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The Battle of Blogger Vs WordPress – Which Will Emerge Victorious?

Blogger vs WordPress – Where Should You Start Your Blog? Blogging has grown into one of the world’s most popular digital pastimes. It has also become a major income source for many bloggers. Blogs now account for more than a quarter of all web traffic. Thousands of new blogs are started every month, and millions […]

How to Stop Spam on WordPress Comments: 9 Effective Ways

Looking to figure out how to stop spam on WordPress comments? Opening up your WordPress blog for comments is a great way to collect feedback and interact with your audience. However, it can get really messy once you start to get the attention of spammers. There are many solutions you can take to curb and […]

WordPress 4.2: What’s New & Exciting to Impress You

The release of WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” in December brought to you a plethora of enhancements, bug fixes, general updates and outstanding features, including a new default theme Twenty Fifteen, inline image editing, better session management, distraction-free writing mode etc. And now, prepare yourself to see “WordPress 4.2 is available! Please update now”. message in your […]

Is There A Lack Of Good Theme Reviewers at WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most successful CMS ever made, and there is no doubt that. But what made WordPress so successful that even the 2nd most popular CMS is not even close to the competition. Of course, the free availability of WordPress with GPL, and most importantly the out of box volunteered support of […]

12 Factors For Selecting A Perfect WordPress Theme

Theme selection does not seem to be a difficult task at first glance. Although there are so many lovely templates available in the marketplaces; the problem arises when you have to pick one out of the vast theme collection. Every theme may look great on your eyes but if you look carefully, you will notice […]

12 Important Settings After Installing WordPress

As a standalone software, WordPress is an amazing Content Management System. However, even though the WordPress Core software is pretty great, it’s more like a stock model car with a V6 engine than a heavy-duty race car with a revving HEMI under the hood. Is there a way to take your WordPress install from V6 […]