How To Add Facebook Recommendation Bar To Your WordPress Blog

What is “Facebook Recommendations Bar”?

The Facebook Recommendations bar is a new plugin developed by Facebook for the WordPress Bloggers. It retrieves some famous posts from the blog and displays it on either the bottom right or the bottom left of the screen with a thumbnail and a link. It is a great way to increase the traffic of the blog and decrease the bounce rate and may be to make  your posts go viral among the readers.

How To Add Recommendations Bar?

Adding the recommendations bar is pretty easy and involves 4 basic steps:
1). Create Your Facebook App and generate barcode.
2). Add Javascript SDK to your WordPress template.
3). Place the plugin code to your pages and posts.

Create A Facebook App

To start creating your Facebook app, go to Facebook developer page and select Create Facebook Apps. Upon selecting, a new dialog box will open. Give your app a unique name and a namespace. Click Continue.

Now your new app is created but to use it properly, you need to configure a few fields.

In Appdomains – insert full URL of the website where you wish to use this app.

In website & Facebook login – Use same URL

In mobile Url – Use same URL

Save your app and open the Facebook Plugins page in new tab. Here you will see a small form to fill.

In the URL of the article, use your complete domain name.

Leave Trigger as “onvisible”

At Read Time, you can use any number of seconds after you wish this bar to open. By default, it is 30 seconds.

In the Domain, again insert your domain name.

Then Click on Get Code.

Now, you will see a popped window. The first text area contains your Java SDK. The second text area contains your Recommendations Bar Code.

Now open your header.php file of the WordPress theme and copy the Java SDK after the opening <body> tag. Similarly copy the plugin code and place it in your footer.php file (recommended).
Finally, open your website and see your recommendations bar.

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