The Encyclopedia of WordPress Plugins You Need in 2014

encyclopedia of WordPress plugins

What makes WordPress different from others? There’s Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, and Tumblr and lot’s more, but why people are moving towards WordPress in masses than the rest?

The main reason is that – WordPress is backed by numerous formidable and powerful plugins. Sure, blogging is all about sharing your knowledge about a certain topic, but sharing this knowledge in an attractive way makes your content gets read by thousands of folks.

Not only in designing perspective, plugins help ones to secure their blog from spammers and hackers. Plugins are also used to speed-up WordPress blog’s load time, make backups, do better SEO, make beautiful contact forms, checking stats, getting your content socialize, building an email list and much more. There’s no end to plugins use. With the help of few plugins, one can turn a simple WordPress blog into an e-commerce website, membership website, matrimonial website to name a few.

Now the question arise that if one has got so many plugins to choose from for a specific need, what to choose and what to not?

Though, it might be the strong point that WordPress is blessed with tons of plugins. However, on the other hand, there are still many outdated plugins which instead of helping you might destroy your blog. Living in 2014, and using plugins made for 2010 might not do good.

We sorted out some of the most remarkable and productive WordPress plugins for each and every need of yours. Some of the plugins offer more than one feature, so lookout for that as using more than enough plugins, might slow down your blog’s load time.


We start out countdown with none other than SEO. For getting traffic, there’s nothing more important than SEO. Everybody is focusing on getting more and more organic traffic from SEO. Though, the core WordPress has been well customized for SEO purposes, SEO Plugins enhances this entire process. These plugins would help your content rank higher in Google (if you use it in the right way).

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Undoubtedly, the most-popular SEO Plugin (in WordPress Market Place). It is like out of every 3 WordPress blogs; two are running on Yoast’s plugin. Yoast’s name is almost synonymous with SEO. It has got many advanced and awesome features which include analysing your site’s SEO, adding breadcrumbs and sitemaps and much more. The reason of its popularity is that the plugin combines many features into one plugin.

2. All in One SEO Pack

If you are not convinced with Yoast’s plugin and want a change in taste, then All-in-one is what you need to go for. It will optimize your blog/website for SEO and generate Sitemaps too.

3. Google XML Sitemaps

This popular plugin is known to every WordPress admin and developer. This plugin is officially made by Google and is used to make sitemaps and upload it to various search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Sitemap has an important role in SEO and Google XML Sitemaps would help you out.

Contact Forms

For building a popular blog, you need to have an engaging audience. You need to know about their queries, what they think about your blog that would help you to build a better blog. What’s the better way to stay in touch with your audience than Contact Forms?

You might wonder – why not use Email addresses? However, due to spike in numbers of Bots, your inbox might get spammed with useless stuff. Using contact forms helps to secure your email address from spammers.

4. Gravity Forms

Though many would get disappointed with the price, the plugin offers many advanced features and options which make it worth-while. It offers many advanced features such as Post submission from homepage and anti-spam.

5. Contact Form 7

Though Gravity Forms might be good, Contact Form 7 is better, because it is completely free. Being free doesn’t mean that it does not offer top-notch features, it does offers many advanced features like the Gravity Forms. It is being powered by Ajax and is also associated to Akismet for anti-spam.


WordPress security plugins

Security is one of the most-important aspects of blogging. With the growing number of bloggers, there has been a spike in the numbers of hackers and spammers. You build your blog with hard work and toiling away many hours, only to see your blog getting hacked, and your precious data get deleted. Here are some of the plugins to help you to prevent that.

6. Better WP Security

This is one of the best security plugins up-to-date. It scans your website for flaws and vulnerabilities for which hackers might sneak into your blog. It has got a display board like widget that shows alert like admin password is not secure, your .htcaccess file is not safe, and much more useful and helpful things. You would be grateful to this plugin for securing your website from hackers.

7. Limit Login Attempts

This plugin remains to be the most-popular plugin for security purposes. Mostly, the hackers get into the blog through login page. What Limit Login Attempts does is that is that it will lock-down a certain user for a certain time interval if he types the incorrect password more than 3-5 times (you can set it out).


Sticking to the hackers, hackers are becoming cunning day by day. Suppose they got access to your blog and deleted all your data. What to do then?

As we know, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Every blogger must take frequent and regular backups so even if his data gets deleted (intentionally or non-intentionally) it would help him out to get the blog back in action.

8. BackWPUp Free

There are quite a few back-up services out there, but none like this free one. This is where this plugin scores. It is free and a marvellous backup plugin which allows to take backups of your blog and upload it to Email, Dropbox and more. The whole procedure is quite simple. The service itself would take a complete backup in the blog in the .zip format. For restoring it, you just need to extract it out.

9. VaultPress

Well, this service charges per month. You might wonder why so? All you need to do backup, why charging then?
Unlike the former one, where you have to manually backup your blog, VaultPress automatically backups your blog once in 30 days, if you go with the cheaper plan. If you decision to invest in the more pricey plan, they update your blog every hour!

You just need to install the VaultPress plugin in your WordPress blog, log in through your Automattic account, and you are good to go!

10. BackupBuddy

If you want a hassle-free and quick way to backup and say secured, then BackUp might come handy. It is easy to use and operate.Not every time, we do backups for preventing against hacks; sometimes we do backups for the sake of transferring data from one website to another. In that case too, BackupBuddy has got an awesome script called import buddy.php which simplifies the process of moving. The main drawback of the plugin is – pricing.


WordPress cache plugins

Cache is something all the bloggers love seriously. It speeds up your blog, giving it a fast load time. By enabling cache, you can speed up your blog by many folds. The best part is that with cache, you can obtain higher rankings at search engines. Moreover, by fast loading time, you can leave a good impression on visitor’s mind as well.

11. W3 Total Cache

Many top-notch companies recommend W3 Total Cache plugin. According to guys over W3 Total Cache, they say that they can reduce blog’s load up time by ten folds. Also, CDN (Content Delivery Network) can be implemented.

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12. WP Super Cache

While W3 Total Cache is good, WP Super cache is equally better . Also, it has been the most-downloaded plugin in clearing cache sector, which gives a clear reason for downloading it. You can read our installation instructions for WP Super Cache to generate more speed for your website.


With the increased amount of spammers, it is hard to get rid of them. Spamming is the primary concern of most of the WordPress users. WordPress is prone to comment spam, which can be luckily cleared off with the help of the following plugins: –

13. Akismet

Probably, one of the best among all the anti-spam plugins, Akismet is dubbed as the ‘King of Anti-Spam‘. The best part, which makes it different from others, is that it kicks out spam without any captcha like thing, which makes your blog more hassle-free.
This awesome plugin checks the comment if it is a spam or not by Akismet web service. It then warns you that the comment is ‘spam’ and you should rather disapprove the comment (in comment’s section).

14. Antispam Bee

Though, Akismet is one of the best, it does not give you many options to control and defend spam. In that case, if you want more control over spam, this is plugin you need! You have got more control over how comments are getting marked as spam and much more. Many people go for Anti-Spam bee than Akismet also because you do not need to sign-in to the plugin every time.

Social Media

Social media plays in an important role in blogging. It helps to socialize your content and blog, thus getting more (and wider) reach. Here are some plugins to help you out.

15. Shareaholic

This plugin is just awesome and amazing. It lets you add various fancy and cute social-sharing buttons. Moreover, it also lets you add features like ‘Related Posts’ and shows you the total share over each social networking website.

16. ShareThis

ShareThis is one of the most common and widely used plugin for social media sharing. It gives one a wide range for sharing with more than 100+ social networking websites. Like Shareaholic, it also shows you stats about total shares in each website.

Statistics (About Traffic)

WordPress statistic plugins

For a blogger, statistics is one of the most-important elements of blogging. It helps him to know about his blog’s pros and cons, demographics, help him to set game-plans for traffic. These plugins would help you understand your audience much better.

17. Google Analytics for WordPress

Most of the bloggers are well-aware of it and doesn’t need any introduction to it. Google Analytics is the one-stop solution for finding all the stats about your blog. It supports many things such as variables for authors and so on.

18. WP-Stats-Dashboard

Though Google Analytics is awesome, if you want to get each and every detail of your blog from traffic to Alexa rank to page rank, this plugin is all you need. You’d feel like you are in the middle of a sci-fi film! You do not have to navigate to tens of websites for knowing your rankings; it has all in your dashboard itself. It displays almost everything including Alexa, MozRank, and Post Rank and so on.

WordPress page navigationPage navigation plays an important role in building a blog’s brand. It helps SEO wise, as it is easier for the bots to navigate through the webpages, and so applies for visitors too.

19. WP-PageNavi

With this plugin, you can manage almost every bit of your blog’s navigation. You can control the styling of navigation links and much more.

20. WP-SEO-Paginate

Well, if you are still not satisfied with the former one; you can go for this. This features almost the same features as PageNavi, though it can be also used to paginate comments.


With the help of few plugins, one can turn a simple WordPress blog into a whole new marketplace like Amazon. In fact, many of the top-notch e-commerce websites are powered by websites. With the help of these plugins, you can taste the real flexibility of WordPress.

21. WooCommerce

Though it launched only two years back; WooCommerce quickly grown into the most-popular e-commerce solution for WordPress. It has got many basic and advanced features such as offline gateway support, Social Media Sharing, Google Analytics Integration and much more; which makes it truly impressive.

Moreover, it has got tens of hundreds of plugins and themes, which gives another worthy reason to get hands on with WooCommerce!

22. MarketPress

Developed by WPMU, one of the authorities in WordPress development; even MarketPress has got many superb features. That includes, digital download support, Google Analytics support and much more. It even shows excellent integration with most of the WordPress themes. The best part is that if you want a pro version of the plugin, it is priced fairly.

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We hope you liked our collection of some of the best plugins above. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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