Playthru: Break The Captcha Code Misery With A Game

If you are a web administrator or into blogging, one of the serious note that you would be taking every day is to fight for your website against the spammers. And I am pretty much sure that many of us including myself too have put a Captcha code verification system into the website’s registration form or sign up form. But do you know some of the serious drawbacks that Captcha system might be causing to your website. Well, if you don’t, read them below:

Why Captcha Code Sucks?

1). Difficult to read at almost 90% of the times.
2). Time consuming.
3). Not compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.
4). The majority of the people hates typing.
5). Not totally full proof because of OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

So what’s the alternative?

There are many different alternatives that you could try as an alternative to Captcha systems. You can try image puzzles, math tasks, mobile verification (like Google does sometimes) but seriously all these stuff and techniques seem useless from the day I discovered Playthru Game. Playthru is one of the most underrated (so far) yet highly useful product for any web administrator. It doesn’t offer any images, any codes, any math problem or any other puzzles to users. Instead it offers highly attractive small games which your users can play during signup process.

Playthru Game – So Is It The Real Alternative To Misery Codes?

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Obviously Yes. This is the real hardcore alternative to the old Captcha systems. Playthru is very simple yet highly innovative product to help combat spammers. It displays a visual game that can be easily won by humans so as to prove their human existence. Each time a sign up page is loaded, Playthru displays a unique game consisting of drag and drop icons. All you need to do is drag the correct icons to their correct place and complete the task. Too difficult for spam robots but easy for humans.

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Playthru Pricing Options

Playthru’s basic plan is free to use which you can easily implement on your website although it does offer personalized and professional plans as well for $19 and $79 respectively. Implementing Playthru on your website requires a unique publisher key. You receive this key after you to sign up for an account on Playthru’s website.

After sign up, you can download the WordPress plugin and install. The Playthru game will automatically be implemented to your website’s sign up forms. If you don’t use WordPress, Playthru also offers plugins for other CMS including Drupal, IP Board etc and code libraries for PHP, Java, ASP.NET and more.

Click Here to Sign Up & Download Playthru WordPress Plugin

Some Last Words

In my opinion, Playthru will definitely prove to be the real game changer in upcoming years in the web market. Hopefully it will bring an end to text based Captcha systems soon. I have already recommended Playthru to my development team to replace it with older re-captcha asap on What options do you follow to fight against spam. I would love to hear your opinions.

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