12 Best WordPress Poll Plugins to Engage Your Users

WordPress Poll Plugins

It has been found out that about 95% of all the bloggers fail in making money through their blogs and give up blogging early. So what makes other 5% so successful?

Well, to start with there are many reasons for fast-loading, better design and so on. But the primary reason behind it is the interaction between them and their readers. Interaction with the users helps to build a strong base of readers and fans and followers of your blog.

One of the best ways to increase communication is by polls. It contributes to increasing the interactivity between the users. It also assists to know what other people think about that product. So we have compiled a list of 12 best poll plugins to increase your interaction with users.

Hot or Not

With this simple and efficient plugin, readers can rate your content as if it’s hot or not. This helps other readers to decide whether or not to check that content. It’s just like 9Gag where the users ‘vote up’. It’s better to use this plugin for images and videos.

WordPress Easy Polling

WordPress Easy Polling Plugin

This plugin provides users a new way of voting. The users are provided with options like excellent, great, ok, not bad, awful. Readers can rate any of your pages and post with this plugin. It displays the results in attractive boxes or bar charts.

TotalPoll WordPress Plugin

Total Poll Pro Plugin

TotalPoll is a classic and elegant poll plugin. You can make polls through dashboard and embed it into your posts and pages. You can also post it in the form of widgets (usually preferred sidebar). It provides many types of choices such as link, image, text etc. The best part is that it comes loaded with several extensions to enhance the functionality of the plugin.

Polls by OpinionStage

With the help of this plugin, you can add plugins to both your post and Facebook page. It helps you to drive traffic from Facebook, and you can drive a good amount of traffic from social media websites. You can even make money by putting up ads in the polls!


Among all the plugins, WP-Polls is the simplest and easy-to-plugin. You can customize it via CSS styles and templates. It comes packed with many settings, so you can make it run the way you wanted. The best part of the plugin is that it supports multiple selections of answers.

Dilemma WordPress Plugin

Dilemma WordPress Plugin

With this plugin, you are provided with two types of polling styles; one is ‘You Rather’ type and another is the usual voting type. The former one is a bit fancy and innovative. It provides you two options such as ‘Android’ and ‘Apple’, and you have to choose one among them. You can quickly engage your users and engagement with this superb plugin.

WPolling System

WPolling System

The plugin comes packed with all the essential features, but the stand-out feature is the different polling styles. You have the various type of displaying options such as linear and circle graphs with lots of color options.

Poll Made Easy

Poll Made Easy

A premium plugin with premium features. You can create polls in seconds with the drag-and-drop feature. Comes packed with several advanced features such as lock feature (users can see the article only after polling), I.P Address restriction, poll expiration and much more.

Advanced Polls

With this amazing plugin, you can add an unlimited number of polls on your web page. It displays the results of polls in graphs that come in a beautiful pop-up window.

Dimball Poll Directory

The best part of the plugin is that it comes packed with tens of hundreds of pre-made pools by other users. The polls are assigned to specific tags, from which users can choose various surveys. The major drawback is you can’t customize the plugin on your own.

Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll WordPress

You can make beautiful-looking polls with the help of responsive polls in a matter of seconds. You can customize across the length and breadth of the plugin. Other remarkable features being: Responsive, ability to add multiple polls on a single page and various charts to display your results.

WordPress Social Polling

WordPress Social Polling Plugin

WordPress Social Polling is a sub-plugin of the former plugin; that works along with the WordPress Easy Polling Plugin. Before using this make sure, you are using the latest version of WordPress and the latest version of the former plugin. Users can poll their votes through their Facebook accounts.

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