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Top 7 Best FTP Client Choices for WordPress You Have in 2018

If you’re working with a lot of multimedia content or apps for your WordPress site, you’ll make the process of managing your files easier by using the best FTP client. FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It allows you to connect to the server your website is hosted on. This is how you can quickly […]

Woocommerce Subscriptions Extension Review – How to Set up Recurring Business

WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to start selling on WordPress. One of the weakest aspects of the plugin is that it didn’t provide from head start a way to add a subscription-based model. This really impeded businesses that were trying to maintain steady revenue and growth through a recurring model. Fortunately, the company […]

10 Best Visual Composer Addons to Consider in 2017

Visual Composer is one of the most popular WordPress drag and drop website builders. Its popularity has skyrocketed over the past few years. As a result, many developers have been coming up with addons to provide more options to users and enhance the experience of the builder. However, it can be daunting to start installing […]

The 10 Best WordPress Google Map Plugin Options in 2017

WordPress allows you to use a variety of different apps to maximize the usefulness of your website. One of the most popular of these is the WordPress Google Map plugin. There are many different WordPress Google Map plugin tools that you can integrate into your website to make it more useful, relevant and user-friendly. So, […]

How to Set Up and Use the Google Analytics Event Tracking Tool

Technology experts have called Google Analytics event tracking one of the most useful data-driven marketing tools on the web today. Because the world’s largest search engine manages it, you have a company that stands behind their product with detailed and daily analysis of how your readers interact with the site. You can measure engagement and […]

How To Publish Great Testimonials in WordPress

Displaying customer testimonials is an excellent way of building authority and authenticity about your products or services. By showing testimonials, you can also exhibit your experience and the high-profile clients that you have worked with. Testimonials from happy customers and visitors can dramatically increase your conversion rate too. Adding and displaying client testimonials are not […]

16 Best WordPress Plugins For Multi-Author Blogs

Most of the leading WordPress blogs are powered by multiple authors. While having multiple authors is very helpful for providing great content to your visitors, managing a multi-author blog has its challenges too. Luckily, there are some great plugins that can make your job as a multi-author blog administrator much easier. In today’s post, lets┬ádiscuss […]

9 Free Shortcode Plugins To Enhance WordPress Functionality

Nowadays, most premium WordPress themes are provided with their shortcodes. By using the shortcodes, you can include special design elements without having to create them manually. While that is very useful, there is a big problem with that approach. That is, when you change your WordPress theme, you lose all of your shortcodes.┬áTo avoid this […]