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best WordPress blogs

WordPress is one of the most beginner-friendly CMS or website platforms out there. The low barrier to entry makes it a highly popular choice among the novice and beginners. It is possible to start working in WordPress with a basic understanding of PHP and a solid grasp of HTML and CSS.

However, in order to be successful as a WordPress developer, or to run a WordPress website on your own, you need to learn a lot more than the average guy. As the framework is constantly evolving and new possibilities are opening gradually, you need to make sure that you have got your basics right.

A search on best WordPress blogs will reveal millions of results in Google. It is easy to get overwhelmed with that amount of information. If you are in this situation, fear not, we are here to help. In today’s post, we collected some of the best blogs to find WordPress resources, tutorials, theme reviews and other stuff related to WordPress. While most of them are free, we have included a few premium resources as well. Without further ado, let’s begin the list with the lessons provided by WordPress itself.

Best WordPress Blogs

1. WordPress Lessons – WordPress Lessons is an area of the WordPress official codex dedicated to lessons for WordPress enthusiasts. The page is divided into several sections including WordPress for Beginners, Designing Your WordPress Site, Lessons for Theme Development and Website Development.

Therefore, every type of professional from novice to experts is likely to find something of interest here. And as the information is coming directly from the platform itself, they are obviously very reliable. You can get a basic idea about the platform from this page and then move forward to more critical tasks.

2. WPBeginner – To get yourself familiarized with the basics of WordPress, this is the site you should visit next. While WPBeginner has lots of tutorials starting from beginner to advanced levels, most of its tutorials are suited for the starters. The tutorials are very detailed and provided with necessary screenshots. The step by step guides will thoroughly show you how to do anything related to WordPress and what is the best way of doing that. Founded in July 2009 by Syed Balkhi, it is one of the top WordPress blogs today.

3. WPMU DEV – While WP Beginner was suited for the beginners, WPMU DEV is for more advanced professionals. Most of the time, this blog hosts advanced-level tutorials. However, you will find lots of entry-level and mid-level tutorials too. It is divided into some broad categories – WordPress, Multisite, BuddyPress. Each of these categories are divided into several sub-categories – Plugins, Themes, Showcase, Development.

It is a tutorial site, where professionals write for professionals. The WPMU DEV team also releases a daily newsletter on WordPress, titled “The WhiP”. If you don’t have the time to browse the various tutorial sites on WordPress or you are too busy to check the feeds regularly, this newsletter could help you in remaining updated about the latest happening in WordPress arena.

4. Tuts Plus – A very active website of Envato, Tuts Plus is a renowned name in the arena of web developers. The site began in 2007 with basic tutorials on Photoshop and overall freelancing. It has a mission of “helping people learn and earn online“. While it used to have as many as 15 different sections of web developing, each with its own website, dedicated team and separate brand, it has brought all the categories into one umbrella now. Most of its tutorials are aimed at medium to advanced level developers. Along with the free tutorials, Tutus Plus also offers excellent premium courses and books as well.

5. ManageWP – As the name suggests, ManageWP is a WordPress management company. The company helps its clients in installing multiple WordPress websites, publishing, backup, deployment, monitoring, website speed and security aspects. It all began in April 2010. Since then, it has helped its clients in managing more than 200,000 websites. That huge experience is well reflected in their tutorial site. The tutorials cover everything from designing, developing to best practices and marketing strategies. They have tutorials for every type of WordPress developers out there.

6. TorqueMag – Founded in July 2013, Torque Mag is another best WordPress blog to follow. It mainly focuses on WordPress tutorials, plugins, news and customization snippets. The tutorials are easy to understand and are provided with necessary screenshots and code blocks. The site is being run and maintained by the same team behind WPEngine.

7. Elegant Themes Blog – The blog at Elegant Themes is divided into several sub-categories including Editorials, Resources, Plugins, Themes Additions & more. The posts are accompanied by necessary screenshots, codes and sometimes, illustrated figures too. While Elegant Themes was not used to publish WordPress articles frequently in the past and focus only of best WordPress premium themes, it seems to have picked up the editorial frequency recently and is now constantly publishing high quality and useful editorials.

8. Smashing Magazine – Though this site is primarily aimed at web designers, Smashing Magazine also publishes some useful WordPress tutorials for both designers and developers. Being founded in September 2006, the aim of the site is to keep its readers updated about the latest techniques and trends of web development. Its WordPress blog section is maintained by Daniel Pataki, a veteran WordPress junkie who has been working with the platform since 2005.

9. Konstantin Kovshenin – If you talk about hardcore WordPress programming blogs, you won’t be able to avoid Konstantin Kovshenin who works directly with the parent company of WordPress. His blog is dedicated to really advanced level WordPress developers with enough experience to hang there.

10. iThemes Tutorials – Unlike the other entries of this list, iThemes’ tutorials are in video format. It is actually a WordPress theme and plugin developer company. It was founded by Cory Miler in 2008. They have lots of video instructions for using and customizing their products. Their videos are categorized into WordPress 101, Web Developer, Builder, Builder CSS, BackupBuddy and Exchange. As you can assume, they provide general WordPress videos in the WordPress 101 section. The videos are enough to get you started.

11. Pippins Plugins – Pippin Williamson is a very famous name in best WordPress blogs, especially in the plugins section. They have created some very popular plugins like Easy Digital Downloads, Better Recent Posts Pro etc. They are one of those rare WordPress bloggers who blogs regularly too. Along with free tutorials, they also have a premium tutorial series on developing WordPress plugins. Other than these, they also publishes tutorials on WordPress development. Since most of the tutorials are aimed at advanced level developers only; make sure you have your basics covered before you dive into the world of Pippin Williamson.

12. Tom McFarlin – Tom McFarlin has become a brand himself. He is a WordPress developer who blogs regularly. The topic of his blog ranges from hardcore WordPress developing to best practices, industry trend and security aspects. Reading his posts regularly will bring a flavour of how it feels to be a top-class WordPress developer. It is a blog definitely worth of checking out regularly.

13. BobWP – BobWP has some very detailed posts on installing WordPress, how to use the WordPress admin dashboard, how to configure a theme, starter kits, workshops and podcasts. All the content published is highly useful for beginner to medium level WordPress users.

14. WPlift – Wplift was founded by Oliver Dale in September 2010. The main target of the website is to provide the readers with WordPress tutorial for beginners, theme and plugin reviews and roundups, general news about WordPress etc. The blog is updated frequently and you will find lots of useful tips, tricks and tutorials there.

15. WPHub – WPHub is actually a theme marketplace for WordPress, plugins and others. But it has a dedicated blog too. The blog hosts tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced levels. The WPHub tutorials use a lot of screenshots to illustrate every point. As the tutorials are very detailed, it is unlikely that anyone will face difficulty in understanding them.

16. Chris Lema – Well, this blog is a bit different from the other of its type. While all the others are hardcore developers, Chris Lema is a bit more business-oriented blogger. He blogs about things like membership, e-commerce, reviews, e-learning, pricing, products, freelancing etc. Follow his posts to get an overall idea about doing business in and with WordPress, blogging, skill development etc.

17. WebLoggerz – Well, how can you forget this very site where you are reading this article? We admit our site is no match to the others noted above, but we believe that we have a great start here. Along with themes and plugin lists, we have lots of detailed, easy to understand WordPress tutorials and are regularly working on improving them. So, keep visiting WebLoggerz for the next trending article on WordPress.


Is this list becoming too long for you? We will put an end to this list before it gets too long to read at one sit. We hope you enjoyed the list and found some new names to include in your bookmarks / RSS feed. However, if you think we have missed an obvious entry of top WordPress blogs here, please let us know. We will definitely try to include that too.

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