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How People Read Your Website? An Eye Tracking Report

Ever since the dawn of the Internet, people have sought different ways to make use of this revolutionary technology that has managed to completely change the world of communication and the way business is conducted. Nowadays, anyone with a computer can set up their own website and run their own online business, from the privacy […]

6 Factors Before Launching An Online Store

If you are setting up an online store, of course you want to design a site that entices potential customers to browse, buy, and come back. However, as Business Computing World points out, one poor decision regarding your online store could spell disaster. Every aspect of the site, from domain name to design to payment […]

Tackling 4 Common Online Business Problems

When you’re running a business, the Internet can provide a large proportion of the income; the possibilities are endless! As all business owners will know, running one isn’t a smooth ride, and there will always be problems from time to time. The key to dealing with problems, and making the difference between success and failure, […]

Black Hat, White Hat or Gray Hat SEO Technique: A Hasty Critique

Gray Hat techniques refer to those techniques that are not Black Hat or White Hat techniques. There are a number of debates associated with the usefulness of Gray Hat SEO techniques. Buying links is a prominent instance of Gray Hat SEO. Obviously, a bit of risk is involved in this method. There are certain differences […]

6 Simple Steps To Start An SEO Business

You are looking to start an SEO business, may be because of your passion to start your own business or maybe you feel comfortable at technical stuff including SEO. Either way, your are heading at right direction. But since this will be a full fledged business and businesses are not started in a while; you need to consider all […]

Find Duplicate Content Issues on Your Website and Fix Them

It may not be that obvious for the general Internet users, but it’s quite common for websites to make same content accessible via different URLs. The search engines refer to this as duplicate content issues, and they don’t like it – it’s the same content that appears in more than one place on the Internet […]

Everything You Need to Know About Effective Guest Blogging

Blogs are a great way for individuals and businesses alike to grow awareness and support for products, services, and organizations. Effectual Guest blogging makes it possible to write high-quality content for an established blogs, giving the guest writer the opportunity to promote their campaign. The guide below will help you understand effective guest blogging and […]