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How to Set Up and Use the Google Analytics Event Tracking Tool

Technology experts have called Google Analytics event tracking one of the most useful data-driven marketing tools on the web today. Because the world’s largest search engine manages it, you have a company that stands behind their product with detailed and daily analysis of how your readers interact with the site. You can measure engagement and […]

How To Publish Great Testimonials in WordPress

Displaying customer testimonials is an excellent way of building authority and authenticity about your products or services. By showing testimonials, you can also exhibit your experience and the high-profile clients that you have worked with. Testimonials from happy customers and visitors can dramatically increase your conversion rate too. Adding and displaying client testimonials are not […]

16 Best WordPress Plugins For Multi-Author Blogs

Most of the leading WordPress blogs are powered by multiple authors. While having multiple authors is very helpful for providing great content to your visitors, managing a multi-author blog has its challenges too. Luckily, there are some great plugins that can make your job as a multi-author blog administrator much easier. In today’s post, lets┬ádiscuss […]

9 Free Shortcode Plugins To Enhance WordPress Functionality

Nowadays, most premium WordPress themes are provided with their shortcodes. By using the shortcodes, you can include special design elements without having to create them manually. While that is very useful, there is a big problem with that approach. That is, when you change your WordPress theme, you lose all of your shortcodes.┬áTo avoid this […]

9 Lightbox WordPress Plugins To Create Stunning Popup Boxes

Lightbox is a very popular way of displaying images and other multimedia contents in WordPress websites. It does not matter whether you want to showcase some of your latest portfolio projects, latest photographs or want to display your latest menus to attract new customers, you can use a Lightbox plugin. Due to the huge popularity […]

8 Best WordPress Plugins To Connect Dropbox

Using various cloud storage services for saving media files, WordPress backups and other documents is a common practice. And Dropbox is a popular choice in this regard. Dropbox makes sure that your uploaded files or documents are kept with maximum security and are accessible from anywhere. For these reasons, you will find lots of WordPress […]

6 Best & Free WordPress Creative Commons Image Plugins

Websites need images. Unless you are adopting a minimal approach, your website features a lot of images too. Using large, high-quality images has become an established trend of the web designing industry. While it is easy to say that we need images for our websites, it is not that easy to find the appropriate images. […]

7 Best Daily Deals WordPress Themes & Plugins For Group Buying Website

Let’s be genuine about it, we all want to pay less and get more value for our money. Cash coupon or discount cards are always welcomed. Since the demand for such discount deals is on a constant rise, the internet is getting flooded with many daily deals websites offering new coupons, discounts, vouchers from many […]