15 Best WordPress Security Plugins For 2015

WordPress itself is very secure, and it is getting improved every day. That is one of the unique specialties of this widely used framework. However, we can’t depend on WordPress only to secure our websites. When it comes to making the sites secure, we have some duties too. That is where WordPress security plugins make […]

24 Amazing WordPress Marketing Themes For Agencies

Marketing is the most challenging of all jobs in this world but most rewarding as well. This is to say that the challenges are enormous, but the tradeoff is also worth it. These days, the cyberspace has come forward as a very fertile territory for the marketing professionals and with the growing clout of social […]

10 WordPress Lazy Load Plugins To Make Your Site Faster

How fast the pages load is a crucial factor in determining the popularity and usability of your website. Though page loading speed is not the only factor here, it is one of the most important factors. It is important because page loading speed is directly related to the user experience of your visitors, and that […]

16 Green WordPress Themes For Organic Environment

The future of the present lies in adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Many individuals and organizations have taken steps in this regard, and you can easily find them in the cyberspace, conveying their message through their web platform. If you too want to join this group of environment enthusiasts then do not wait, for this is […]

WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2014

The crazy winters have come again. But most importantly they have also brought some crazy deals, for whom we were waiting since months. Almost all major brands have opened their closets with some mind-blowing offers and savings for the users. And this is precisely the right time to do some shopping. So here we are with […]

A Guide on Using iThemes Security Plugin Efficiently

WordPress takes security very seriously. While the core files and the framework itself are very secure, the ultimate security depends on you. It is you who have to make sure that your WordPress-powered website is following the best security practices. Luckily, there are some free security plugins which can help us in doing this. Among […]

Siteground WordPress Hosting Review – Our Experience

Have you noticed any change on our site lately? Didn’t you feel the extra boost in page loading speed? If you were wondering how we did it, guess what, you are in the right place. We will share our secret with you today. There are some improvements in our website and for good reasons. That […]

37 Best WordPress Photography Themes of 2015

People taking photos with their smartphones is a very common scene these days. It would not be wrong to say that the smartphone revolution has made photography an-all-accessible art. And this is why lots of photography aficionados have turned to this art in a significant way. The web world and sites like Facebook and Instagram […]