30 Personal WordPress Themes For Writers

How would you define a blog? If one were to take the traditional definition into account, a blog can be best described as an online journal or a digital diary. But today, neither a blog is that simple nor is the most popular blogging tool that goes by the name of WordPress. A blog is today a public relations tool, portfolio and also an influential part of promotional/sales campaign. And WordPress too has leapfrogged from being a mere blogging device to a full-fledged content management system that powers more than 17% of the sites in the whole world. This a sea change that has benefited many individuals.

Still, no one can deny the fact that blogging is the first love of WordPress and even though it has found out new interests and inmates to flatter, it best understands blogging and loves it as dearly as one loves one’s first love. This is why bloggers like to work with WP and the majority of personal blogs are alive and kicking, thanks to this excellent open source technology. After all, which blogging device is so straightforward, flexible and efficient? The personal blog WordPress themes for writers are your always-bankable option, either you are a writer or a designer with a blog designing project in hand. So, how about taking a ride into the world of 30 best WordPress themes for writers?


Personal WordPress Themes For Writers


Wentasi tumblr theme
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If you want your blog to be a Tumblr like appearance then, Wentasi is highly recommended. This theme is perfect for personal as well as professional blogs. You are given lots of fabulous features, and they include SEO optimized coding, good speed, cross browser compatibility, post format support, HTML5, CSS3, etc. The template helps you to present your content with great fanfare and yes; you are fully free to bring in the personal touch. Just get your hands on the options, and you can access all the tools to chalk out a strategy that will let you tweak things according to your taste.


BuzzBlog Personal WordPress Blog Theme
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This is one best WordPress theme for writers that will impress you within seconds of the demo. You will be delighted with the fancy features it presents such as 15 custom page templates; 11 predefined CSS styles, 60+ shortcodes, 8 custom widgets, 9 post formats, etc. BuzzBlog creates the best blog with the right amount of buzz and brilliance. The readers will receive a rousing welcome and can browse everything without any problem. Also, you will have full freedom to customize the features according to your taste.


BLG WordPress theme for writers
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It is said that well begun is half done, and BLG has done exactly this with its reader-friendly design. The personal WordPress template is truly remarkable for its readability and gives you mobile-friendly layout so that all your followers can access your content quickly. Its features include Revolution Slider, Post format support, multiple slides, SEO optimized coding, advanced typography, unlimited color options and much more.


Bubbly WordPress Theme

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Writers and readers, both have been figured in while designing Bubbly From WPDean.com. This personal blog WordPress theme publishes content in a clean and crisp style so that all the elements are displayed beautifully on all viewing devices. It is very fresh and follows the latest trends.


Hemlock WordPress writer theme
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A frills-free blog would get the best partner in the form of Hemlock for the theme is highly crisp and straightforward. This author template comes with clean aesthetics and up-to-date features such as sleek one column design, responsive layout, retina display, etc. It goes great with all types of bloggers and any content. You just need to take a demo to see the glimpse of the magic that lies ahead for you. Hemlock is very vibrant just like the evergreen tree after which it has been named.

John Doe’s Blog

John Doe's Blog
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A highly sold theme, John Doe’s Blog offers to be the right platform to fit in any amount of content. Perfect for all types of personal blogs, it defines the brand “you” like no other theme. It has enough space and options to include your changes, and the sheer high number of features that you will find here are definitely going to warm up your blogging experience. This writing template serves you with retina ready icon set, 10 predefined CSS styles, sidebar manager, 500+ Google fonts and many more properties.


Personal WordPress themes
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Turn to the traditional blogging route and prepare to revel in the roots of blogging. PersonalPress is a conservative and composed blogging theme that will bring you best service at a neat price. You can be a pure blogger here, with all the freedom and simplicity that is required to express what you feel and think. This template offers a very content-centric layout that gets enough support from secure code, 5 unique colors, cross-browser compatibility, responsive design, etc. What is more, you will receive lifelong updates and the customer service at ElegantThemes is ever ready to help you with any issue, whatsoever.


Minimy Personal blog WordPress theme
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A minimal blog theme, Minimy is best suited for creative authors, writers and those working in the fashion world. The template has got everything that will give your blog a great start. It focuses equally on readability, packaging, and performance. This is why it is packed with adequate features, and they include blog layout, 2 menu positions, post format, font switcher, translation readiness and many more. The icing on the cake is that the theme is a fresh release and thus, carries latest trends and design.


Personal WordPress themes
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As the name signals, Personal is a WordPress theme for writers with a high individualistic appeal. It carries the capability to get you into the successful league and that too in less time and at an affordable price. Its 9 innovative home page styles give you sufficient display options to choose from, and you can use it to write about any topic. The theme is very fast and supports videos with great enthusiasm.

Read WP

Read WordPress themes for writers
Demo & Download

A brilliant blog and rocking readability go together, hand in hand. Read WP is very mindful of this fact and hence, comes with a minimalist design that is the best friend of readers. It is also responsive, retina ready, cross browser compatible, SEO ready, well documented and many more things. The features are very smart and do justice to both; design as well as functions. Read WP is one chapter that you must read in order to bring the best side of your blog before your target audience.


HEAP best WordPress themes for writers
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Smart and sassy, HEAP has all the characteristics that will make a modern blogger go after it. Its features represent the best of styling and functionality. The clean layout, flexible design, and fast-loading give it all the power to carry any style of content. Whether you have stories or photo albums or a stream of videos; nothing is off-limits, and each gets an adequate presentation. The template is also popular with a 1000+ sales figure to back its credibility.

Eleven 40

eleven40 Pro Theme
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Here is a personal WordPress blog theme that acts as a loadstone for your readers and target audience. With Eleven Pro, your content finds best representation, whether it is a desktop or a tablet or a small screen smart phone. It packs the power of HTML5 and CSS3 along with very compatible features. You are offered 4 color styles, 6 layout options, featured images, footer widget, featured pictures and many other cool features from StudioPress. The template is an excellent formula for any kind of personal blog and a guaranteed trick to getting prosperous. You have got to try it out once.


uberto WP blogging template
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A beautiful personal blog WordPress theme packed with ultimate features; Uberto promises you a very fruitful blogging experience. The template is a well-developed sapling that only needs right nurturing in terms of content and then you can expect fruits in record time. This clean and minimal template carries a professional approach and once you get it activated; it strives to bring out the best from your side. You will get fully responsive design and complete cross browser compatibility to spread word about yourself. The custom menus and color variations lend the charm to the content and make it very easy-to-access.


Fable WordPress writer theme
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A beautiful theme for authors & bloggers, Fable is fully effective in giving your stories and tales an ideal presentation. This template, from ElegantThemes, is a real gem and carries equally precious features. Its vast, airy and long format style is appropriate for you in every manner. The theme renders each post like a breeze, soothing the eyes and stimulating the senses. No trace of panic or hurry. Readers will love you for sure and thus, you can easily build a good base for you.


Writer theme WordPress
Demo & Download

Everything that you want to convey through your blog will get conveyed for this template has got all the tools to treat you nicely. ThemeFuse designed it after carefully incorporating suggestions from different bloggers and thus, it carries all the necessary features. The designing is taken care of by the 4 pre-made styles and inbuilt page templates. Typography, Google fonts, translation readiness, powerful contact form module and other features impart the necessary functionality that will keep you ahead of others and fulfill all your dreams.


Yosemite WordPress theme for authors
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A new launch by MyThemeShop, Yosemite draws inspiration from Apple’s Yosemite OSX design and has got many new features that focus on enhancing user engagement. It is integrated with two very efficient plugins, and they are WP Subscribe and WP Review Pro. It is also optimized for page views, readability, and AdSense. Now this means you can monetize your blog and also get it to work as a platform to tell your story or that of your company. It is sure to boost your profile beyond your belief, and the good results will start pouring in very quickly. So, get into the saddle and get ready to rock on!


Readable WordPress theme writer
Demo & Download

The name gives out the USP of this blogging theme. Yes, it is a reader’s delight and the same holds true for bloggers as well. You will receive complete assistance to take your content to a large community out there. This theme is translatable to 7 languages and if you want you can quickly expand this function. Readable is worth reading, and the exercise is surely going to land you with significant results.


Ink blogging stories
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Chipped out for storytellers, Ink is a theme that covers your needs and requirements with high skill. It makes use of best coding practices and also follows the latest web standards. Here, you will get a completely responsive and retina ready design well supported by SEO optimization. Ink provides you with an ever-flowing supply of ink so that you can write without any worry. So, get going with your ideas and take the plunge. The platform is ready.


blogpress WordPress themes for authors
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The competition is so high these days that just right content and layout will not do. You have to have cutting edge features and among them speed and SEO hold prime importance. They are critical for attaining good ranking and credibility. BlogPress is a master of speed and SEO. It has been tested with the most rigorous standards and coded with the latest web practices. If you are a blogger with dreams to reach the stars, then BlogPress has got to find a place in your web personal directory.


nexus WordPress magazine theme
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No longer do you need to worry about the amount of content you are generating. Nexus is strong enough to bear any cost and can deliver it as well, in beautiful form, on the different viewing platforms. This premium template is loaded with suitable features such as secure code, cross browser compatibility, homepage builder, unlimited colors, custom colors and many more things. It is also ADs friendly and provides you with multiple ad areas that you can easily administer from the ePanel Theme options page. Nexus is a fresh investment package with great avenues to help you earn name and revenue.


Bliss WordPress Personal Blog Theme
Demo & Download

Designed to bring you blissful moments, Bliss is a theme that you must check out. It is very focused on two areas, and they are social media and visuals. Both have an essential role to play in your success and affect the traffic to a great extent. Bliss is filled with custom widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 10 more channels. The navigation is also super seamless and the content loads fast, giving the audience what they seek, the very moment they seek. You need to pick it up fast.


SeaShell WordPress theme for writers
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This premium template for authors has compatible features to flatter your fancy and no matter what you throw at it. SeaShell will spin it in the right way on the viewing platforms. The template is an excellent tool to stir your content with. It offers you cool typography, fast loading, secure coding, SEO ready design and many more attributes. There is also an advanced theme options panel from which you can control and customize anything you like.


PixelPower WordPress themes for writers
Demo & Download

Here is a theme that knows the quickest way out to launch you on the path of success. This WordPress personal theme that goes by the name of PixelPower finds its inspiration in the microblogging platform Tumblr. It lets you display and share posts just the way it happens on Tumblr. Its features are fully supportive of your purpose and give you best publicity. There is a handy widget through which you can tell the world about yourself.


Keilir WordPress Blog Theme
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Designed to make your blogging experience as pleasant as possible, Keilir is, in every way, the right theme for you. It is very particular about social media and carries 10 custom widgets to support the same. This responsive and beautiful blogging theme is also customizable from head to toe. Your work will flow fast as you will get 10+ specially made shortcodes to get things done without touching even a single line of code. Have a look at the demo, and you will see the smartness unfolding before you.


Feather WordPress themes for writers
Demo & Download

The cleaner a theme is, the better are its chances of performance. So, here is Feather, a neat and nifty theme with all the finesse that will take you far in your pursuit of excellence. It brings a fresh list of features with itself and supports all types of content, be it images or videos or any other element. It supports 7 post formats and offers advanced styling options.


Breeze personal blog
Demo & Download

Packed with a generous list of advanced features, Breeze is just like its name. This WordPress theme for authors provides you excellent comfort and creates the best environment for you to write and express. Designed with SEO in mind, it manages to impress search engines very soon and thus, you can climb the popularity charts quickly. Since these days social media are a big part of promotion and publicity, Breeze carries custom widgets to complement the same. On top of it, you get full support throughout your life and can always bank on it to produce significant results. So, get it quickly and get going.


Cassia WordPress personal theme
Demo & Download

Want the guarantee that your blog will stand out as a show stopper on the ramp? Put your money into Cassia. This WordPress theme for writers is very content friendly and carries the good deal of support for all content formats like quotes, links, images, words, etc. The custom widgets are fully ready to take you to the top of popularity charts and if you are worried about SEO. Don’t be at all. Cassia has configured the ways to impress search engines.

Uber Blog

Uber Blog
Demo & Download

Released very recently, Uber Blog is a theme that is well-acquainted with the ins and outs of blogging. It is based on a grid-based design, the most appropriate host for content. Its features are also complementary and carry post format supporting that will let you post any content. The Theme Manager, Page Builder and Post Format manager place all the command in your hands and you can mold the template to suit your personal image. Lastly, the template gets started in seconds as the installation takes only clicks; a matter of minutes.


Throne WordPress themes for writers
Demo & Download

Fit for all types of blogs, Throne is the best choice for all kinds of bloggers. It makes sure the design and content are in tandem with each other. The features are also fully equipped to give you the best frame for your thoughts and ideas. The fast page loading and secure code of Throne are its best attributes and something that all coveted themes possess. It is a must-have in all respects, and you have got to watch it out.

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