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Recently, we are receiving lots of emails from WordPress designers and developers who want to promote their their new WordPress plugin, a theme or any other service related to WordPress?

As replying to all of them and reviewing each product is not possible, we are offering a review posts for those who want to reach thousands of WordPress readers through this blog as well as our social media profiles.

Listing on Collection Post @ $50:

We will include your theme or plugin in our existing list post. The position will be determined by the quality of your product.

Sponsored Review @ $149

We will publish a detailed review about your product or service. We will try our best to write an unbiased post about it including both pros and cons. Your product will be reviewed as per how a regular user would use it. If your product is really great, we will definitely say so and encourage readers to buy it.

Banner Ads

Sidebar Ad 125×125 $80
Sidebar Ad 200×125 $100
Sidebar Ad 300×250 $250
Footer Ad 728×90 $200
Floating Footer Ad 900×70 $300
Inside Each Article 468×60 $450

For more information, you can reach us at editor[at]webloggerz[dot]com