29 Best WordPress Music Themes For Bands & Musicians

Music is chosen by most of the people to de-stress and seek solace when faced with the miseries of life. Well, music is a very powerful tool in the hands of mankind and though its form changes with the passage of time, its ability to comfort and console, never diminishes. And today music is more […]

22 Best Non Profit WordPress Themes For NGO & Charity

They say charity begins at home, and it truly does but if you were to analyze the present day scenario, you would find that charity begins in cyberspace. Yes, a charity, non-profit organizations, foundations, churches and religious trusts find the web world to be a very conducive platform to promote their cause. And most of […]

12 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins Ever

A picture speaks a thousand words. Especially in blogging, you just can’t underestimate the power of images. The ability to show pictures in a structured and eye-catching style as a web slide show is a very essential function of most contemporary WordPress sites. Photos, cases, screenshots, etc. makes sites simpler to process and more exciting […]

12 Factors For Selecting A Perfect WordPress Theme

Theme selection does not seem to be a difficult task at first glance. Although there are so many lovely templates available in the marketplaces; the problem arises when you have to pick one out of the vast theme collection. Every theme may look great on your eyes but if you look carefully, you will notice […]

20 Best vCard WordPress Themes of 2015

A professional or business web presence bereft of electronic business card lacks something very vital. Of course, it seems sufficient but the electronic card can invest your portfolio with an aura of accomplishment that is very necessary in the present times. And, why should you ignore it when it is so easy to obtain. vCard […]

19 Best WordPress Metro Style Themes

The invention of Microsoft’s Metro is a typography-based design language that has inspired WordPress developers and designers a great deal. Lots of them have come forward with the metro WordPress themes that are going great guns with users from all categories. The metro design is known to be user-friendly and also complements small screens such […]

8 Best WordPress Forum Plugins To Create A Community Website

Community website is an excellent tool for expanding your business. People like to share their ideas and thoughts on subjects of common interest. An active community on your website means your website is generating enough traffic, and your business is always talked about. That is why the demand to create and have a forum has […]

Throne Personal Blog WordPress Theme – A Review

Throne is the latest release from meks, a popular WordPress theme developer. They are also behind another very popular WordPress theme – SeaShell. Throne WordPress theme shows the care and deep thoughts that went into developing it. It is such an amazing theme,  that we wanted to be discussing it exclusively in this article. View Throne Theme Introduction […]