24 Best WordPress Themes For Tech Startups

Today we are presenting you few latest and best startup themes for new tech firms. You can choose any of these themes and revamp your website with responsive design and interactive layout. So keep your visitors informed and updated about the overall functioning of your new brand. Choosing one out of these premium themes will keep you hassle free as customer support is always available. Just click and install the theme and let your company grow easily.

Startup WordPress Themes


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A smart and much sold-out theme, Divi makes for a super cool choice because it treats you with numerous goodies and makes sure you are fully at ease as you go about developing your tech/startup website. You get 20+ premade layouts but if you like you can easily create your own. Not only this, there is also the option to save the self-made layouts that you can use later. The header is customizable and you can paint it in your way to getting the desirable look. This template is very secure and has been tested under the most strenuous standards. Its elegant and responsive design gives it just the right degree of professionalism and pleasantness.


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A must-have theme in the New Year, AppTheme has been designed keeping in mind the smallest of details. It is ideal for app developers and designers who want to set up their shop or portfolio without spending a fortune. Completely customizable, it also installs in a single click and has been optimized for search engines and clicks. This is to say that visitors will stream in quite effortlessly and if your products/services are worthwhile, they are sure to reward you accordingly. AppTheme is a marvelous offering from MyThemeShop that would give you full freedom to style things the way you like. Do try it once.


Avada WordPress theme review
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A fully responsive theme, Avada is a best seller. Powered by Fusion Builder, it lets you create stupendous pages with minimum effort. You can easily customize any element be it background or icons or fonts. The template has kept up with the changes and hence, fits seamlessly into the small screens and high definition resolutions. The shortcode generator is also there to speed up you work. And last but not the least; you are given premium class support that you can call upon at any hour.

X Theme

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A complete package, X brings for you latest design and smart functions. This premium theme is very lean and does not carry any baggage. But it is compatible with third party plugins and completely extendable. You are free to build any page using the Customizer and it will be rendered beautifully on different viewing devices. You can also take advantage of the 600+ Google fonts to create appetizing layouts in seconds. X will make for a sweet match when it comes to your IT/tech/startup site. After installation, you are ready to take on the world.


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Crafted for all types of businesses, Jupiter is a smart theme with rock solid framework. It knows that style and substance both matter for an IT/startup site. Therefore, the template carries the balanced mixture that fits in with your mold just the way, a glove fits a hand. You are offered RTL support, slideshow, CAPTCHA option for the contact form, font awesome icons and many more properties. It is home to all the characteristics that will help you thrive and actualize your optimum potential.


enfold WordPress theme
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A fun theme, Enfold is so easy-to-use and energetic that you will be just bowled over by the convenience and comfort. It has been designed with you in mind and thus, fully lives up to your expectations. There is nothing lacking here; you get infinite slideshows, colors, layouts, blog, header designs, shortcodes and much more. SEO has been also taken care of and thus, it would not be difficult for you to earn a cool ranking. All you are supposed to do is get the template installed. Afterward, it is a one man show. You will call the shots and customers will flow in just the way ants gravitate towards sugar.


Salient WordPress theme review
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Carving a separate niche becomes very difficult when the competition is super high but you will be free of worries if you have decided to find refuge in Salient. This multipurpose template has got a rich range of design options and features. Its unique nectar Slider invests your web platform with a distinct glow that will intrigue the visitors and stoke their interest. At the backend, you will be in complete control and can vent out your creativity to the fullest. The rich arsenal of modern attributes will back you and you will be good to go as soon as the installation gets done.


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Embedded with dynamic animation effects, Bridge is a theme that lets you be yourself. It gives you parallax design, image/video slider, customizable graphics, fonts, colors, backgrounds and many more things. You can personalize any element with clicks that include the header as well. It is the face of your website and hence, has been given due importance. A well-developed package, Bridge is your best bet if you are operating in the IT/tech niche. You will shine brightly in lieu of a fair price.


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Dastak is a remarkable theme that can be used for any kind of website. The theme offers tons of useful features with easy to use visual composer. There are over 100’s of shortcodes included in the theme which makes your tasks even more smooth. You can choose your site layout from over 25 ready made designs. With a single click installation, Dastak will take only a minute to completely launch your new website.


WordPress Hotel themes
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An advanced theme, BeTheme has kept up with the pace of times and thus, can do full justice to your tech/startup site. It is cleanly coded and comes with excellent support. The brains behind this product value feedback and update it regularly so that it churns out best results. With BeTheme, it is a bump-free ride, and you will be ready as soon as you bring it home. So, why delay good things? Check out the demo and march ahead with confidence.


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If you want to keep things precise and professional then nothing would be better than Brooklyn. This premium template comes with a creative one-page design that is fully ready for small screen devices. You can exhibit your digital products, services or projects to their maximum potential and quickly earn positive responses. Brooklyn keeps thing simple but efficient. The features are sufficient to carry you forward and you will get awesome returns on investment.


KLEO – Next level Premium WordPress Theme
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Labeled as the next level theme, KLEO is fitted with smart, modern day features that value your creativity above all else. It gives you a super user-friendly layout that will easily incorporate your tweaks and tailorings. The template is a stickler for technology and makes use of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The code is crystal clean and you will have great fun working on it. KLEO cares for you and kick start your site in fabulous style. As soon as you are over with the installation, you can start expecting results.


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Apropos of the name, Total is a user-friendly theme with the most advanced features attached in its arsenal. This premium template is buzzing with brilliant attributes and you will get complete liberty to incorporate your customizations. The drag and drop builder is ready to obey your commands. What is more, you can see the changes in real-time and get the thing trimmed accordingly. With Total, there is nothing to stop you and you can sail smooth to your destination.


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These days, social media plays a very crucial role in the success of a site. Therefore, you have got to make the most of these networks and SEO WP has been developed provide you maximum exposure. The template has got custom pages and carries a drag and drop content creator along with many other properties. If you are in the field of digital marketing and similar other niches then SEO WP is a must. It will give you exact results without extracting much from your pocket. Do take the demo once.


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Designed for digital studios, web agencies, portfolios and the like; Royal is a very rocking theme. It gives you the option to choose from a single page or multiple page designs. You can quickly start a landing page site as well and rest assured it will generate the right degree of buzz from the very first look. Its clean and compatible code is like the cherry on the cake and offers you a flawless platform to build your dream platform. For designers and developers, Royal is a heavenly choice and you can trust upon it with blind eyes.


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A blend of beauty and brains, Scroller is suitable for any corporate site and would complement your IT/tech site pretty well. This ThemeJunkie template houses all the modern features that one looks for in a quality theme. It is SEO optimized, cross-browser compatible, ads ready, translatable and much more. You will get lifetime support as a bonus and will be always assisted by the customer support team. Scroller is smooth and strong with a guarantee card that your journey will be safe and sound.

Agency Pro

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A professional with smart looks and modern features, Agency is all about being your best version. This lean and lovely template carries only the necessary features. There is no overloading but do not think it is devoid of options. You get custom menu, header, background, 5 color styles, 6 layout options, etc. If you are not satisfied, you can extend the functionality, and it will be pretty seamless.


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A lively theme, ShowStopper is studded with numerous features. This premium template is multipurpose in nature and if you want to start a blog or shop, you can easily do so. It is very well-titled and makes your visitors stop and take notice. You can start operating with it right after purchase. It is very quick and also comes with the facility of automatic lifetime free updates.


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Catering to all types of companies and organizations, Collection is a very comprehensive theme. Its sleek design is pretty appropriate for showcasing your apps and portfolio. The custom posts are also suitable and the template is well aligned with social media to bring you exceptional exposure. Here, you are at complete freedom to frame things in your style. And this is feasible even if you are code ignorant. Things happen with clicks and drag-and-drop.


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A lovely theme from ThemeFuse, Conexus strikes the right notes with its design and features. This premium template is loaded with 4 premade layouts, 3 different slides, in-built page layouts, mega menu and much more. So, it is clearly evident that you can build an entirely professional and authoritative site in record time. You can also customize things from the dashboard, and it will find the shape soon after. Conexus forms an ideal nexus with your audience and search engines. It is worthy of pursuit, from all angles.


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Tailored by ThemifyMe, Corporate is a very fluid and friendly theme that can fit into the mold of any user. The template knows how to exhibit your products/services so that it catches the attention of visitors and they turn into clients. Its features completely match your requirements and using the drag and drop builder, you can quickly build any layout. The video background feature gives a lively look to your site and makes it easier to gain eyeballs. The fantastic 60+ animation effects and background colors further spice up the zing factor. Corporate is a gem of a theme that you can ignore only at your risk.


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A well-named theme, Expression makes you express yourself to the fullest. This premium template offers you a single page design where you can showcase your services in the best manner. It is very focused on getting you quick attention and thus, comes with a clean color scheme. Things are kept prim and professional here. You can make a great start with its help and promote yourself brilliantly without incurring substantial expenses.


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Built with the most up-to-date SEO practices in mind, OneEngine is a contemporary theme with modern features. Its responsive design, retina ready display, the parallax effect, ready made layouts and other features give your tech company/portfolio an ideal start. You can impress the search engines and your target audience without putting in any extra effort.


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A new launch, Space 9 is a strong and sexy theme that has been crafted with the future in mind. This premium template has got 7 custom post types using which you can showcase your apps, services, portfolios, teams, etc. The 12 sturdy widgets further ease up things and the drag-drop builder lets you build in any style you like. You are also offered WooCommerce support so that you can start a shop. Here, you are spoilt for choices and get excellent support as well.

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