8 Best WordPress Plugins To Connect Dropbox

Using various cloud storage services for saving media files, WordPress backups and other documents is a common practice. And Dropbox is a popular choice in this regard. Dropbox makes sure that your uploaded files or documents are kept with maximum security and are accessible from anywhere. For these reasons, you will find lots of WordPress plugins which let you connect your website with Dropbox.

In our today’s article, we will discuss about 8 best free plugins to connect your WordPress website with Dropbox. All of these plugins are hand-chosen by us and they work perfectly.

1. Dropbox Photo Sideloader


  • Have some images in Dropbox and want to bring them to your WordPress website?
  • Want a simple and easy way to import images from Dropbox to WordPress?

Dropbox Photo Sideloader is your answer to both of these questions. And no, the term ‘Sideloader’ is not a typing mistake, it was intentional. This is a special term to introduce a new way of importing images other than the traditional uploading or downloading. By sideloading an image, you are actually copying the images to WordPress from Dropbox.

In order to copy images, you need to do some initial configuration. To do that, go to a post editor and click ‘Add Media’. In the pop-up window, click ‘Dropbox Images’ from the left menu. Then, provide the Dropbox Key and Secret. You will find detailed instructions on that page.

After providing the necessary details, you will find the images in the window. Once you have sideloaded an image, the image will be available in the media library and you can use it as any regular image. If the sideloaing process takes longer, try selecting fewer images.

2. BackWPup Free


BackWPup Free plugin lets you save a complete WordPress website in Dropbox and some other cloud storage services. As the plugin creates the backup in a single zip file, it is easy to restore the backup anytime you want. With more than 1.5 million downloads, this plugin is one of the most popular plugins for connecting your WordPress site with Dropbox.

The backup created by BackWPup includes the full database and all the data along with a list of all installed plugins. As the step by step wizard will guide you through the whole backup process, you won’t require any expert help. Moreover, if you are running a multi-site network, BackWPup has got you covered too.

Besides the regular version of BackWPup, there is a pro version too. Along with all the features of the regular version, the Pro version has premium features like custom API key for Dropbox, scheduled backups, differential backup in Dropbox, dynamic documentation, premium support and automatic update.

3. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Here’s another excellent plugin for saving a backup of your WordPress website in Dropbox. Using WordPress Backup to Dropbox is as simple as selecting the time, day and frequency of your backups. The backup includes all the files of your website along with the SQL dump of the database. It is possible to choose the location of the backup folder inside Dropbox. And if you want, you can exclude certain files and folders from the backup.

Once you install the plugin, you need to authorize it to create backups in Dropbox. To do that, go to WPB2D -> Backup Settings from your dashboard. The plugin will ask you to authorize it with Dropbox. Once you do that, you can continue with your backup. As the plugin uses OAuth system to access Dropbox, your account will not be saved anywhere. That means your account is completely safe with WordPress Backup to Dropbox. The plugin is available in multiple languages including Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, German etc.

4. WP Database Backup


WP Database Backup provides you an easy way of backing up and restoring your database in various cloud storage services including Dropbox. All the important information about your website is saved in the database. Therefore, if the database becomes corrupted or compromised, your website will become unusable. You can avoid these situations by keeping a backup of your database with WP Database Backup.

Once you install and activate the plugin, you will find a new sub-menu titled ‘WP-DB Backup’ in the ‘Tools’ menu of your website. On that page, you will find a button to create a new database backup. Clicking the button will create a backup within a few minutes. Each of the backups will be accompanied by the date and time and links to download, remove and restore the backup.

In order to set up Dropbox, go to the ‘Destination’ tab from the settings page. In the ‘Dropbox’ section, click the ‘Authorize’ button and then follow the steps. It is also possible to set up automatic backups on repeating schedules.

5. wp Time Machine


wp Time Machine is an excellent free plugin for creating backups of the data and files of your WordPress website. The backup includes all of your files along with the .htaccess file, data from your database and detailed instructions for a simple recovery. For cloud backup options, it is possible to use Dropbox or Amazon S3. Besides, you can store the backup files via FTP too.

In order to save your backups in Dropbox, you have to sign in first. Once you install and activate the plugin, go to Settings -> wp Time Machine from your website dashboard.

Provide your Dropbox email and password and define the directory for the backup. By default, the password is not saved. If you want to save the password, click the ‘Password stored: Disabled’ link right after the password field. For advanced options, click the ‘Plugin Options’ button.

6. Gravity Forms Dropbox Uploader


If you are using Gravity Forms, then you should definitely try Gravity Form Uploader. This simple plugin integrates with Gravity Forms and lets you save the uploaded files in Dropbox. Uploaded files will be automatically saved in your Dropbox account. The modern, simple user interface of the plugin lets you choose which files should be uploaded.

Setting up the plugin is very easy. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, go to the Dropbox Apps page. If you are not logged in already, you will have to log in. Create a new app with a custom name, add a description and select ‘App Folder’ as the Access Level. From the next screen, copy the App Key and Secret. Now, get back to your website and authenticate Gravity Forms Dropbox Uploader with Dropbox. Once you do that, you are all set to use the plugin.

In the edit or add page of Gravity Forms, add an upload box. Check ‘Upload file to your Dropbox account’ and click ‘Save’. From now on, uploads from this form will be saved in Dropbox. However, if you want to enable this feature for existing forms, you have to check the ‘Upload file to your Dropbox account’ in each of them.

7. Blog Vault Real-time Backup

Creating regular backups is very important for any website. And blogVault is a popular free backup plugin for WordPress. The plugin is capable of making a complete backup including all the files and databases of your website. The backup file could be saved in Dropbox by using the backup to Dropbox feature. While other backups are kept for 30 days only, the ones at Dropbox could be saved for an unlimited period of time.

Setting up the plugin takes only a few minutes. After the initial backup, you can schedule the next backups and they will be created automatically. Due to the easy restore feature of blogVault, it is possible to restore your website within a short time.

And if you want to move your website to a new domain or new host, blogVault has got you covered too. You can use any of the backup files to restore in your new website. As the backups are encrypted, you don’t have to worry about losing your valuable data. Other notable featured include multisite backup, incremental backups, backup monitoring, backup history and test-restoring of backups.

8. Backup


This backup plugin is a perfect solution for creating complete backups of WordPress websites. It makes sure that your data is kept safe and could be restored anytime you want. The fully optimized backup could be created manually or automatically. The backup includes all the files, themes, plugins and databases of your WordPress site.

The backup process is performed in the background mode. That means you will be able to perform your regular activities while backing up your website. You can easily restore the backup files by using the one click restoration feature. It is possible to save the backup files in Dropbox or in FTP server.

Due to the friendly user interface of the plugin, you will hardly require any technical support in backing up and restoring your website. The built-in backup scheduler will help you in creating automatic backups of your website. Besides the free version, there is a Pro version of the plugin. For $19.95, you can get a license for your website, backup customization and notifications for your backups.

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So, these were our picks for the 8 best free plugins to connect your WordPress website with Dropbox. Do you use any of them? Or do you think we have missed an obvious one here? Whatever it is, let us know in the comment box.

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