Siteground WordPress Hosting Review – Our Experience

Have you noticed any change on our site lately? Didn’t you feel the extra boost in page loading speed? If you were wondering how we did it, guess what, you are in the right place. We will share our secret with you today. There are some improvements in our website and for good reasons. That is, we recently changed our hosting provider two months back.

Our site is now hosted on SiteGround.

While SiteGround received lots of positive feedback from both regular users and reviewers, we decided it is time we took a chance. And now here we are. Our website is faster than ever. What’s more, we are totally amazed by their dedicated and professional service. Read on to find out how they managed to do that.

Switch to SiteGround WordPress Hosting?

Well, it’s always a hard decision for any webmaster to make a hosting shift and even harder to find the best hosting provider which can offer unmatched service and speed to the site. I went for its Cloud Hosting plan of $68 per month, and this is post is about my experience so far and why I choose SiteGround while there were other services available.

First of all, I was already impressed by the amount of praise it was getting lately. Besides this, the company sponsored lots of tech events and made their presence felt in several WordCamp’s. As a result, it was an obvious entry in my potential hosting shortlist to host my WordPress based website.

SiteGround Technology

I was also amazed to find out that SiteGround has servers located in three different continents. I was able to choose one location from Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific. While all of these locations offer the same level of performance, hardware, and configurations, I needed this diversification of servers due to our visitors spread throughout the world. SiteGround also has an awesome WordPress hosting service, talking about them will need a separate post itself. However, I will briefly discuss it later in this post.

Free Website Migration

Getting started with SiteGround was very easy. The most astonishing feature that this company provides to new customer is the free migration of all your data and files. I was not required to get involved and do the tiring task of downloading and uploading the files on the new server. The SiteGround team did it all for me while I relaxed on my couch.

Siteground website transfer

As soon as I signed up for their new server; I opened the ticket, provided them my hosting credentials of previous host and within 4 hours, my complete website was moved the SitegGround server and was up and running.

While the support staff was kind enough to go with entire transfer process, there were also simple, step-by-step getting started guides for everything including WordPress installation and migration for existing sites, Joomla, Email Setup, cPanel, FileZilla, CloudFlare, PhpMyAdmin etc. available on the website. A few months have passed since then, and I am still triumphal with SiteGround.

How Fast is it? Very, very fast!

Providing the fastest possible performance is a major commitment of SiteGround, and I have to say, they are very successful at this. By combining its carefully selected hardware with innovative solutions, the company is capable of providing a highly efficient performance. Its development team is always trying to find out how to improve the performance and deliver it accordingly. What’s more, these innovations are not only used on the new setups, but they are gradually applied to the old ones too. Therefore, all the users of SiteGround can enjoy the benefits at the same time.

SiteGround has developed an exclusive caching tool named ‘SuperCacher’ for its customers. The single most important purpose of this tool is to increase the loading speed of your website. You can choose from the four available caching options, which are – Varnish Static Cache Option, Varnish Dynamic Cache Option, Memcached Option and Google PageSpeed Option.

SiteGround Response Time

As you can clearly see in the above image, the difference in the response time my website received with different hosts. The steep drop indicates the day I made the hosting switch.

SiteGround also has a long-lasting partnership with CloudFlare, one of the most popular CDN services out there. With 28 data centers all over the world, CloudFlare can deliver cached content from the closest location of the visitors with 100% uptime and reduced response time.

Here is a screenshot of my Pingdom report taken for last month.

Check out the uptime and average response time of my server. It’s 100% uptime with 289ms of server response.

Siteground Uptime Report

Is it Secure?

Yes, SiteGround is very secure. As it separates each user account from the others, a vulnerable account cannot affect the whole server. As a result, along with the dedicated plans, SiteGround’s shared hosting plans are very reliable too. By using the latest and most updated software, it also makes sure that the users are getting the best service available.

When you are using specialized CMS like WordPress or Joomla, it is imperative to keep both the core platform and all of its components updated. This is crucial for your website’s security. However, the reality is, we often procrastinate on this paramount task. For lazy people like us, SiteGround has come up with an excellent Auto-Update tool. Once you have enabled this tool, all updates will be automatic. Before the update is applied, you will receive a notification and an automatic backup of your website will be created, just in case.

Another major security feature of SiteGround is its proactive approach towards security vulnerabilities. While others rely on software developers to provide a solution, SiteGround found out the solution on its own. Its security experts always monitor for potential exploits or backdoor in the software. Sometimes the problems are fixed before the clients know that there was an issue.

It is extremely easy to create the backup of your website and restore them quickly with just a single button. If your website’s total size is less than 500Mb, you can create a backup with a single click. In case of larger websites, you can back up the files and databases separately. There are dedicated backup and restore buttons available in the cPanel.

Now Tell me About the Support

I don’t want to exaggerate, but I was, satisfied with the 24/7 support from SiteGround. While support tickets are answered within 5 minutes, both live chat and support calls were answered immediately. The company has employed enough staff to cover all of its customers. As the individual performance of support professionals are regularly evaluated, having quality support is guaranteed. The company also makes use of its proprietary load balancing system, so that emergency help requests are picked up quickly.

SiteGround support

An awesome feature of SiteGround is if you are not satisfied or want a better explanation about anything, you can instantly transfer the issue to a higher authority yourself, with just a click.

You will also be surprised to find out that unlike the other hosting companies, SiteGround does not limit its support to hosting related issues only. Rather, they cover a lot of ground and more importantly, does not discard any question that is not directly related to hosting. The expert support staffs of SiteGround are ready to help you in regards to popular plugins, templates, extensions of third-party CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Additionally, SiteGround also lets you view more details about the representative you are talking to. Therefore, you can gain more confidence on staff personnel after knowing about their years of experience in the field, technical expertise, particular field of interest, etc. This kind of open and reliable communication puts SiteGround ahead of its competitors.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting?

SiteGround provides dedicated WordPress services, which is also offered by many other managed WordPress hosting providers. However, while others include one-click WordPress installation, automatic updates, etc. in their WordPress support, SiteGround does much more than that. Along with all the regular features like one-click installation, automatic updates, free transfer and necessary supports, SiteGround offers lots of advanced level feature and support for real WordPress enthusiasts.

Among them, secure staging facility will allow you to test and deploy your WordPress site safely without keeping the original website down. The expert support staff of SiteGround can help you with managing popular WordPress plugins too. And the automatic update includes both major and minor updates to WordPress core and outdated plugins. Unlike some other hosting providers, SiteGround does not have any blacklisted plugins; you are free to use any plugin you want.

SiteGround makes many copies of your site every day. Therefore, if anything goes wrong, you can just revert to the previous working stage. As I said earlier, you don’t have to use any third-party caching solution when your WordPress site is hosted on SiteGround. The built-in SuperCacher provides you with four types of caching, Varnish Dynamic Cache Option being the most useful for WordPress.

Siteground WordPress Hosting

The different WordPress hosting packages also comes with free CDN solutions. By offering these extra features, SiteGround not only helps you in saving money with your WordPress website, but also ensures top-class performance for your website. By the way, did I mention that you get a free domain when you sign up for a new WordPress hosting plan? That’s cool, right?

Your Take on SiteGround Hosting Review?

After all these discussion; don’t feel obliged to take my words. Check out SiteGround for once, and you will see the difference yourself. If you have used SiteGround in the past or have been using it currently, do share your thoughts below.

2 thoughts on “Siteground WordPress Hosting Review – Our Experience”

  1. I’ve had SiteGround for a few months now, and everything you said is exactly why I love them. My only gripe is that their cloud hosting plans do not offer very much hard disk space. I’m on Cloud 1, and I get 40gb. For $79 a month, that is not very much space. Plenty of other hosts offer a lot more for that price. Otherwise, I’m happy with the amount of memory and bandwidth the cloud plan offers. Just wish they were more generous with the disk space, which ironically I believe is one of the cheapest resources to provide.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Mark.
      Yes many other hosts do offer unlimited disk space in much lesser price as compared to Siteground. Even my earlier host was offering us unlimited disk and unlimited bandwidth for almost half of this price. But what I was not getting was good responsible support. Like we mentioned in the post earlier, every company has its own unique feature and service to offer and it truly depends upon the customer perspective.

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