7 Best Non Profit Donations Plugin For WordPress

Donation is an excellent way of acknowledging the work of an individual or an organization. There are lots of websites which depend on the donations. And then, there are the non-profit organizations that request donations for humanitarian causes.

If you have ever thought about putting a donate button on your WordPress website, then this post is a must read for you. In today’s post, we have collected 7 best donation plugins for WordPress. These plugins will allow you to create various types of campaigns and let you accept donations in multiple currencies.

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1. PayPal Donations

PayPal Donations button

PayPal Donations is one of the most popular donation plugins for WordPress. The plugin will add a widget and provide you with a shortcode to place the donate button wherever you want. The PayPal ID and other relevant settings like the currency, return page, language etc. could be configured by going to Settings -> PayPal Donations.

You will also be able to set a default donation amount, purpose and reference. If you don’t like the default button designs, you can use a custom button by providing the button URL. The ‘Advanced’ settings section includes additional options like disabling PayPal statistics, opening PayPal in a new tab, enabling PayPal sandbox, selecting the return method etc.

You will find the widget in Appearance -> Widgets. Drag the widget to your desired location, provide the title, a short description and then purpose and reference. If you reload your website now, you will see the donate button in place. You can also add the ‘[paypal-donation]’ shortcode to include the donate button on any page or post. This shortcode uses the default values of all options. PayPal Donations is available in multiple languages including French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Italian etc.

2. Seamless Donations

Unlike most other donation plugins, Seamless Donations does not limit you to a PayPal donate button only. Instead, this free donation plugin provides you with lots of different options. By using this plugin, you will be able to set up various types of donations.

There are separate sections for all the donations and donors, which could be filtered by a specific date range. There are dedicated sections for the Thank You page and the Thank You emails. The thank you page will let you specify a message that will be displayed once the user has made a donation. And the thank you email section will let you design the email template. You can provide all the relevant details including the sender name, email address, subject, email message, closing message, signature, etc. There are also separate fields for anonymous donations, recurring donations, tribute gift etc.

You can select the acceptable donation levels and the currency in the ‘Form Options’ section. That page also lets you choose a default country and state. The ‘Settings’ section will let you specify the notification email address, PayPal email address etc. In order to display the donate button in any post or page, you have to add the ‘[dgx-donate]’ shortcode in the content editor.

3. Donations Made Easy – Smart Donations

Smart Donations

This all in one donation system is perfect for creating various types of donation campaigns, setting donation goals, creating donation forms etc. For creating a new campaign, go to Smart Donations -> Campaigns from your website dashboard and click the ‘+ Add New’ button. Provide the name, description, goal etc. for the campaign and then click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

To add a new donation button, go to Smart Donations -> Smart Donations and click the ‘+ Add New’ button. In the following page, you have to select the campaign, provide the name, email address and then, select the button type. At this point, you have your campaign and donate button ready.

There are two ways to display the donate button – either by using the widget or by using the shortcode. You will find the widget in Appearance -> Widgets. Drag the ‘Smart Donations – Donate Button’ widget to your desired location, provide a title, select the campaign and click ‘Save’. If you reload your website now, you will see the donate button there. If you want to include the button in a post or page, you have to add the ‘[sdonations]donation-id[/sdonations]’ shortcode inside the post or page body.

You will find the donation-id of your desired donate button in Smart Donations -> Smart Donations.

4. Custom Post Donations

Custom Post Donations

Custom Post Donations is an excellent free plugin for creating unique PayPal donation forms in your WordPress website. This plugin comes with a default widget that lets you show a donate button in your desired location. You just have to provide the title, donation name or reason and set the default donation amount, that’s it. If you need to add a quick donate button, this should be one of your top priorities.

If you want to include the donate button in a post or page, you have to create a custom widget. To do that, go to CP Donations -> Add Donation from your website dashboard. Provide the widget name, description, default donation amount, select the widget type and click the ‘Create Donation Widget’ button. Now, go to CP Donations -> CP Donations. In that page, you will find all your widgets listed along with their shortcodes. Copy the shortcode of your desired widget and paste it into a post or page.

In the CP Donations page, you will also find some options to define the PayPal email address, thank you, page URL and the donation button. Currently, there are three different button types to choose from.

5. Olimometer

Olimometer Plugin

Olimometer is a fully featured fundraising thermometer for WordPress. This completely customizable plugin works perfectly with PayPal and comes with a custom skin feature. It is possible to display multiple thermometers in different posts, pages and the sidebar.

In order to create a new thermometer, go to Settings -> Olimometer from your website dashboard. Provide the name in the ‘Create a new Olimometer’ field and click the ‘Create’ field. Now, you have to define various options for this thermometer. First of all, in the ‘Progress Values’ section, you will be able to set the tracking method, target amount, number format, current raised cost etc. If you have selected PayPal as the tracking method, you will also have to provide the PayPal API username, password and the signature.

To change the visual aspects of the thermometer, head to the ‘Appearance and Layout’ section. In that section, you will be able to select a prefix, suffix, thermometer skin, height, width and lots of other things. The plugin also lets you hide the target value, current raised amount. The plugin installs a new widget too.

6. PayPal Donation

This free donation plugin offers you a very convenient way of creating donation buttons for your WordPress website. By using this plugin, you will be able to show the various fields of expense. This will help the donators to understand why the donation is needed and how the donation is being spent.

PayPal Donation allows you to specify up to five different field of expense. To do that, go to Settings -> PayPal donation. In that page, provide the expense titles in the ‘Expenses’ section. The plugin also lets you upload three images for different levels of received donations. The first image will be displayed when up to 40 percent of the target amount is received. Similarly, the second image will be shown at 40 to 75 percent and the third one for 90 percent and above.

The plugin lets you manually update the total received amount. It also supports five different currency types. And if you want to enable the donate button, you have to paste the code in the ‘PayPal Code’ section. In order to display the donation status, go to Appearance -> Widgets. Find out the ‘PayPal Donation’ widget and drag it to your desired location.

7. Donate

WordPress Donate Plugin

Donate is an excellent free plugin for including donate buttons in your WordPress website. The simple and friendly user interface of the plugin will let you create donate buttons without going through lots of confusing options.

After installing and activating the plugin, go to BWS Plugins -> Donate. In the resulting page, select which payment processor you want to use. Provide the account details, specify the amount and then select the button type. If you don’t wish to use the default buttons, you can use your custom buttons too. To do that, select the ‘Custom button’ option and then either upload the image file of the button or provide the picture URL. Lastly, click the ‘Save changes’ button.


Well, these were our picks for the 7 best donation plugins for WordPress. Let us know which one you wish to use on your website. And as usual, if you are already using any of them, let us know your experience.

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