Reviving Older Blog Post Was Never So Damn Easy!

Most of the WordPress site owners running big sites use either Hootsuite or BufferApp to post their new and old content to all social profiles. They do so only to ease out the posting process over social accounts. Even our team uses BufferApp to share links on all social profiles so that we don’t have to go, login and share at each account separately.

  • But what about sharing older posts?
  • How often do we share them?
  • Is the process of sharing older posts easy? 
  • Do we remember each time which post we shared last and which post has to be shared now?

What if I tell you that I have found one awesome plugin with which we can automate all these social postings at once. Moreover, it can bring back the old posts to readers again which otherwise would have been missed.  And the good thing is that you don’t have to move even an inch to open, copy or paste the links. No work for you ever.

The plugin I am talking about is called Revive Old Post by Themeisle. Download This Plugin

What Revive Old Post Actually Does?

Revive old post basically publishes your older posts to your social media accounts regularly. This auto posting is done quietly during specific time intervals as specified by the user thus generating more traffic to the site and more social signals for search engines on regular basis.

Currently the latest version supports Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The plugin connects with social profiles via API Keys which can be generated and authenticated in few steps.

The menu is full of many options like adding hashtags, time intervals, post age, URL shortners, image sharing & more. The best feature is the ability to hold back certain posts or even complete category from getting posted ever.

Pro or Free?

The plugin comes in both version as Pro and Free. The free version allows you to manage only 1 social account while with pro version you can manage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well. Another difference is that fee version doesn’t allow to share images with the post while with the pro version you can even share your featured images along with the posts. If you are really looking to make your social postings automated, then I suggest you to go with pro version and take full advantage of all its features.

Features and Recommended Configuration

Although most of the options of the plugins are straight forward and doesn’t require any special documentation or external help to configure but we have still mentioned each feature in detail for you to configure all the options properly.

After installing the plugin, here is the list of options that you get:


The first and the foremost thing you have to do is to configure the plugin with your social accounts.

Configure Twitter – Click on Add Account followed by Authorise App to connect your Twitter profile with this plugin.

Configure Facebook – Click Authorise and follow the on-screen instruction to generate your Facebook App ID and App Secret Key.

Configure LinkedIn – Similarly click the Add account and follow on-screen instructions to generate Login API and secret Key for LinkedIn.

Post Content – Here you can select your posting option to post either Title only, Title & Body, Only Body or any other custom field.

Post Custom Content Field – If you are using a regular WordPress blog, then you should leave this option blank. If you using some APP theme; example – a directory theme from Templatic which has many custom post types like Listing, Places and other. You can use the name of those custom fields to generate content for postings here.

Additional Text – Place any additional text that you want to be included with each link this plugin shares on your social profiles. You can choose from the next option to place this text either at the beginning or at the end of the post.

Include Link – Obviously Yes so that you can generate more traffic towards your blog.

Fetch URL from Custom Field – Similar like I mentioned earlier in Custom Field option above. This option will fetch the URL of the custom post you fill here. Better to leave blank for normal blogs.

Use URL Shortner – The plugin provides 3 options – wp short URL, and My favourite is as it also tracks the number of clicks the link got. So I always prefer but you can choose any of your choice.

Hashtags – This option is to include a common hashtag on all your posts shares. authority blogs can include a common hashtags. Like a blog which primarily focuses on WordPress, may include a #WordPress tag. Similarly a blog focusing on SEO can include a hashtag #SEO.

Minimum Interval Between Shares – You can give any interval depending upon your total posts. Small niche blogs may pick a higher number though big news websites may pick a lesser time interval between consecutive posts.

Minimum Age of Post To be Eligible For Sharing – 0 (My personal setting) to share even the recent created post

Maximum Age of Post To Be Eligible For Sharing – 180 (My personal setting) to do not share posts which are older than 6 months.

Number of Posts To Share – Number of posts the plugin should share at a particular sharing schedule. For sharing just one post at a time, Put 1.

Post With Image – Check if you want to share links along with the images to make the links eye-catching and user-friendly.

Share old posts more than once – Check if you want to allow sharing already shared post at sometime again in future.

Exclude Specific Categories – Check those categories whose posts you don’t want to share ever.

At last, Click Save and then Click Start Sharing.

Now sit back, Grab a coffee as all social sharing from now onwards will be handled by this plugin.


Revive Old Post Pro is definitely one of the best WordPress plugin I have ever used in the past few years of my WordPress career. This highly recommended plugin works in the auto mode which had really made my social posting tasks automatic and hassle free.

For best benefits, you should definitely try its Pro version that allows multiple social accounts. I promise that you will never repent over this purchase.

3 thoughts on “Reviving Older Blog Post Was Never So Damn Easy!”

  1. Very interesting tool! I recently tried using Hootsuite and didn’t have much luck. Seems I need to check this one out instead.

    Of course the best feature as you pointed out is posting old posts, that is gold right there.

    Sure be nice if Google+ released a API. Add it to a tool like this and I’d be a happy camper.

    Thanks for posting this, I might have missed it otherwise.

  2. I intended addressing you by name but only to find out this was something written by an editorial staff.

    Thanks a lot for this and I am obviously going to try this out.

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