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How to Apply Search Engine Optimization for WordPress

WordPress is one of the best and easiest content management platforms to use. It’s also very SEO friendly. But if you’ve been using standard HTML or switched from another platform, you have to make sure you optimize your content for the search engine the right way. Here is a guide that will help you properly […]

How To Create a Job Site Quickly With WPJobBoard Plugin

Creating a job board website is a very challenging task. You have to think about different types of users and create separate facilities for them. You will also need to make the whole system simple enough to make it appropriate for regular users. However, if your website is powered by WordPress, you can easily choose […]

Getting Familiar With WordPress Configuration Settings

There are several reasons that make WordPress a popular content management system (CMS). What’s best about this CMS, is the simple and intuitive administration screen it provides to users. Thanks to the WordPress user-friendly admin interface, we can easily make changes to our website or blog, by using some simple settings and controls. However, the […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Easy Digital Downloads

Creating and selling digital products is a popular way of making money online. And you will need a specialized system for showcasing and selling your digital products. Easy Digital Downloads is undoubtedly the most popular solution for doing that. This complete solution lets you sell any digital products including eBooks, themes, plugins, training courses, workshops etc. […]

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website With WordPress

Starting an affiliate marketing website is one of the most popular ways of making money online. As more and more people are making online purchases and the product range is also growing, affiliate marketing has become a hot topic of discussion these days. If you are wondering about how to create affiliate marketing websites or planning to […]

A Guide on Using iThemes Security Plugin Efficiently

WordPress takes security very seriously. While the core files and the framework itself are very secure, the ultimate security depends on you. It is you who have to make sure that your WordPress-powered website is following the best security practices. Luckily, there are some free security plugins which can help us in doing this. Among […]

How To Use CoursePress To Create & Sell Courses in WordPress

Have you ever tried to sell online courses on your site? Have you ever wonder about a reliable system which will allow you to create and sell courses in your WordPress website? Well, your wait is over. WPMU Dev has developed a new plugin titled ‘CoursePress‘ which will allow you to do all these things easily. […]