11 of The Best One Page Responsive WordPress Theme Options in 2018


Looking to set up a simple website that’s friendly to mobile users? If so, a one page responsive WordPress theme is a strong choice. Many of the top themes are easy to use, beautifully designed, and come with strong support. There are a vast amount of choices when it comes to choosing a one page responsive WordPress theme.

We’ve looked around to see which ones really deliver in terms of value, design, and functionality. Here are the top 11 we think you should consider.

Theme #1: Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a minimalist yet super sleek WordPress theme. While it is a multi-purpose theme, you can easily set up a one page site with no issues.

It’s an easy one-click install and you can go from install to a ready website with any of the pre-designed websites and over 200 page templates. This means that you’ll have a wide range of topics and layouts you can use to create the ideal visual for your site.

Theme #2: Divi

Divi is another solid, responsive WordPress website builder. This is another responsive website builder that focuses first on the one page websites.

What helps Divi stand out from other builders is the fact that it gives you a customizable UI. This means that if you’re a web designer, you’ll find Divi incredibly easy to work with. You’ll be able to set up the interface with your preferred functions so that you always have them ready when you need them.

Theme #3: Ever

If you’re looking for something absolutely drop-dead simple yet want a wide range of strong layouts, then Ever is a great one page responsive WordPress theme to consider. It’s offered by Themewaves team.

The theme features layouts that are great for blogs, news sites, and gallery sites. It’s also one of the more affordable options. On top of that, new layouts are being contributed to the project on an ongoing basis.

Theme #4: Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a material design theme that focuses more on existing businesses such as eCommerce, working professionals, startups, and tech sites.

Some of their strongest features include an SEO friendly code structure, loading speed optimization, and features to build mega menus (ideal for eCommerce sites). If you’re looking to make your online presence professional or simply want to sell online, Hestia Pro is a solid choice.

Theme #5: Adios

If you’re a creative, you probably want to use your website to display your portfolio. Adios is a great portfolio based one page responsive WordPress theme that can be found on the Envato network.

The layouts and designs are visually driven to help you highlight your best work. You can use popular layouts like masonry, sliders, hero videos, split screens, and more.

Theme #6: Avada

Avada is a responsive theme that is a top seller on Theme Forest. A customer mentioned that it was the Swiss army knife of themes and he seems to be on the mark about what this theme does.

The number of features is endless from sidebars, typography options to parallax features, and more. There are many different demos that you can take and personalize as your own site. Avada comes with free premium plugins, lifetime updates, and extensive documentation.

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Theme #7: OnePage

OnePage, as their name suggests, is a one page responsive WordPress theme that focuses on delivering exquisite user experience. The theme is known for being coded from the ground up.

As a result, you can expect very fast loading speeds which is great for mobile users. The theme is designed for professionals. It comes with pricing tables, testimonials, portfolio, and client mention features.

Theme #8: Retro

Are you looking for a specific type of design? If so, you should take a look at Retro. The theme is focused on retro style designs. All the icons, fonts, graphics, and layouts reflect the retro theme.

Retro has been a popular trend in 2017, and it seems that it’s here to stay in 2018. If you’re looking to approach your website with a unique look to stand out, a retro style design may be a good option. It is far rarer than flat and minimalist designs which are overused in the industry today.

Theme #9: Full Pane

Another trend that we’re seeing more of is full page websites that are scrollable by mouse. What makes these websites different is that a scroll takes you to a different pane of the website.

Full Pane is great if you want to deliver a visual based presentation and want to make a powerful impact through each of your pages. The creators have made this theme work as full section galleries as well. All the various features can be used on either a macro or micro level.

Theme #10: 907

If you really want to make a powerful impact with your website, take a look at 907. 907 is multi-purpose theme yet excels in creating incredible one page parallax presentations.

Parallax creates graphic effects when users scroll down on your site. It can really help you boost your website’s engagement and impress potential clients if you are a professional.

Theme #11: SimpleShift

SimpleShift is an affordable, responsive theme that focuses on a minimalist design. It’s great for company websites as it comes with all the basic features you’d be looking for. You can setup a blog layout or a professional one page site.

Other features include social icons, parallax effects, unlimited colors, and custom widgets. We also like that it can be used for unlimited sites.

In Conclusion

Those are just a few of the many theme options to consider in 2018. We think any of these one page responsive WordPress theme options can work for your site. It’s just a matter of what features you’re looking for and how intricate you want your site to be.

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