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Shopify vs. Squarespace – 6 Features that Set Them Apart

Looking to set up an online store? Shopify and Squarespace are both popular choices for eCommerce. They both offer a large list of features and design templates. All these services are created to help you set up a shop online with ease. On the other hand, both solutions offer something extra on their end. To […]

Shopify Review: What’s in a Popular Ecommerce Platfrom?

Those who want to design, sell, and ship products around the world, have probably heard about Shopify. It’s an e-commerce platform to use that simplifies the process. As a Canada-based site, headquartered in Ottawa, they offer valuable templates that make creating an online storefront a wonderful process. No technical or design skills are necessary. Best […]

8 SEO Article Writing Secrets from Professionals

There is a big difference between creating regular content and writing content for SEO purposes. SEO article writing requires a lot more work and is more technical compared to writing a regular article. In fact, nowadays, SEO articles are becoming the new norm. Obviously, you have to follow certain optimization guidelines for the on page […]

Which Is the Best Blogging Platform? 5 Options to Choose From

Planning on starting your own blog? It can get confusing trying to figure out what the best blogging platform is in the marketplace. There are tons of free hosting services and open source platforms that you can choose from. The question is: how do you figure out which one is right for you. To help […]

How to Stop Spam on WordPress Comments: 9 Effective Ways

Looking to figure out how to stop spam on WordPress comments? Opening up your WordPress blog for comments is a great way to collect feedback and interact with your audience. However, it can get really messy once you start to get the attention of spammers. There are many solutions you can take to curb and […]

6 Profitable Ways to Make Passive Income Online

Are you looking to generate passive income online? There are many different things that you can do from selling physical products on Amazon to working as a freelancer. Many people do well with these business models, but one specific profit model you should be looking at is generating passive income online. First, what is passive […]