The 2015 Updated Guide On Google Webmasters Tools

One of the most effective and beneficial tools available these days is the Google Webmasters Tools This serves to be the free tool made available by Google with the main purpose of diagnosing and characterizing the site related issues. The primary objective of this tool is to make sites search engine friendly and yes, not just for Google, for other search engine giants as well. This way, an SEO friendly site will have no difficulty in getting top rankings and maximizing the visitor’s experiences.

There are many things worth noticing in the Google Webmasters Tool. Below mentioned are some of them.


Sitemaps are the great way to tell Google the pages that you wish to get indexed. Google and other search engines will index the site regardless of utilizing the sitemap but the Google Webmasters Tool makes it simple for the search engines to index the web pages that you want.

The 2013 Updated Guide On Google Webmasters Tools

Know your website’s loading speed/time:

As per the ranking algorithm of Google, page loading time/speed is taken into consideration at the time of page ranking. So, knowing the site’s loading pace was earlier a difficult thing. However, with Google Webmasters Tool, the site performance feature helps the site owners to track the loading speed and time and also the historical graph. This further allows one to work on loopholes and improve the site’s ranking in an easy manner.

Count backlinks:

The Webmasters Tool helps to keep the record of your site backlinks. The track record will let you know the exact number of pages that link to the home page and other web pages on your site. As per this data, Google then ranks your site.

Geo Targeting

Another great aspect about Google Webmasters Tool is the geographic targeting feature. This is more advanced and affects smaller amount of people. Google will work by filtering the results. For instance, if you search for some topic but don’t choose the web pages from country option, the results are biased towards the nation Google thinks you are from or in.

On the other hand, if you choose that the web pages from this country option, you will eventually get the results which Google believes are directly to the particular country.

More features

Google offers a handy and easy way to safeguard the historical data from the Google Webmasters Tool even if you change your profile due to changes in the domain. In case you have a new domain which your site is migrating to, just establish the domain with the Webmasters Tool and check it. After that, use Change of Address option in the tool in order to make Google know that you want to move the data from old to new profile.

NO site errors

As the Google Webmasters Tool provides data of all mistakes or errors on your site and web pages like the crawl errors, broken links and more, you can then work immediately on them and thus improve the quality of your site to a considerable extent.

Also make sure to do regular network analysis of your website to avoid any DNS and Host errors.

So, in all, the Google Webmasters Tool is a sure to have tool for webmasters, web designers and all those who wish to see the performance of their websites on the top search engines like Google.

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