8 WordPress Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Site

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who left your site from after viewing just a single page. This user behavior not only decreases your page views but also forces Google to believe that your site is less engaging for the visitors. Ultimately drop in the search ranks and drop in the ad revenues.

In the general case, sites with high bounce rate are likely to generate fewer revenues as compared to sites with lesser bounce rates.

In this article, I am sharing such WordPress plugins that can help you to reduce bounce rate and increase page views of your WordPress site.

Comment Redirect by Yoast

Comment Redirect by Yoast is one of the best plugin that can help you to reduce the bounce rate by simply redirecting the user to a Thank You page after he/she had left a comment on your blog. All you need to do is install the plugin a create a Thank you page displaying a Thanks note or anything else.

Price – Free
Demo & Download

Simple Reach Slide

Almost all bloggers know about the simple reach slide. It is one of the most famous and downloaded WordPress plugin so far.

The plugin simply pops up after the user had scrolled down to a particular part of a page. It also provides the Tweet and Like button that can increase your social shares as well.

Price – Free
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nRelate Related Content

Another awesome WordPress plugins that can reduce the bounce rate of your site by displaying related posts on your blog page.

nrelate wordpress plugin

Price – Free
Demo & Download


More than 2 million downloads simply indicates how many webmasters use this great plugin. Support for thumbnails, caching, related posts in feeds, this plugin is simply mind blowing. However some hosts like WP Engine do not allow the use of this plugin because of its complex algorithm. So please check this from your host before installing it.

Price – Free
Demo & Download

SEO Smart links

SEO Smart Links not only provides SEO benefits for your site but also reduces the bounce rate. This plugin automatically links the keywords in your posts to corresponding posts, pages, categories. This interlinking will not only boost the site SEO but when a user will click these links, your site’s bounce rate will decrease.

Price – Free
Demo & Download

WordPress Insights

There may be cases when the SEO Smart link was unable to find desired keyword in your post or you want to link different keywords manually with some other post; here comes the WordPress Insights plugin to save your day. The plugin allows you easily to insert links, images, videos in your blog posts.

See how the plugin looked when I was writing this post:

wordpress insights plugin

Price – Free
Demo & Download

Facebook Recommendations Bar

The Facebook Recommendations bar works similar to Simple Reach but with a different algorithm. It retrieves your most famous post on your Facebook page and then displays it on your site. You can choose to display it on either the bottom right or the bottom left of the screen with a thumbnail and a link.

Price – Free
Implementation Guide


This plugin works similar to Reddit. It allows your visitors to rate your post up and down. Instantly recognizable and very powerful solution to your website needs. Thus, you can display your most popular posts on the top, and this gives your new visitors the best place to look for the best content.

wpeddit wordpress plugin
Price – $20
Demo & Download

11 thoughts on “8 WordPress Plugins to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Site”

  1. Hi

    Some interesting plugins mentioned in this list.

    however, allow for new people who find posts like this, and not expect everyone to have heard of all of the plugins…

    “Almost all bloggers know about the simplereach slide.”

    Really? Nearly all?

    Looking at how it works, I have not been on many blogs who have that running…..

    and when I had a plugin that also did something like this, in talking with people, they advised not to use the function, as it is known to annoy people, enough to leave the site!

    There has to be a fine balance between performance, and user experience.

    Posted By Jon Barry of JonBarry.co.uk


    1. i dont really care if most blogger know the plugin or not, because that is the plugin i’ve been looking for. Its simple and works great!

      thanks for the great list of plugins Ansh! :)

  2. I use SEOSmartLinks..It is quite useful..Has helped me improve page views and reduce bounce rate.Going to check out other plugins.


  3. I always used to wonder, how can people interlink there posts so efficiently and on reading your post I realized they probably will be using Smart Link plugin.
    Really nice post.

  4. I am currently using SEO smart links on my blog as it is just an amazing plugin that every blog should have. Never installed other plugins but I think I should give a try to nRelate plugin on my blog.
    Thanks for the amazing post :)

  5. I have been working on lowering bounce for some time, and as I have been teaching WP to corporate spaces for almost 10 years, I thought I had it minimized.

    The plugins presented here are excellent, and a few I have tried. Anything resembling an un-initiated window (eg pop-ups, slide ins, etc) create a false reduction of bounce, as they DO annoy people, and I would rather keep a visitor than optimize bounce by a fraction of a %. One I am testing right now is the upPrev slide-i, will report back on that one :)

    Other ones, like SEO Smart Links are excellent, as are a few of the others.

    Great post,


  6. I think “Comment Redirect by YAOST” will not work besides default WordPress comment system. I am currently using only Facebook comments system in one of my blog and I doubt it won’t work in it. Or, it will? Haven’t tried it and studied on this topic though.

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