6 Smart Business Promotion Tips During Holiday Season

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The festival season is on its way and as always December is a great time for both its business and customers. Whether your business is a startup or well established, you can always boost or increase your sales during the holiday season. Here are 6 smart business promotion ideas that can help you achieve more during the festival seasons:

1. Free Holiday Gift

smart businessWith the holiday season, you hold the perfect excuse to remember your past and present customers once again. Sending a small inexpensive gift will not only give them the warm feeling of remembrance from your business setup but also give more value to your brand. A key chain, wall calender, table calender could be handy. You can also send them your heartfelt feelings with an eCard, a virtual hug or maybe just a thank you email for being a great customer. Add your own ideas and remember, it’s not the price that matter but the gesture and warmth in your gift and feelings and that will make them remember you even after the holidays are over.

2. Giveaway Coupons and Freebies

Let your customers do business with you again with free coupons. Offer them free discount coupons so that next time also they think of you again before making any purchases of the same kind. Obviously, holding the free discount coupons will bring them to you only. Considering giving a free gift with new purchases is also worth the business. Plan and give the offers to receive a free gift with a minimum purchase of $10. Decide your price accordingly making sure not to get carried away.

3. Introduce New Offers For Customers

We all know that with the holidays comes new offers in the market and this is what customers expect from you too. Try selling your products with some discount price during the holidays. For example, “25% Off on all products”, LCDs are available only at $500 – Offer valid till 31 Dec only”. Don’t forget to write the offer ending date with your offer. It’s the the data which will force them to buy your products within the specified date. Obviously you can extend them later. Once again – Plan it with the profit in mind. Don’t get carried away and suffer loss. Remember $10 profit from 1 customer is worth than $0 profit from 10 customers.

4. Advertise Your Brand

Now you have all offers ready and setup and you are willing to provide the free gifts with new purchases but what is the purpose of all these if nobody know your offers. Certainly, it’s the best festival time to advertise about your business. You can consider any advertising options including newspapers, radio, television, online advertising on Facebook or Google clearly depending upon your budget. You can also try free options like posting your new offers to your Facebook business page or Twitter or sending emails and SMS to your friends and old customers.

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5. Family & Friends Evening

smart businessBrand building or business promotion is not only about customers. It’s also about your employees and how you treat them. Invite your employees with their family and friends for an evening beer. Not only they are feeling extra work pressure during the holidays but also more money demand pressure at home. Try organizing the tradition work party, offer them your gratitude and recognition for the great work. Show them how great heart you and your business has. Hosting a Saturday get-together can build immense goodwill for your business.

6. Smart Business Is About Smart Future Planning

Well the holidays are not only about celebrating. If you are in business, it’s about thinking, planning a proposing the future resolution for your business. If your business sales went very well or even if it doesn’t; In both the cases you need to think of the future and how you are going to deal with it as wisely said – “The only limits are, as always, those of vision”.

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Let me know what are your ideas on this and what smart business steps do you follow during the holiday festival.

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