5 Handy Apps Custom-Made For Content Writers

Content writing is an excellent means of getting your message across millions and millions of people residing in different corners of the world. No matter what you write on, if you’re using the right kind of approach, no one can actually stop your message from getting conveyed to the targeted readers.

I’ve written this blog to make you familiar with 5 such handy apps that work best for content writers indulged in writing different types of content.

Why actually do content writers need apps?

Content writers need to handle a lot of other activities than simply writing good quality content. They need to manage content writing projects, campaigns and even maintain the records of their contributing authors. Since SEO is the driving force behind web traffic, these content writers also need to test their content for meeting the latest SEO standards.

Yet another important concern of every content writer is ensuring the 100% plagiarism-free nature of his/her write-up. Due to these growing concerns regarding content writing, there is a high demand for software applications that can detect and remove plagiarism from a particular piece of content.

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And now, the 5 best apps that are tailor-made to affirm utmost convenience for the content writing professionals.

Google Keyword Tool

google keyword tool

A strong keywords is the key to gather maximum customer traffic. With Google Keyword Tool, you can view the stats for a particular set of keywords that you intend to include in your write-up.

In addition to this, you can even find new keyword suggestions that can aid you in attracting more visitors to your website. Google Keyword Tool is available free of cost and is extremely convenient to use.


evernote app for content writers

Evernote is an excellent app specially designed for content writers. With this web app, you can easily jot down your thoughts or things you need to do in a convenient manner. By keeping a track of all the important things you need to do, it’ll become easier to manage your life and career simultaneously.

Evernote comes with a new handy app named as Skitch. This app lets you use annotations, sketches and shapes for transforming your ideas into reality.

Vizual Einstein

vizual einstein

Vizual Einstein is an excellent app that’s tailor-made for content writers who need to write books and papers after doing a lot of research. With this app, it will become easier for you to organize all the matter that you’ve collected during the research process. The best part of Vizual Einstein is that it lets you manage your information and idea in a visual style.

Whether you’re indulged in collecting data and facts for an investigation, a journal article, a screenplay, an easy or a usual research project, this app will let you organize everything within a few minutes. The intuitive search and hyperlink capabilities of Vizual Einstein let you store, cross-references, classify and retrieve information with utmost flexibility.


divvy app for content writers

Time management is the key towards ensuring success in a content writing project. DivvyHQ is an excellent spreadsheet style Editorial Calendar that lets you plan your content writing tasks, keeping the submission deadlines in mind. Equipped with an easy-to-use dashboard, DivvyHQ makes it easy to track the type of content you’re writing.

Moreover, you can also keep a track of each type of content that you’ve been publishing. Each time an allotted content writing project is nearly its deadline; the app’s alert system notifies you to prevent any undue delay in your work.

The Story Starter

the story starter app for content writers

If you’re an avid story writer and are looking for some inspiration, then The Story Starter is the app just for you. With this app, you can get an easy access to over 169,069,556,880 story starters. You can use this app for generating ideas for your short stories, plays, novels, scripts and other interesting writing stuff.

The Story Starter has been chosen for the prestigious Writer’s Digest Award of 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2012. As an award-winning writer’s app, The Story Starter is definitely a must-have for every story writer who’s keen on adding innovation to each of his/her stories.

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Wrapping Up!

Hope you’d have loved the collection of apps specially developed for the content writing professionals. Trust me, these apps have done wonders for a huge population of content writers residing in different corners of the world and they’ll do the same for you as well.

Do try these apps and let me know your experiences in the comments box below.

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