Whether you are aiming to start up a fashion blog or are just looking to update the feel of one that is already established, choosing a WordPress theme that works for you is imperative. You want your fashion blog to stand out! Of course, images and high quality writing are the most important. But a great theme with an interesting layout is just as likely to draw in new readers and keep them coming back for more as much as the content in itself.

There are many free WordPress themes out there, and a lot of bloggers choose to save some money and tweak a free theme to fit their needs instead of buying one. However, free WordPress themes often are not as easy to customize as you may like. Then there is the fact that you run the risk of your blog looking like one in a sea of similar themes and layouts.

Why put in the effort to create meaningful, well-crafted piece of content and miss out on using the best WordPress theme you can find? Read on for some of the very best WordPress themes available for fashion bloggers today!



Image Source: thebestdesigns.com
Image Source: thebestdesigns.com

This theme is great for fashion bloggers who like to create a highly visual experience for their readers. With a huge array of customizing features and a very easy step-by-step user guide, it’s perfect for those who are new to designing their own blogs as well as more seasoned web designers.

Because it’s very visual and makes use of a variety of different layouts, Soledad is also one of the best WordPress portfolio themes. Show off your own photographs in a way that not only draws readers in, but keeps them scrolling for more.

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Image Source: wordpressmanual.com
Image Source: wordpressmanual.com

Epilog is a great responsive WordPress theme. This is fantastic for fashion bloggers or web developers who want their readers to be able to access a functioning, good-looking version of their blog on any and every device they have.

With many WordPress themes, a blog won’t show up very well on a mobile device. The dimensions tend to be off and it just looks poorly designed. Similarly, mobile-specific sites may work really well on one brand of phone or tablet, but not on others.

Responsive WordPress themes like Epilog take the guesswork out of customizing your site for a variety of devices. You can relax knowing that your fashion blog will not only look fantastic with their fully customized layouts, but that it will continue to function perfectly across multiple platforms.

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Image Source: themetix.com
Image Source: themetix.com

Of course, we’ve saved the best for last. Paperbag is by far one of the best WordPress themes for fashion bloggers. It is fully customized and has a ton of different options, making it easy and fast for you to achieve your perfect layout.

The best part? It is designed specifically for fashion blogs. You can not only show off your photos and writing, but put together an interactive look book to highlight all your favorite pieces.

Paperbag is useful for beginners as well as those with experience designing blogs. It updates constantly to keep up with the latest versions of WordPress, meaning your website is never behind the times. They also have excellent support, but it is so easy to use, you probably won’t even need it.

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Writing a successful fashion blog requires amazing content, from interesting and refreshing articles, to photographs that demand attention. However, that’s only part of the equation.

A blog that is popular with readers and gains a large following has to be easy to navigate and have a layout that works well with the content. The most important part, though, is that it is easy for you to use. After all, your readers only see a beautiful fashion blog because of the effort you put in to making it that way.

With the above WordPress themes, you are sure to get the fashion blog you have been dreaming of or create the one your client wants with minimal hassle. Free WordPress themes work for some people, but when you’re going for that extra wow-factor, try one of these amazing WordPress themes.

Remember, if you’re relying heavily on showcasing your own photos and writing, a portfolio theme will help you get the exposure you crave. For those who want their readers to be able to access their blog across mobile and desktop platforms, a responsive theme works wonders.

If you know what you want combined with the themes from this article, you can make that a reality.

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