15 Amazing Vintage & Retro WordPress Themes

Retro style reigns in all ages and segments, be it clothes or websites. If we focus on the latter, websites are a relatively new phenomenon and thus, the vintage look of the website relates to the looks inspired from vintage paintings, posters and artifacts. Well, designing a site is no longer difficult as there are themes and templates to help you out. If you are looking to give your site or blog a look that reminds the audience of bygone times, then retro WordPress themes would suit you best.

WordPress is a very popular and effective content management system and if you use the themes based on WP you can be sure of success and ease-of-use. Retro themes will help you achieve your aims, and you can serve your audience with web platforms painted in the colors of the vintage era. However, their functionality is entirely contemporary, and the features are also in tune with the modern times. Want to meet these interesting templates encompassing extremes? Here is a compilation, presenting you with 15 such themes of WordPress. Check them out and do tell us about your views. We love to hear from you.

WordPress Retro Themes


Cafeteria WordPress retro Theme
Demo & Download

Here is another restaurant theme with a retro appeal and tons of smart features. Cafeteria is responsive; retina ready, translatable, SEO optimized, customizable and lots more. It is a very advanced and uses the latest technique along with an excellent offering of shortcodes and widgets. It will make your work very easy, and you can be sure of building a strong brand at a cost-effective price. Not only this, if you want you can also customize it according to your specifications.


Delimondo retro WordPress theme
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This is one template dish that will appease all the taste buds on your tongue. Delimondo is ready with 5 website templates, and you can use it for cafes, bakeries, bars, barbecues, restaurants and all types of food and drink outlets. It is loaded with fresh custom features, and you can also be sure of an enjoyable user experience. The template is quick and hence, would not take much time to gift you your web platform. What is more, you will receive continuous support, and if you get stuck at any point, help is just clicks away.


GOLDEN Vintage WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Inspired from the vintage design, GOLDEN is indeed a theme with a golden touch. It is multipurpose in nature and does not lack behind in technology or functionality. It offers you CSS3 effects, beautiful typography, working PHP contact form, Google web fonts, social media readiness and many more features. The template is ideal for many purposes and can serve all with great efficiency. You only need to check it once and then it is certainly going to come to your backend. The retro aura works its magic in minutes.


Hipster Retro WordPress Theme
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Suitable for personal and business needs, Hipster is a hearty WordPress retro theme. It is packed with a long list of admirable attributes and they are very contemporary. Its retro flavor is very timeless and can easily capture the attention of your target audience. The other styling tools such as over 30 backgrounds patterns, full screen rotating background images, 2-page layout styles complement the vintage design perfectly. The template is also easy to customize, and you can mold it in any manner you want.


Retro Portfolio
Demo & Download

This is a theme that will make you look different and give your work unique appeal. Retro Portfolio is a one-page template with a decent vintage style that looks professional and pleasing at the same time. It has got a rich arsenal of features, and they make sure you get optimum visibility. What is more, the template is super easy-to-use, and there is no way you can face any problem with it.

Retro Premium

Retro Premium Vintage WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

This is an excellent WordPress vintage theme that enjoys a lot of credibilities. Retro offers you unlimited colors, 5 predefined skins, shortcodes, Revolution Slider, Google fonts, custom widgets and may more qualities. It has been rated as one of the top ten WordPress themes by Forbes magazine. The template mingles retro design with contemporary features that together leads to success, come what may. You will have a smooth ride with it and can easily get into the good books of search engines and audience.


Extinct Creative Portfolio
Demo & Download

A hardcore retro theme, Extinct is very engaging and endearing. It is best for creative agencies and portfolios as you can easily garb a distinct look. This will go down well with your audience and clients. The template is buzzing with modern features, and there are lots of customization alternatives to give it a personal touch. You will be delighted with the ability and efficiency of Extinct. So, hurry up and get it soon.


Bhinneka vintage Theme WordPress
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If you are looking to create a site centered on charity, non-profit, fundraising and a similar segment then Bhinneka will bowl you over. It is quite popular and has sold more than 1000 copies. It gives you a decent two column layout, drop down menus, slide show support, responsive design, custom widgets and much more. The template is sage and understands the need of this niche quite well. Therefore, it gives you ready-made layouts and other tools. It also makes sure you get exposure and can collect funds quickly.


Hartee WP template
Demo & Download

A robust blogging theme, Hartee is a heroic template that will make your day. You can write and present any amount of content and rest assured it would look great on diverse viewing devices. You can also be sure of gaining popularity and credibility. Inspired from Tumblr, it is very easy-to-setup and installs in clicks, getting ready to perform out of the box. The features of Hartee are entirely sufficient to take care of your blog, and you can blindly bank on it. Just make the demo once, and you cannot resist it.


Westy retro portfolio
Demo & Download

Carrying rugged and retro design, Westy is an excellent theme best suited for modern users. It is a one-page template for an e-commerce niche that offers you lots of color options to style your shop in a colorful avatar. It is very easy-to-use, and you can kick-start your shop in very less time. You can build pages, change colors, create slide shows and do lots more. Your shoppers will also like your retro-flavored store as the experience will stay with them for long.


Rs WP retro template
Demo & Download

Retro style will never get out of fashion and Rs brings the timeless aesthetics for you along with latest features. This template is an excellent solution for many purposes and gives you quick and commendable start in all segments. Some of its modern features include 12 grid layouts, SEO readiness, cross browser compatibility and 64+ module positions. You will not find it lacking in any department, and if you desire, you can also modify it. All in all, here you will get everything that you want and that too at a cost-effective price.


Tisa WP retro theme
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The mobile friendly design and fluid layout are the USP of Tisa. This premium retro WordPress template oozes a very strong vintage appeal, but the functionality and features are fully up-to-date. You can use this template as portfolio, business site or for any other purpose. It welcomes customization with open arms, and you can easily have your say. So, get it quickly and log in to the world of popularity and power.


nexus WordPress magazine theme
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A high magazine theme, Nexus connects content, customization and charm in a very cool package. This retro style template with the grid layout and typographical hierarchy is well supported by modern features. It is secure, SEO ready, cross browser compatible, advertisements friendly and many other things. There is just no point at which it shows a deficiency, and you know what? It supports you throughout your journey and also gives you complete control over your site.


Demo & Download

As the name tells you, Foodilicious is a theme for restaurants, cafes, bars and the like. This premium template is very yummy and oozes brilliance from all sides. You get customizable front page, custom header, drop down menu, valid code, cross browser compatibility and much more. You will also receive complete support and free updates. All in all, Foodilicious is a fabulous dish that you should not miss out in any way.


personal press theme
Demo & Download

A traditional blogging theme, PersonalPress reflects the best avatar of WordPress as a blogging tool. It takes you back to basics and also helps you retain your personality. The template is packed with five colors, secure code, cross browser compatibility and many more lovely and useful features. It can also be customized to go with your requirements. And all this is feasible without having to touch even a single line of code.

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