There are thousands of free fonts available to you online. This huge number can be intimidating for some people, and many will conclude that the font you use simply isn’t important. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Font type, when used correctly, can become a form of artistic expression, allowing you to really showcase your website in a beautiful way. When used incorrectly, a bad font can prevent hundreds of people from even checking out your content.

This doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours obsessing over what font to use. But a simple knowledge of the kinds of fonts available will allow you to significantly improve your site. If you are looking into what font to use, check out these 3 different types of fonts.


(Image: Mans Greback,

Formal fonts are extremely fancy. With their curvy lines and extravagant flourishes, these fonts stand out from the crowd. They can be used in a variety of ways. Often, these fonts are just used to give emphasis to a few words, such as in a signature or the name of something important. They can also be used to give an elegant feel to your images and memes. If you want to write an entire article in a formal font, the article will end up looking like a beautiful antique.

The Respective font by Mans Greback is a great example of these more formal fonts. The font creates an appearance of brushstrokes with its smooth transition from thick to thin parts of the letter. Its added curves and twirls give the font a thought-out air and add to the feel of the whole. All together, this is a great font for anyone looking to add some elegance to their articles.



(Image: Brittney Murphy,

Casual fonts are easy and fun. They are designed to look like regular handwriting and tend to have an almost childlike quality. These fonts have several uses. Like formal fonts, they can be used in signatures. However, instead of an elegant feel, these fonts will give your signature a more approachable, genuine quality. These fonts are also particularly useful in the creation of memes and other images. They make whatever your message is more relatable and, well, casual.

A Sensible Armadillo by Brittney Murphy is a great example of this kind of casual font. Its lines are thick and somewhat rounded. The lines often seem to cross each other and give the font a sort of haphazard, handwritten feel. Overall, the font really emphasizes its childlike appeal, and is perfect for those looking for a casual font.

Artistic Fonts

Beyond Sky

(Image: Billy Argel,

Artistic Fonts are the fonts with the greatest amount of variety in their design. Some use simple, childlike bases like casual fonts. Others are built off of bold, block designs. The thing that artistic fonts have in common is the little touches that make them beautiful and unique. Some will contain extra images within the letters. Others will have smears coming off the letters to make it look like the paint smeared. Some will be designed to be bold, others subtle, and still others inviting. But all artistic fonts will be designed to make a statement.

The best use for these fonts is in the creation of images and memes. Nothing makes a short message stand out like a properly chosen artistic font. The right font will easily compliment your idea and give it a truly artistic feel. This concept also applies to the creation of signatures.

One of my favorite artistic fonts is Beyond Sky by Billy Argel. Beyond Sky is designed off of a fairly blocky base, though it does have several abnormally slanted letters. What makes it stand out is how parts of each letter seem to fade into nothingness. I love the ethereal feel this grants the writing and the artistic quality it produces.


So what do you think? Are you going to start using one of the fonts we recommended?If so, check out and to download great fonts for free! What is your favorite kind of font that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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