5 Best Free Website Builders to Consider in 2017

Many online services have now made it possible for just about anyone to build a website. These website builders have very intuitive user interfaces. Most of them have a drag and drop feature to allow you to visualize what you’re building and create a great looking website. The best part is you’re not required to have coding skills or knowledge. To help you choose the right one, here is a list of the best free website builders to consider using in 2017.

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1: Wix


Wix is one of the most popular choices in the market with some regarding it as the best of the free website builders out there. The UI is very simple to learn and use.

Wix provides helpful tutorial videos, templates to make building your site faster, and easy access to web elements (widgets, social media buttons, shapes, etc.) to finish all the small details.

Everything is backed up with a third party app/widget market to help you customize your site.


Of the free website builders, this is one of the more beginner friendly. It offers great tutorial videos, a UI that anyone can pick up within a day or two and a whole suite of tools for blogging, multimedia, and eCommerce.

The service provides one of the largest libraries of templates and widgets of all the website builders out there. Wix is basically a jack of all trades platform that beginners will find useful.


While Wix helps you design mobile friendly websites, it isn’t really responsive. It simply helps you make your site more optimized for mobile devices.

As a result, you’ll have trouble making sure that your website is optimized for a wide range of screen sizes, browsers, and devices.

2: Squarespace


Squarespace is a sleek website building platform that comes with all the fundamental features you’d expect from a site builder as well as some advanced features you won’t find in other site builders.

It has a beautiful interface with clear iconography that helps you understand what elements you’re working with. This results in a more streamlined design process that breaks things down into simple steps.


Squarespace is among the premier free website builders designed for businesses that want to build a beautiful and professional looking site. The platform offers templates you’d normally pay a premium for in graphic design marketplaces.

Squarespace websites are also responsive which will be very beneficial to eCommerce site owners.


There are many limitations with the editing of the templates which means that you shouldn’t think too strongly about customization.

While there are many integrations available with Squarespace, it lacks a third party marketplace (for apps and widgets) which limits the unique elements/functions you can add to your site. This website builder is also free to use for a trial period.

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3: Weebly


Weebly is another popular free website builder that many people are using. Like Wix, it has one of the better user interfaces in the market.

Weebly stands out among the best free website builders due to the generous list of features that come with a free account. Despite that, Weebly has restrictions to businesses that want to sell on their platform.


Weebly comes with integrated eCommerce and email marketing capabilities so that you can start making more money from your website. There are many great widgets that come with Weebly to help you expand your functionalities and design of your site.

One of the most appreciated features is the ability to export your code out of Weebly. This is very useful if you plan to upgrade to your own platform in the future.


While the free option is attractive, you have to be okay with the fact that there will be a Weebly ad on your site. Free accounts also are restricted from selling which is a big downside if you’re trying to set up an online e-commerce shop.

If you want to get some decent usage out of this website builder, you’ll have to resort to a paid membership. While this is among the best free website builders you’ll find online, it’s not a great choice for individuals looking to start a business online.

4: Duda


Duda‘s interface is as good as the others on the list. Their focus is more on serving businesses and individuals that want to get started selling online.

They also help site owners focus on building mobile friendly sites. While it’s not truly responsive, it does a better job in serving mobile users than Wix.


Unlike the other popular website builder platforms, Duda allows you to sell a limited number of products without upgrading to a paid account. Duda also helps you focus on SEO which will make it easier for your new site to generate traffic.

Like the other major site building platforms, there are numerous eCommerce tools designed to help you set up shop.


Duda has a smaller collection of templates you can use as and no app/widget marketplace you can turn to. It’s one of the most solid choices available for a free platform.

However, it is a little more expensive than the other services should you decide to upgrade.

5: Strikingly


Strikingly is a service that is aimed for people who want to build simple sites. This is far from being one of the best free website builders out there but it’s perfect if you’re looking for the bare necessities.

You can sell one product on your site with a free account which means that the service is geared more for hobby sites rather than businesses.


Strikingly simplifies site building and turns the process of designing a website a no stress, no fuss project. The limited amount of options can actually give you more focus and help you crank out a solid site faster as you’re not inundated with all the unnecessary options.

Despite that, there are enough options to build all the basic functionalities you need for a site.


There is a lack of templates and very few customization options. Don’t expect a marketplace for Strikingly either. If you want something simple with no strings attached, this is the site building service for you.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best free website builders to consider in 2017. The idea behind presenting this list of the best free website builders was to present a wide variety of choices from the very simple (Strikingly), all around platforms (Duda, Weebly, Wix), to the higher end (Squarespace) options.

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