5 Best Premium WordPress Plugins of 2015

WordPress is gaining popularity day by day and is becoming one of the most sought after blogging platforms for the writers and freelancers. One of the basic reasons behind the hype in demand of WordPress is that one can install major varieties of plugins and themes as per our requirement.

The depository of WordPress is quite large and offers thousands of plugins for free. However, these free plugins in no case can surpass the premium plugins. In this post of mine, I would like to tell the readers about some premium WordPress plugins which I used lately and which have totally modified my blogging skills.

1.CommentLuv Premium

Without a single bit of doubt, I would love to declare that CommentLuv is the apple of my eye. It offers an extremely flexible blogging ambience and can be customized as per one’s needs. Moreover, this plugin can be personalized with a wide variety of options. If you want to judge the sophistication level of CommentLuv, just compare the blogs written with the help of this plugin.

You will find out that none of the blogs have the same settings. CommentLuv had a strange beginning. It came up in order to benefit the blog commenters with a back-link to their blog sites. However, this plugin has come a long way and today it has earned the name and fame of “Best sprinter”. It has revolutionized into a platform which efficiently promotes blogs. This plugin comprises of plenty of features and it is not possible to mention all of them in this post, so I will just emphasize on my favorite feature. “Social Enticements” is my favourite feature and has allowed me to share my posts simultaneously on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

2. SEOPressor

SEOPressor is a plugin which I use every day. It helps me in customizing the blog contents as per SEO perspective. This plugin helps me in managing the proper positions of keywords and also their optimum frequency. This helps Google in instantly knowing what the content is all about. Besides this, SEOPressor also helps me in managing the quality of guest posts submitted on my blog.

This plugin keeps me reminding that I have to place keywords in H1, H2, H3, and Alt-image tags. This plugin lets one to manage the keyword density and also examines the content for internal links. With SEOPressor, cross-linking strategy is strengthened which makes the browser experience a sophisticated one and increases the time being spend on your page. This plugin also lowers the bounce rate and enables Google to take your blog / website seriously. SEOPressor has also allowed me to work with Rich Snippet which is a core part of this plugin.

3. BackUp Buddy

backup buddy premium wordpress plugin

The name itself suggests the task which Backup Buddy can do. I have been using this plugin for over a year now and I can say that this plugin is the best mode to manage the backup and migration of a WordPress site. BackUp Buddy has a marvelous set of features. Although the major function of this plugin is maintaining the backup, yet it has a lot many things in stores. Unlike the free plugins, BackUp Buddy maintains a scheduled backup of all the data and files related to your blog.

This plugin helps in protecting the site from the loss of the data which might occur due to hacking or server crash or faulty deletion. These files and data can be stored at distant locations such as Amazon, Rackspace, etc. Such an off-site storage of your data can help you in reinstating your blog under necessary circumstances and also help you in transferring your blog content to a new host. Make sure that you maintain a backup of your content before migrating to a new version of WordPress or before adopting any other premium plugin.

4. Pretty Link Pro

Pretty Link Pro is a WordPress plugin that has enabled me to screen, record, organize, share, and examine all my links existing on my personally owned domain and server. Most of you might still think that Pretty Link Pro is simply an Affiliate link concealer and a URL abridger; however, it is something more than that. This plugin has helped me a lot in transforming my entire business by: automating those tasks which were repetitive in nature, optimizing my website with proper testing, spreading my links (including the Affiliate link) within minutes, and allowing me to visualize the campaign results immediately.

PLP has helped me in building distinct links for my affiliate products which has ultimately helped me in eradicating the “lengthy” and “tough to remember” links which I used to get from my affiliate programs. The link which one obtains for Pretty Link Pro appears quite appealing and also gets too many hits. Try out PLP in order to find out what you have been missing all these years!

5. OptinSkin

optinskin premium wordpress plugin

Last one on my list is a new plugin named OptinSkin. This plugin is an innovative idea of Glen Allsopp from Viper Chill, a blog covering Viral Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Blogging advice. This plugin has converted my visitors into email subscribers. Besides this, it has also acted effectively in influencing my visitors to share my posts on their social media profiles.

This has ultimately generated a huge traffic towards my contents. This plugin works equally well with Aweber, MailChimp, Feedburner, iContact and InfusionSoft, etc. It comes with free lifetime updates. OptinSkin makes split-testing opt-in forms very simple. Last but not the least; it is capable of empowering you to customize your own HTML / CSS designs.

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Your Favourite Premium WordPress Plugins?

These are my favorite WordPress plugins and I can never afford blogging without them. Try them out and let me know your experience. You can also let me know your favorite plugins so that I can improve my blogging abilities.

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  1. Thanks, Viaol. Nice roundup.

    These are indeed some of the best plugins out there. There are indeed some very, very good free plugins, but premium plugins is always the way to go, in my opinion.

  2. I just learned about comment luv today and I think it is a good thing for starting bloggers to help out each other but for the super popular blogs, it can be a big problem.

  3. Nice list of premium plugins.I just now started my blog and haven’t use any premium plugin.I have little knowledge about the plugins you mentioned in your post except Pretty Link Pro. Actually its pretty new to me. Need to digg deeply to this. I have learnt a new thing from your post.Thank you so much

  4. Glad you come up with a nice list of plugins. All plugins are awful and helpful.You can also try twitter tool it help to tweet the blog.
    Can it may dangerous to my blog if i install plugin in excessive amount.

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