13 Best WordPress BookStore Themes For Selling eBooks

Are you a bookseller looking to launch your online shop? Do you possess stories and books that you want to publish but lack the resources to do so? Do not worry. Bookstore WordPress themes will do everything for you. Well, this will not be a free service but the price that you will have to […]

22 Best Mobile App Showcase WordPress Themes

With the smart phone revolution spreading its wings far and wide, the need for mobile apps is also witnessing a proportionate rise. This is because the apps are fabulous tools for users to get cool things done. They are an easy and free (most of the time) route to accomplish incredible tasks, without going through […]

16 Best Tour & Travel WordPress Themes

Are you traveling from pillar to post to get the travel theme of your dreams? Well, we can understand your situation as reaching your destination, i.e. finding the right theme, is not easy. There are numerous themes out there, claiming to be competent, which increases the confusion. But if you are reading this post, you […]

15 Amazing Vintage & Retro WordPress Themes

Retro style reigns in all ages and segments, be it clothes or websites. If we focus on the latter, websites are a relatively new phenomenon and thus, the vintage look of the website relates to the looks inspired from vintage paintings, posters and artifacts. Well, designing a site is no longer difficult as there are […]

19 Best WordPress Architecture Themes For Architects

Architecture is one profession that combines traits of both subjects – technology, as well as art. This makes it very distinct from others and, therefore, the website of an architect or one dealing with the architecture business needs to look different. This is to say that it must reflect the unique synthesis of art and […]

How To Use CoursePress To Create & Sell Courses in WordPress

Have you ever tried to sell online courses on your site? Have you ever wonder about a reliable system which will allow you to create and sell courses in your WordPress website? Well, your wait is over. WPMU Dev has developed a new plugin titled ‘CoursePress‘ which will allow you to do all these things easily. […]

14 Best WordPress Food Themes For Recipe & Cooking Blogs

Food is the first love of many people, and this is not just limited to enjoying the numerous mouth-watering delicacies. There are many who love to cook and take great interest in exploring new dishes and recipes. For such people, the internet is a great medium to learn and get exposure. They can also earn […]

15 New WordPress Wine Themes For Pubs & Drink Bars

All the wine lovers have a lot to thank technology as they are no longer at the mercy of time-bound wine shops to enjoy their favorite drink. These days, wineries and wine businesses have taken on the technical avatar, and you can easily order your favorite flavor at any time. Not only this, you can […]

Beginners Guide To Genesis Themes By StudioPress

Genesis is one of the few brands in WordPress that have managed to create a separate identity of its own. If you have some experience of creating custom themes for clients or commercial purpose, then you know how difficult it is to develop a theme from scratch. This is where WordPress theme frameworks come handy. […]