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A Closer Look At Designing People-Friendly Websites

Websites have been the time-tested tools for promoting an idea/brand on a global scale. Getting crawled and indexed by Google has been the ultimate goal of numerous websites that have been launched over the internet. Business professionals have paid special attention towards designing their websites in a way that they can adhere to the algorithms […]

Top 10 Crowdfunding Websites For Your Next Dream Project

Do you know what the most priceless thing in the universe is? Well, if you have guessed some materialistic stuff, you are absolutely wrong! On contrary to many of your expectations, the most priceless thing in this universe is AN IDEA! We are not talking about those random ideas, but about INNOVATIVE ideas that are […]

20 Best Yet Free MP3 & Video Downloaders Online

Journey of YouTube and other platforms to become some of most effective platforms for publicizing videos, music as well as other media files was quite incredible, especially while considering the short time span it took. Now, these platforms are about to dominate traditional ways such as TV and Radio. However, saving such videos and songs […]

15 Best Free Screen Recording Softwares 2014

Screen recording is quite important if you are a blogger or internet marketer, who likes to not only earn but also help audience of your blog or YouTube channel. When compared to text-based tutorials, video-based ones are a bit more persuasive for majority. However, despite having a snipping tool (in Windows 8), Windows does not […]

15 Free Tools to Test Website Speed and Performance

Everyone knows that Google is considering the site’s loading speed to display its search rankings. Now optimizing your website’s loading speed has become an important of SEO, if your website load speeds are low you will lose most visitors,because 90% of the visitors will be in rush, most of them will never wait till your […]

12 Best Twitter Management Tools Used By Social Media Experts

Why Twitter Manager is Important? Twitter management tools are popular, so popular that thousands of brands and business owners are joining them everyday. The ultimate goal of these tools is to help their clients make more money, save time and increase their productivity, many people or brands that are using them are definitely making the […]

5 Solid Reasons That Support SEO Friendly Nature Of Drupal CMS

Are you excited about using Drupal for building your website? If yes, then you’ve indeed made the right decision. Drupal is an excellent open source CMS that can be used for developing out-of-the-box websites which are able to stand out from the crowd. Developed on the PHP framework, Drupal can be effectively used for developing […]

5 Handy Apps Custom-Made For Content Writers

Content writing is an excellent means of getting your message across millions and millions of people residing in different corners of the world. No matter what you write on, if you’re using the right kind of approach, no one can actually stop your message from getting conveyed to the targeted readers. I’ve written this blog […]