The Big Marketing Tools List 2017: An Online Marketer’s guide

We can safely say that there is no clear science for marketing strategy. After all, marketing can be likened better as an art, limited only by creativity. However, there are certainly a lot of online marketing tools that can help you achieve your vision. Those marketing tools will be the point of our discussion today.

Some marketing tools can be free, some are affordable, and yes, some can be very expensive. Some can also be very simple and straightforward, yet others can be overly complicated. With hundreds if not thousands different online marketing tools available, there’s no doubt that choosing them will be a hard task, especially for beginners. Thus, our mission for this list is to try to help you with that fact.

Admittedly, creating a list that will suit everyone from experienced digital marketers to striving entrepreneurs is also a hard task. However, we will try to make it as balanced as possible by giving a few alternatives for each category.

We will divide the marketing tools by several (well, quite a number) of categories. Not only to make your reading easier, but also so that we can explain a little about each category, and how you might apply it to your business.

Without further ado, let’s start with the first category.

Domain Registration

Yes, you can start your online business with free hosting services, such as a free WordPress page. However, sooner or later you will most likely need to get your own domain, and here are some sites that can help you achieve it better, and easier.

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One of the oldest, and most popular domain name registrar and hosting. Namecheap has been around since 2000, and as the name suggests, offering an affordable way for registering your domain without sacrificing safety and convenience.

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Another popular domain registrar company, although a little younger than NameCheap.

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The pioneering company for internet real-estate (read: domain names), still as strong as ever.

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BlueHost is more famous for its hosting services, especially for WordPress based sites. However, they are also a more than decent company for domain registration. If you are getting a hosting service from them, might as well also get your domain.

Hosting Services

After you've got your domain name secured, it's time to get it hosted properly. Beginners might be confused about the difference between domain and hosting, and you might want to give this a read. Think of a domain name as your company name, and hosting as the company builiding. Here are some of the best hosting companies around:

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As mentioned, one of the most popular hosting services right now. Specializing in WordPress-based sites, so you will get an easier time if you are already using WordPress.

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Another popular hosting service for WordPress, and is actually better (and faster) than BlueHost at hosting WordPress sites. However, it is significantly more expensive.

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GoDaddy is also a popular go-to for web hosting service. If you are running a non-WordPress site (and even if you are), GoDaddy is definitely worth a look.

Traffic and User Analysis

In the end, every online business will start by getting traffic, and users will always be the core . Hence, user analysis tools are arguably the main pillar of every online business nowadays and must be utilized as best as possible. Here are some marketing tools for user analysis you should try:

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Google Analytics

Google's digital marketing analysis tool is simply one of the most powerful available today, mainly because of the access to Google's powerful infrastructure and search engine.

The best news? Most of us can use it for totally FREE, although you can upgrade to the more powerful Google Analytics 360 if you are a large company.

One of the most useful marketing tools around, considering how your business will revolve around Google most of the time.​

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While Google Analytics or similar tools will show your visitors' behaviors, HotJar will tell you why they behave that way.

HotJar will show you the heat map of your site, recording of your customer's behavior, recruit test users, and gain feedback by using forms, surveys, and polls.

You can previously get that features from several different products, such as ClickTale or SurveyMonkey, but getting all of them from just one provider will certainly simplify things.

Starts from $89/month.​

SEO Tools

With Google now registering of 3.5 billion searches a day, is it still a time to neglect SEO? Online searching has become the main pillar of how people look for information, make a purchase, and making an important decision. While in the past you can get away with SEO as long as you have decent content, it will be hard to replicate such situation nowadays.

Yet, must SEO be complicated? Not at all. These marketing tools will simplify a lot of things regarding your SEO process.

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SEM Rush

SEM Rush is one of the most well-known, and the most powerful keyword analytics tools out there. Have a keyword in mind and want to check on the competition? Or looking for a long tail alternative? SEM Rush can do it all.

Starts from $99.95 monthly.

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Ahrefs provides all the tools you need for SEO in one package, from keyword research, backlink analysis, competition analysis, content research, and many more.

It is very powerful, yet quite expensive with price starting from $99 a month. Start your free trial here.

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Yoast provides all the help you may need about SEO. From online courses, eBooks, consultancy, and a very handy WordPress plugin.

Pricing varies depending on services, and you can give it a try here.

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Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog offers a very useful SEO spider that will crawl your site to check its on-site optimization.

Available for free, and the premium version is $149/year.

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MOZ Open Site Explorer

MOZ's Open Site Explorer is another powerful keyword research tool, while also offering other SEO toolsets including spider crawler.

You can get it from $99/month, start your free trial here.

Social Media

No one can deny the importance of social media marketing nowadays. Social shares have been one of the top ways to gain traffic and conversion in the past several years. In some situations and niches, social share can even be more important than SEO.

Yet, we can't also deny that managing several social media accounts at once and maintaining engagement with customers can be a plain headache. Here are some of the most popular social media marketing tools to aid you.​

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Tailwind specializes on Pinterest and Instagram, two of the social media powerhouses today. Tailwind offers post scheduling, monitoring, content discovery and analytics, and amplifying reach all with just one tool Discover Content, Schedule Posts, Monitor Conversations

Pricing starts from ​just $9.99/month. Free trial available here.

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If your business is active in more than two social medias, consider using Buffer. Buffer will share your post to all your social media accounts at once, complete with analytics and scheduling.

A FREE package is available, while the premium version starts from $10/month.​

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Drumup.Io is another social media management platform, and also specializing on content curation. In this content-heavy marketing world, definitely worth a try.

Starts from $15/month, get your free trial here.

PPC Tools

Social Media

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Screaming Frog

Besides a handy SEO spider tool, Screaming Frog also offers a powerful PPC management tool in one package. If your business revolves around pay-per click monetization, Screaming Frog might be the right choice for both your PPC management and SEO needs.


Productivity is not a matter of willpower alone, in fact, it is one of the most studied topics in the history of the world. The main idea for productivity is to do the things that actually matter, and let others (or machines) do the things that they can do. Here are some of the tools that might simplify your life and let you do more:

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In the past few years, Slack has become one of the most popular -and useful- collaboration tools out there. Slack will be especially useful if you work in a team, no matter what the size of the team is. The best thing? It's totally free.

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Unless you are living under the rock and have no access to the internet for the past decade or so, chances are you've seen Bitly URLs by now.

Bitly's main feature is to shorten your URL, which is especially useful when Twitter was strictly limited to 140 characters.

However, the benefit doesn't end right there, as Bitly can also gather analytics and help you optimize your links. One of the most useful marketing tools around.

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We can always benefit from a to-do list, and Wunderlist is simply one of the best available right now.

Wunderlist is also a powerful collaboration tool, and is available for totally FREE with premium options.

Email Marketing Tools

While you may think that Email marketing is an obsolete practice, statistics show that it is still both effective and popular for customers of all age group. Email marketing is especially very effective to gain conversion, and it's definitely something you shouldn't neglect. Here are some of the email marketing tools to aid you:

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Optinmonster offers a lead generation form tool for your e-mail marketing needs, complete with analytics and all the useful tools, without any needs of programming knowledge.

Pricing starts from only $9/month.​

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Clickonomy is a marketplace to buy and sell e-mail ads, and is a very useful tool to get traffic in this saturated market.

Sign up here.

WordPress Plugins

One of the reasons to use WordPress as the basis of your site is the rich variety of useful plugins you can use. Name any needs, ideas, or upgrades, and there's most likely a plugin for that. A lot of them are also free, and even when they are not, they are very affordable. Although there are many plugins you should definitely try -and use-, here are some we thought are the essential ones

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Gravity Forms

As the name suggests, Gravity Forms is a plugin to create advanced forms on your WordPress sites.

Very intuitive and easy to use, and is now updated with mobile-responsiveness. Available for just $39 (one-time).

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Backup Buddy

As the name suggests, a backup tool for your WordPress sites. Nothing is worse than losing all your work, and the Backup Buddy will protect you.

Pricing starts from $80 a year.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes won't only help your site, or blog, looks better, but can also aid you with different functionalities. Here are some of the most popular ones

WordPress themes won't only help your site, or blog, looks better, but can also aid you with different functionalities. Here are some of the most popular ones

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Thrive Themes Package

Thrive offers very fast and intuitive themes for your WordPress sites, allowing you to make custom layouts, click-to-action buttons, and many more without any coding.

Membership starts from $19 per month.

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Divi Themes Package

Similar -and as powerful- as Thrive.But, when Thrive offers an intuitive drag and drop approach, Divi offers a more structured approach to themes and layouts.

Pricing starts from $89/year.


While arguably, content is the most important part of any online business nowadays, designs will be a huge factor in engaging users and could play a huge part in encouraging conversions. It is easier -and cheaper- than ever to do your graphic design process now, thanks to these tools:

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A very simple, yet useful cloud-based graphic design software. Very easy to use, and the best news is, you can ditch that pricey Photoshop and Illustrator.

Available for free, and premium pricings start from just $9.99 a month.

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Five Second Test

They say the first impression is what matters, and it cannot be more true for online experiences.

As the name suggests, Utility Hub's five seconds test will show your website to their wide range of reviewers for five seconds. They will then fill a questionnaire, and you will be surprised how it can be really useful to improve your site.

Available for free with premium upgrades start from $79/month.

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PowToon allows you to create animated videos easily with a wide variety of styles.

Available for totally free, with premium upgrade pricing starts from $19/month (annual plan).


Content is king, surely that's a phrase you have heard over and over gain for a while now. Yet, it cannot be truer than ever. In this saturated online world, useful, informative, and most importantly the RIGHT content can make all the difference.

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BuzzSumo is a powerful -and popular- content analysis tool, allowing you to see the most shared contents right now, and key influencers you might want to work with.

Essential for content-heavy businesses, plans start from  $99 a month. Free trial available here.

Competitor Analysis

With the tight competition, it's also important to know what your competitors are doing, and how to do it better -or differently-. Here are some of the best marketing tools for competitor analysis out there:

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SpyFu allows you to spy on your competitor's profitable keywords and ads.

In this saturated online marketing world, determining strategy based on your competitor's performance is important, and SpyFu can be very handy at that.

Pricing starts from $44/month.

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BuiltWith looks at how your competitors' sites are built, while also offering lead generation and technology trends analysis.

Great to make your brand stay ahead of the competitors, and pricing starts from $295 monthly.

Web Development Tools

Gone are the days when developing a website is a hard and tedious process. Nowadays, there are many tools that can assist you, even if you are a complete beginner both in design and programming.

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FireBug is a very useful web development tool for inspecting HTML, JavaScript, and all the useful debugging process.

Available as a FireFox extension, totally Free.


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