great option for marketers, they loved the benefits that accompanied Thrive.


When choosing a theme, give Thrive Themes a chance to shine. You can discover how easy and affordable it is and create a stress-free site that will produce profitable results.

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