13 Amazing WordPress Mobile Plugins to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

If you look at all the successful blogs and websites around the Internet, you will find that all of them have got a substantial and impressive mobile presence. They have got an entire mobile-centric theme for the mobile audience.

With the coming of new technologies and more access to the internet, people are visiting different blogs and websites through different devices such as PC/Laptop, Tablet, and Phone. People now surf the internet more from mobiles and tablets than PCs or laptops. Whenever you want to know about something, you can check it on your mobile phones.

However, just getting a responsive theme may not solve the purpose of a mobile-friendly website all the time. Sometimes, its functionality on mobile devices is needed to be enhanced so as to cater the mobile-audience especially for an e-commerce website.

So here are we with some excellent and helpful WordPress mobile plugins that will help you to cater your mobile audience and stay ahead of the competition!

Free WordPress Mobile Plugins

WP Touch


WP Touch is, in fact, one of the most download mobile plugins for WordPress. With the help of it, you can display a particular mobile template to mobile-audience. Along with the plugin, you get an impressive and attractive theme called Bauhaus.
The best part about it is the settings. You can control every aspect of your mobile theme. You can change every bit of Bauhaus like logo and favicon, primary color, fonts and much more. You can also control the number of posts that will be displayed on the homepage. It gives you access to stop shortcodes from being activated when someone visits your website through mobile phone, which helps to make your website load three times faster than on PCs or Laptops.

Another great aspect of this plugin is the inclusion of a superb slider in the mobile theme. It can display all posts from a specific category or tag. You can also control the number of posts to be displayed upon the slider. The free version is excellent and would be enough. Although you can also go for the PRO version if you want some more features.

Mobile Smart

Mobile Smart is an extremely helpful plugin, which helps you to display a particular theme to mobile/tablet audience. There are two types of detection: Agent and Manual Detection. In the former one, user is directly redirected to the mobile theme while the later gives the option to either choose the desktop or mobile version with a switch provided at the footer.

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Jetpack by WordPress

You might be wondering that Jetpack is for the PCs and not for the phones, right? However, if you looked at the settings of Jetpack you would find that it has got a helpful mobile module. After you activate that particular module, your mobile will display a specific theme for your mobile-centric audience.

The design of the theme is both its power and drawback. It is awesome because it is extremely simple, and users would find easy to navigate; there’s a WordPress search bar and options bar at the top. However, it does not allow you to control the number of posts to be displayed, whether excerpts or full-length posts should be displayed at homepage. We just hope that in future updates, it gets these features.

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin

With the help of Wapple, you can make your blog mobile-friendly within seconds. You can control every nook and corner of the plugin. You can add images to headers; control the footer area and much more. It redirects mobile visitors along with the option to switch between desktop and mobile phone. You can even integrate Google Analytics into it for better tracking.  The plugin also features an innovative feature which allows mobile users to comment via mobile phones.

Several themes are bundled with Wapple Architect Mobile plugin. If you want to full control of your mobile template, then Wapple is for you!


If you want to create an entire new dashing-looking application, then you should go for MobiLoud. It is a free plugin which allows you to create attractive-looking Android and iPhone applications.

The outstanding feature that makes the app stand out of the competition is that you can develop an app for your website without CODING! The plugin itself will convert your website into an app. It even supports commenting systems such as Disqus, Facebook and WordPress. You can even put up Ad-banners such as Google’s AdSense or AdMob.

The app is marvellous, and its features are just superb. It is quite simple to navigate and has got push-notifications enabled, meaning that you will get a notification whenever a new post is published at the blog. It also allows users to save content to read it later. However, many those premium features come at a hefty price tag of $540 per year for an Android or iOS app.

DudaMobile Website Developer

Duda Mobile

If you want to convert your WordPress website into mobile-friendly webpage without much haste, then DudaMobile is your only need. The best part is that it is fast as well as FREE!

This plugin helps you to customize your blog from scratch and add innovative features such as mobile maps, click-to-call, etc. It has got a helpful site-editor which helps you to customize every feature of the blog as well as adding new features towards it. You don’t need to learn coding as it is easy to operate and handle. It has got stats associated with it so that you can keep a track record of your mobile visitors. You can even monetize with the help of AdSense and much more. Because it is free (with optional premium account) and fast, most of the bloggers go for this plugin.


MobilePress is a basic WordPress plugin which helps you to display a mobile-friendly version of your theme to your mobile audience. You can display your latest posts, or a particular page on your home page of the mobile version. The plugin comes packed with one theme. The outstanding feature here is that you can enable comments, thumbnails, categories and few other options. If you are looking for a simple and basic mobile theme, then look for none other than MobilePress.



WiziApp is an awesome and versatile WordPress plugin which lets you display an HTML5-powered theme to your mobile audience. It has got a variety of options and features. You can track your visitors with the help of Google Analytics and monetize the mobile audience with Google AdSense. It allows you to make your mobile theme phone-specific or tablet-specific.

You can customize the mobile themes the same way as you do with the desktop themes. You also retain full control of the theme.

Premium WordPress Mobile Plugins


HandHeld Mobile Plugin

HandHeld is developed by the guys over ElegantThemes. It is free for the existing members of ElegantThemes. It delivers an attractive, robust and responsive theme for various smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS. The best part about HandHeld is its control panel. You can upload logo and favicon; add unusual and beautiful icons for iOS and Windows phones. You can control the total number of posts to be displayed over the homepage and change the background color of the theme. Another innovative feature is that you can customize your theme furthermore by building a child theme!

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Obox Mobile

Obox Mobile is an extremely useful and awesome plugin. It is packed with beautiful sliders, social media sharing buttons and perhaps more important: advertising support. You can even monetize the traffic you get from the mobile audience! Unlike others in the list, it assists you to design the home page of your mobile version of the theme through various widgets.

It has got a helpful and useful settings area and has got plethora of settings that allows you to control every bit of the mobile version of the theme. You can upload logos, add awesome buttons, change the color of the background, add custom CSS and much more. It comes packed with a jaw-dropping mobile theme by which your mobile visitors will surely get impressed. The theme works great across various devices and especially works charm in an HD phone. At $35, the plugin is totally worthy of its price tag.

WordPress Mobile Website Builder Plugin

Likewise Mapple, with the help of WordPress Website Builder plugin, you can make a mobile theme within seconds. Unlike others, you can build a mobile-friendly theme using the drag-and-drop into a page builder. The primary elements include social media links, list, image and header. Once you have dragged each element into the page builder, you can customize it even further. For example, in image settings you can change the image width, top and bottom padding and much more. The plugin costs $18 at CodeCanyon.

Mobile Content –Mobile Detection WordPress Plugin

Unlike other plugins, which displays a particular theme for the mobile audience and another specific theme for PC audience, Mobile content is a mobile plugin with a twist.

Mobile content helps you to present a particular content/information to a specific audience such as PC and a different set of content to another specific audience such as mobile phone. Another amazing fact is that you can display specific content on the basis of Operating System too such as MacOS and Windows etc.

iThemes Mobile

The standalone feature of iThemes Mobile is that it is compatible with various devices, not limited to smartphones only! It’s compatible even with hand-held consoles. Moreover, it also provides many options to customize your blog’s look over various devices.

You can make your theme, but there are few very good-looking pre-made themes which you can use (without wasting your time to create a new one). You can assign different themes to different devices and platforms. It provides time-to-time update and has got an excellent after-sale support team.

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