5 Best Web Applications For School Management System

One of the noticeable features of today’s web world is its ability to change in negligible time-period. For example, we are not seeing currently what we saw yesterday or a few hours before. Simply saying, we can call current web world as the dynamic web, where everything has the ability to change in no time […]

4 Effective Ways For Increasing Business’s Web Presence

The Next Decade Is Of Web! Although a few of you might be opposing the statement, we would like to neglect those because it is a fact! As you know, the whole world is receiving unique effects of Web in day-to-day life, especially in the world of commerce. You know, nowadays, a notable number of […]

WP Engine Review – Should You Buy This WordPress Hosting or Not?

If you are a WordPress user like me; then it’s obvious to wonder of at least 1 hosting company that can offer top notch speed, scalability, security and support for all your WordPress needs so that you can invest most of your time and mind in generating content for your readers rather than troubleshooting your hosting […]

W3 Total Cache Settings – Configure & Optimize Your Website

What is “W3 Total Cache” W3 Total Cache is a speed optimization plugin which can improve your visitor’s experience by increasing the speed of your WordPress site. It is among the most famous and widely used cache plugins for WordPress sites. This post covers all aspects related to w3 total cache regarding the importance of […]

Geoplaces vs Geotheme : A Detailed Review

Before beginning with our detailed discussion on city directory WordPress themes Geoplaces vs Geotheme; let me brief you about a small history of the duo. Geoplaces by Templatic was the first kind of city based directory WordPress theme which came to the market. Being the only runner in the race, it was surely purchased by many […]

6 Helpful Free WordPress Plugins for Productive Blogging

With thousands of topics covered daily by millions of bloggers, some casual and some full-time, there are some vast differences to consider when it comes to the content that we publish online. Still, though, no matter what type of blogger you are, there is certainly at least one feeling that you’re familiar with: that there […]

Never Submit A Guest Post Unless You Follow These Guest Blogging Rules

In the world of blogging, one of the popular trends after starting a new blog is to guest post on other sites. Guest posting is the process of writing content for another blog or website at the request of the website owner. The general purpose of guest blogging is to gain exposure for yourself and […]

Imonomy Generates Free Images To Match Your Content

Finding free images online challenges many bloggers around the world. A large amount of internet publishers have already lost hope waiting for a free service that will automatically add images to web pages. Some blogs have tried to manually insert copyright-free images into each and every post, but this tactic is time consuming and often […]

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Blog Post?

The internet is filled with people that love to benefit from other people’s work, and unfortunately, that will never stop. Search engines are attempting to try and stop this practice by punishing duplicate content, but not only does it hurt the thief, it can also hurt us. So to help us all ensure our content […]

4 Common Errors While Deploying The WordPress at Host

There is no doubt that WordPress is a user-friendly content management system, which has the outstanding integrated environment. Hosting a WordPress (WP), demands lots of patience and skills, because a little mistake can jeopardize the data, money and time. As we know that there are two kinds of hosting one is dedicated, and another is […]