27 Important Questions Every Web Designer Should Ask In Creative Brief

It’s not easy to start any project until we know what’s required, what are the client needs, why the new site is designed? In many cases, we might not be able to even provide the exact proposal cost for the project that might land us in the payment troubles in future. We need to know the exact motive and reason behind the new website.

Many times you might witness a confrontation with your client during the designing process and it is mainly because of the things which were not understood clearly or were not listed at all before. One client may be expecting a flash website and another with more features. Some might be looking for an eCommerce site while another for a social networking site. And therefore it is an absolute need on the part of the web designer to ask specific questions from the client prior the beginning of the project.

27 Important Questions Every Web Designer Should Ask In Creative Brief

Below client brief example all important questions that every web designer should ask its clients during creative brief. They are crafted for you to better understand the stem for your new project. Examine the answers from the client carefully and deliver accordingly.

Client Brief Questions

1. What is the size of your company?

2. How long has your company been in this business?

3. Who are your strongest competitors?

4. What are your contact details?

Regarding The Project

5. Why you want a website?

6. Do you have any existing website?

7. What will be the primary goals of the new site? (Engage, Inform, Sell)

8. List few web sites that represent the strongest competition in your field?

9. List some web sites that you like the most?

10. What colors do you like the most?

11. What colors do you dislike the most?

12. Do you have any existing logo?

13. What information on the site will change?

14. Any specific function you want to include?

15. How good are you technically? (Design Elements, HTML)

16. What is more important for you among quality, speed or money.

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For The Work Agreement

17. Your anticipated deadline for the project.

18. Your estimate budget for the project?

19. How Would You Like To Pay? (Check, Cash, D.D.)

Follow Up Questions (After the Project)

20. How was the project speed? (On Time, Late, Very Late)

21. How was our team attitude during several conversations with you?

22. Your satisfaction level from the project delivered. (Not Satisfied, Satisfied)

23. Would you consider again working with us?

24. Are there any other projects that we can do for you?

25. Would you recommend us to others?

26. Any 3 references that you would like to provide us?

27. Do you have any suggestions?

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These are a few questions that should be asked to the client although you can add your own questions as per your needs while writing a creative brief. The basic idea is to understand the actual requirements of the client to ensure that expectations are met properly and a smooth process is followed thereafter.

Your Turn? How Do You Go With Your Creative Brief?

I would love to know what questions do you ask from your clients in your creative brief.

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