How To Become’s Recommended WordPress Developer?

We all know that is among the most famous WordPress theme shops who creates feature rich high quality WordPress themes.

Move over to this page and don’t be surprised to see me on the list of Recommend WordPress Developers from Templatic.

I have told this before in my many blog posts that I also run a web designing company with my friend although after entering into blogging, I don’t look much into its business affairs.

But if you are also a good WordPress developer, you can too make to this list and grab some good clients easily. In this post, I have compiled the benefits of being into this list and what you can do to be on it.

The benefits of getting into the List.

There is no doubt, how feature rich theme you create or you have, people will still want to customize their theme as per their different needs.

Since hundreds of themes are sold by Templatic daily, the majority of these theme purchasers also look for a good WP developer to customize and edit their theme functions or designs. Now imagine yourself being in front of those hundreds of customers daily looking for someone like you.

For your reference, let me tell you that within a week of my inclusion in this list, I got 2 major leads and my team was good enough to convert both the leads and bagged projects worth $600. That is the only reason I wanted to share this with you too.

Pretty great. Right?

Neither I used any advertisement nor any other marketing method. All I did was to be on the list.

How To Get Into The List?

There are certain things that you need to take off before you proceed to apply for the post of Recommended WordPress Developer. Otherwise your application will be simply rejected.

1. Purchase Templatic Themes: The first and the foremost thing to edit and customize the Templatic Themes is to have a proper knowledge of all the themes they have. There is no use of applying If you don’t know the proper file structure and working of Templatic themes.

Currently, Templatic is providing a single theme for $65 and club membership for $299 only which includes access to 40+ themes.

View Theme Club

I would suggest you to go with club membership as then you can study and understand all of their themes properly. Don’t worry about the price as you will be earning double of this within a month.

2. Create your portfolio: If you already have an existing client portfolio, thumbs up! Else, create a good portfolio. Clearly mention the work that you have done in the past and the clients with which you have worked with. That’s the first thing the reviewer will look into your application and of course the first thing the client will look too.

3. Learn Technical Skills: Editing and customizing the WordPress themes do require some special skills which include HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript and better knowledge of WordPress Core. You may even think to hire a team which has these skills in case you don’t want to waste any further time in learning these.

4. Submit the form properly: Every application process should be respected and concluded with honor and truth. There is no use of filling wrong skill sets and applying with fake experience. That way you will be wasting the customer’s time and your’s time too.

All done. Proceed to apply now!

4 thoughts on “How To Become’s Recommended WordPress Developer?”

  1. Templatic themes have a charm of its own…It’s great to know that they are promoting developers..Club membership costs are reasonable considering the plethora of themes it gives access to.

  2. Good article, I personally prefer Genesis and have been using it for few years for all or most of clients. Thanks for share you experience. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that you’ll get some benefits for being preferred developer.

    ps: I’ve heard nothing but good things about Templatic. I heard it works almost the same like Genesis – with hooks and filters etc. Still need to try it myself though.

  3. Worth reading article to read , for to be a pro in developing wordpress themes, one should have the knowledge of core concepts of wordpress along with HTML5, CSS3, php etc. Thanks

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